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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Sorry, my time is just worth more to me. I've beat NGN when it was new....many...many times. Some of THOSE runs I stayed for over an hour because there were marks, feats and applicable gear in there and it was endgame at the time. I've got the feats...the gear is lower than I need (and could get anywhere else in game). I can get those same marks much MUCH quicker, so the only thing keeping me there is what The challenge? It's only a challenge because of bad it's artificial. So I can 'flex' on a bunch of newbies as they go sliding off into the abyss....repeatedly? Isn't that what someone else already accused people of? Nope...I have better things to do, either in the game or IRL.

    NGN...BBS...Bombshell...UM...DWF, all runs I'd NEVER do via omni now unless I was in a group of at least 6 known quantities. I'll take my minute to go grab a beer or swap remotes if needed or make a sandwich. If I wanted to run those runs for a 'fun' or feat, I'd build a group...same as I would have pre-clamp.

    But you do you. I have no problem with anyone asking to stay in NGN(or any run) for 2, 4 or 10 hours. You'd have to stop at 23 though...You can't stubborn your way through reboot I bet.
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  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Hmmm....not sure I buy the fact you were an avid PvPer who didn't worry much about burn. Most PvPers are the most 'look at my burn' people in game. I do totally believe you that you ran with people who said stuff like that, but do you honestly believe it was MORE in old content, or was it in the current content? Because I'd say I've seen more of that in current content. Normally the 'ape' dpses I ever saw in old content were gone before the paint was dry on the scoreboard.

    And I know I type a lot....not offended by you skipping to the end. Quite honestly I'm growing weary of the discussion....again. It's a circular discussion with 2 opposing viewpoints. I can see that you might be weary of reading it....especially on a phone.
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  3. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I mean the man Mepps posted it, and he has the numbers to back it up...But nobody seem to care about what he says unless they agree what he said, like 7 years ago and no longer holds true for the game current philosophy.
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  4. the solowing Steadfast Player

    So the solution is to do nothing at all?

    Yea, sure add more rewards to content i can be in and out of in 30 seconds. And when i get all the rewards

    Ill be right back here complaining that theirs nothing left to get and we need more incentive to get us to go back to old content....

    Itll never be enough.

    They added rare drops and pets to older content, not enough........

    Hell they relented on Source Marks, not enough.....

    Adding Source Marks to ALL content, not enough...

    They relented on moving the clamp limit, from 10 to +15, not enough.....

    They removed the loot lockout, not enough......

    They allowed augments/artifacts/mods to bleed through the clamp, not enough.....

    There is nothing outside of removing the clamp, and demanding MORE rewards for beating a loot Pinata, that would satisfy some of you.
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  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    It's still the case. If it wasn't, everything that we can level up/improve upon would be clamped in older content, not just gear. The time and effort we put into Artifacts, Augments and the like still gets applied to our characters in older content in full, and while it doesn't carry the same weight as gear in terms of stats it still makes a difference. And on top of that we get our CR set above the CR of the NPCs in that older content, so even if our Augments, etc. aren't at full strength we're still at an advantage over the foes we face.

    Going after an older feat isn't asking for them on a silver platter. But expecting or even demanding that it's done via a method where little to no effort has to be put in by the player going after the feat? Yeah, that's kind of asking for it to be served up on a silver platter.
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  6. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Because its not about "choice" its about de-fanging the stat clamp to continue the status quo. If Yas actually wanted to "show their progress". Why do they need feats/gear from a boss they know they are there to steamroll? How is that an ACHIEVEMENT? A FEAT? Im not buying that BS lie.
  7. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    Considering how my main role was Elec Healer with a side character for Light dps, uh, yeah. You can be a pvper without being a braindead Grodd at the same time.

    And yes, I can very much so say that it happened more in the old T3-4 instances as well as when leveling new characters and getting that T5-6 pos running into Bludhaven or even Area 51 and literally getting rid of any further interaction past the beginning horde of mutants as a result of it.

    When playing as a healer or controller, I don't care as much since my role isn't to deal damage, but I do still have a clear and obvious twinge of irritation that I'm not even doing my role in that scenario since power output will be so low to their pool it may as well not exist, but they also take no damage so healing is also pointless except to heal myself for any stray hits I take or those mobs that ground and pull you back.

    When playing as tank or dps, it's much more irritating to have overgeared parties because I literally don't exist in those moments at all. What am I tanking? Corpses and a boss for like 3 seconds? Why bother to try and deal damage when they already last 5 seconds or get held up to fight said mobs left behind in hallways (and probably die as a result if I'm the only gearing person there)?

    Like I said before: I've never had the privilege to be "that T6-8 monkey with super deeps" because I was too busy trying to actually gear up while chasing styles and wanting to enjoy raid/operations rather than ignore everything and only focus on the reward at the end. The highest I ever got to was WotL3 before I just dropped the game after having Lv 270s (or whatever it was back then) switch their role from tank to dps just because they wanted to leave faster vs having this 110+ light dps in a Themyscira alert "drag on their precious and valuable time" because ---- having fun I guess.

    And I can only apologize for making a tl;dr for that moment only since I was out with family to celebrate a birthday. Far too time consuming to read small text while trying to make sure you don't inadvertently read the same line 4 times before you find out where the next line starts.
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Just like you can be an overgeared player who isn't a mindless 'look at me' hound. Oh wait....only your examples are accurate, right? Well I stand corrected then. You are a shining example of a great player. And IF there were unclamped instances as an OPTION, I'd guess I'd never run into you in where is the issue? OR (as some suggested) if we had a way to go in without matchmaking (AQS or Walkins), I'd also probably never meet up with you as I (and many others) wouldn't queue into unclamped stuff most times as we wouldn't need the filler bodies (well...except to 'Flex' in front of....cause that happens to you a lot apparently).

    All the worse for me I guess.....I suppose I'd just take my chances. It's my loss... not yours. Thanks for looking out for me, but I'd be fine.
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  9. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I love that irony escapes you.

    I haven't really had much playtime the past five or six months. Mostly I've been focusing on my main character and some on my top two alts ("back to basics"). Times change and I'm going to have lots of free time the next month or so. I'm only now just really getting caught up with many of the changes made the past six months. I like the LoD content well enough but its fast. As such I've been working on my weakest toons and i started an all new alt from the ground up. The first time in a long time.

    I'm liking all the changes I've seen. I think all of this should have been done years ago when the game expanded onto x-box. I feel like I'm not being shoehorned into a fotm playstyle and experience matters.

    My biggest complaint is we need more new content. I think it would have been nice if we could have somehow incorporated all the changes made in low tiered content into the Save the universe stuff. Should have turned all those low tiered missions that got an update into top tier elite Save the universe content. This way everyone would have seen all the "invisible work" thats been going on.

    Anyway. I'm off to grind.
  10. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not, but I'll bite.

    The problem with optional clamps is this: Regardless of it existing or not, low tier queues are still gonna be dead as hell because no one is running them for anything but feats and styles, many of which are already obtained by now anyways.

    The other reason is because it flies in the face of the devs clearly wanting to push "group cooperation" as a thing even if they did drop the ball and leave it dusting on the floor for the last 11 years. They want to change pace now and players arguably shouldn't have too much of a say in whether it stays or not, only to give feedback to tweak it so it's not so high that it's essentially non existent, but also not too low that it becomes a slog to go through (say literal base entry with no bleed through).

    As it is now, it feels fine really. Not too much of a hassle, but bad matchmaking will forever be a thing no matter what game you play, and to denounce it in the face of "trust no one but yourself" is very short-sighted and pretty selfish too. Saying this as a generalization, but if "time" is the reason to want unclamped content back, then I'd argue to say that playing an MMO of any sort is not really the kind of game to be playing since there isn't one that doesn't ask for a ton of your time in the first place unless you open your wallet, but then you're just cheating yourself in the long and short of it.

    Call me old fashioned, but if I begin to see playing a game as a job and not a fun or engaging time waster, then safe to say that it may be better to find a new hobby or a new game instead that better fits the constraints of varying livelihoods.

    Would people have this same argumentative butting of heads had syncing/clamping existed from the get go vs having free reign for a decade and introduced much later? I'd beg to say no because it would just always be there as the norm vs being a sudden change that begins to take away the "power creep" from "outdated" content.

    But answer what kind of incentives would you like to see for clamped content if you could. I'm curious about what you have to say about it.
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It wasn't really sarcasm. My point was that yes...I'm sure you ran into these types....and maybe yourself never did it....but just MAYBE, you were not the fluke....and there were other 'higher' (not maxed out...but high enough) players who weren't apes? No? You were the only one then. are a shining example of what a DCUO player should be.....congrats.

    None. They put a rewards box and a few marks for completing Omni I run a few omni runs each week to get those but don't need to do so. There are still feats I need in some older content I'll need to decide if it's worth the time investment on working on. See as yourself...I'm not worried about being 'maxed' so I can get into the big pencil measuring contest (again...I know this will shock you to know you are NOT the only one). Incentives other than that? Nah, been there, done that...don't need the trip down memory lane at the cost of my time and frustration and a few trinkets or extra marks...I have enough of both. Sad to say even if I DID want to run a nostalgia run, I doubt things would live up to the memory of when I was first there.

    I'd GUESS they will start cramming more drop feats and things into old runs (like the T2/T3 pets and orbitals) that makes people more forced to run things. And again, you know the system is working when you've got to keep incentivizing it to make people 'enjoy' running it. I've got enough cash to buy them though, so all good there.
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    See that line right there tells me you were one of the problem people. If you EVER changed your power to follow the FOTM, you were worried about 'topping' things (DPS/Heal...whatever)...otherwise why did you feel 'shoehorned' into it? These are the people who generally are concerned with comparing themselves to the rest of the group and nothing more...that's not me personally...but yeah, there are a bunch of them. This is akin to the people who replay the bejezus out of stuff to 'max' out week one, then complain there is nothing to do...or use the most meta build/powerset....arti-switch, clip, use whatever 'cheese' of the month we have and cultivate only the highest end groups, then scream 'everything is too easy...make it harder'. seems...escapes many people.

    I will agree I'd rather see more new content vs rehashing old stuff. Maybe they could have worked on that vs the clamp.
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  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Too many insults here to continue. I think the constructive points have been delivered.
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