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  1. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    I have no problem with source marks being given in older content but I also know that will never happen because we have better avenues now like fos3 spam to get them, so that would be another fight and that was me trying to compromise. You said all that and yet none of it counters anything I said. Older feats will always be there yet the groups are not because no one wants to do older content feats while clamped. As someone who’s had to solo most of their feats due to this clamp killing their league, I can assure you the LFG option is not the one you think it is. But it’s much easier for people to do feats with one or two other people in unclamped versus having to rely on the entire team in a clamped version. “It makes no sense to anyone” except for everyone but the minority of people who like the clamp.
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  2. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    The pros isn’t an opinion it is the word of Mepps sorry that’s hard for you to comprehend. And the way you speak about Mepps like he’s being malicious isn’t correct in how to view him. I didn’t ask for the data, Catastroflare did. The amount of threads that appeared since stat clamp went live should be the same amount of activity when stats clamp was on test server but that wasn’t the case because of the same excuse “I’m a console player”. I’m a console player but we are on 2022 it doesn’t take a high end computer to run DCUO test server.

    I guess I’m going to have to quote Mepps again.

    “ It is especially problematic to open up the whole game to full rewards without scaling- everyone would only play the easiest content and none of the other positives would happen.” Yet you want the choice of running unclamped with all the rewards. You can’t have everything, there has to be balance. Don’t take my opinions but the words of Mepps aren’t. At this point you guys are arguing with Mepps and the data that allowed them to go this route. I also said it before you guys don’t want to hear what Mepps has stated since stats clamp went live because it’s not what you want to hear.
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  3. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    Oh really? What do you say about everyone that earned their feats before the clamp was a thing? Should skill points and feats be reset for everyone who didn't do a particular piece of content on level? Why is wanting to have something easy considered wrong? This is just the gatekeeping mentality of "git gud" in play.
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  4. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Why are you leaving out this part?
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  5. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Who is “no one” you don’t speak for me or others. Doing feats in clamp content has been easier when it wasn’t clamped. I also said DWF has been nerfed in both versions and this is in stat clamp. DWF was still a tough raid before stats clamp went live among other raids. Wanting to have the option to not be clamped so you can get the feats easily is truly the wrong approach. If you take away loot locked then FOS 3 won’t be spammed. Reverting back to before stats clamp and still that raid wasn’t being run as much as it is now. Even in this stage FOS3 is still problematic to ignorant pew pew pew DPS.
  6. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Mepps himself talked about feats and that is feats are a challenge. Take the challenge away and it doesn’t mean much anymore. GOM, DWF, Blackest Night and so on are still difficult because players just ignore or don’t want to learn mechanics. Feats shouldn’t be easy to get whether you are clamped or not. And if players got there feats before stats clamp went live then they deserve that fear because like I said it doesn’t matter if you are clamped or not raids are still difficult to beat and get feats regardless how strong you seem to be.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm not being coy....I'm being sarcastic. And you are purposely avoiding the fact that a level 6 walk-in for Manheim's takes about 60 seconds to get a piece of gear/source. A T1 queue up clamped Manheim's run takes 90-100 seconds. So you are only talking about a difference of less than a minute of mindless button pushing means 'earning' your gear. Remove the gear from one....remove it from the other. Remove it from Manheim's T1 queue up...remove it from Funhouse, Starro alert, FOS3, DD, Necro....and any other runs you don't deem challenging enough to 'earn' it on. And then at that point...who becomes the decider of what is 'earning' it? You? Me? I'd guess Mepps/Devs, but as the goalpost was set at 41s launch and moved a few times so sounds like they are taking their queues from the community, not some mathematic equation on difficulty vs rewards.

    See I didn't require these 'current' rewards in old I have no requirement for what is 'earning' something in old content. It shouldn't even be there. Of course if it wasn't there....who would run it? The people that answer 'me' are really the only ones who should be able to advocate for the no choice clamp because if they really thought the 'clamp' was good for the game, they wouldn't need the rewards in any of it.
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  8. the solowing Steadfast Player

    See this is the issue i have with this suggestion. You guys say "think of the newbies!". Ok, so are YOU willing to give up for feats to consider for them? Because we get taking away your feats is not even something that is realistic to ask for.


    So we say "Ok we understand why, and agree that you should get grandfathered in. However from here on out, youll adhere to the rules all players new and old have to play by

    The response?

    "Well feats are harder to get now, and im used to going back and getting the feats when they are easier so i don't want this either!"

    You're trying to defang the clamp, under the guise of choice
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Are you asking that of yourself? Cause if not....maybe you should?
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  10. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    Because it's not part of the list of "positives" you bring up so much, I specifically said I answered to them.

    But if you want me to do it so much.

    First of all, people are asking for an optional clamp WITHOUT the full rewards, as opposed to what that quote says.

    Secondly, the "positives" mentioned are not happening, as I already answered to them here:

    Mepps is, indeed, correct that the majority of people are gonna take the path of least resistance (not everyone). That can be observed already happening in the game, even with the clamp in place. People are spamming Sunstone Matrix for the full rewards, because it's the easiest raid to do so with a braindead group. That is just the human nature, why not just do it the easy way if you are not getting enjoyment out of it? Whether we ever get the clamp to be optional or not (with or without source marks in them, though it should be without if it happened), people are still gonna be spamming Sunstone Matrix for the source marks.
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  11. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    Once again, this has been asked and answered dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of times.

    Chase items keep people coming back DME, ZOOE, PANOE, etc.

    And adding an unclamped OPTION that has the old style rewards (one mark option per boss, styles, feats, rare item drop chance) would have literally ZERO affect on queue times of any stripe at all. It's completely disingenuous to argue otherwise. Chase groups have almost no venn diagram crossover with leveling groups when it comes to older raids.
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  12. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Ok lets cut to the chase.

    Remove the loot-table "relevance rewards" but leave the original instance loot table. Thatll fix that discrepancy. If we are not to be rewarded for facerolling unclamped content then this has got to go.
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  13. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Sunstone Matrix wasn’t being spammed before stats clamp went live. It’s only being spammed now because you can run it unlimited amount of times. Are you all in agreement that if you got the choice to not be clamped that you will also not have the ability to run FOS3 or any content unlimited times?
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  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate yes...let's fix that. So the same guy at level 30 can go run Maninem's T1 solo all day....take 20-40 seconds longer. That's fine by you, right? Facerolling 'slightly' clamped content is ok, right? Thank god someone sane has defined what 'earning' things is....whew.

    The line you have drawn is a thin one indeed.

    BTW....Have you put in a bug report yet?
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  15. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    I never said that it was being spammed before the clamp.

    And yea, I'm in agreement that if there was a choice to not run clamped, I would not have the ability to run FOS3 or any content for unlimited times. I already don't do that. I've been allergic to spam since Wonderverse launched.

    Who in this thread has asked for content to not be clamped but still retain the source marks and scaling gear?
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  16. the solowing Steadfast Player

    #1 It wasnt about "listing positives" its about you taking what he said out of context to suit your narrative....Which is why im calling that out.

    #2 I made a suggestion for players chain running FoS3
    The devs can monitor and adjust their payout values then, problem solved.

    The bright solution i got from Yass Queen?

    That seems like a real slippery slope though and counter to the entire point of this project. If it gets to monitoring payouts, might as well just nix the clamping idea altogether.

    "Players are exploiting FoS3? Rather then address the root cause, how about we simply get rid of the clamp and do nothing...."

    You guys simply want the option to steamroll for easy gear/marks. I dont agree with that, and i stand by that.
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I ran FOS3 almost every week via walkin for a few quick marks (there were 3 in the choosers). If given the choice I'd still do that.

    I have run FOS3 maybe 3 times since the clamp, all of Omni queue random placement. Probably more including alts, but both examples were on my main. I only walked in 1 time to see if I could solo it still....I could not. Maybe I could with some more work and practice, but hey....I can get the marks from bounties, so why bother? It would take forever not time efficient even if doable.

    PS. A few of the Omni FOS3s I've landed in(on alts) I've walked out of if they went bad....I NEVER walked out of a pre-clamp walk-in run.
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  18. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    No one

    Unclamped- the way it was before Ep 41
    Clamped-the way it is now
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  19. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I spoke to Zoe about it this morning. Since Zs got more a direct line.

    If you like i wouldnt mind asking them revert the clamp back down to +10 rather then +15.... If you feel its too easy to faceroll...
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  20. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    Didn't Mepps himself or another dev also talked about how if we cannot do a certain feat at the time, then we should come back later when we have better gear? Either way, the whole part about the "challenge" really crashes down when there are feats in-game like opening 15 time capsules, or exploring a certain location.
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