So...Why'd you choose your role?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Rox, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. the solowing Steadfast Player

    sorcery healing just clicked with me..
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  2. X-zero Loyal Player

    I mainly pick a power and just play both roles that come with the powers for all my characters except one were I wanted a specific role. My second or third character was a sorcery because I wanted a healer to keep a friend and I alive.

    I really shouldn't count my first since they didn't make it past level 5 though. Back then it was hard to play with someone with a different mentor so I deleted him so we had the same mentor.
  3. gnu247 New Player

    I'm guilty of being a not very good sorcery dps/healer

    the loadout is so similar it's easy to switch
    do I use circ protection and soul well whilst I rejuvenate?
    or do I use circ destruction and soul syphon whilst I rejuvenate ?

    however my basic role is being that dude who runs around naked wearing a hat
    sometimes I attack the scenery just for shiggles
  4. Laz523 Well-Known Player

    mental was as close as I could get to my psychic blast/mental blaster from CoH
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  5. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    I chose Controller because....
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  6. DlVlNlTY New Player

    Currently i have 7 toons all 105+ cr but my main was originally HL and the HL power was why i subbed and i played only dps for a year bcuz HL dpisng was sooooo fun. I have a HL toon still but the main was switched to quantum at gu36 and i troll mostly now. Guess i do it the most bcuz im good at it xD. I love tanking tho as well. Healing is the 1 i struggle with the most but getting better at it :p
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  7. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Controller sounded the most interesting role*...and I liked the look of HL.

    I fooled around with healing (electricity and celestial) on other characters...but always returned to Anne. Then I had a play with earth on another alt in preperation for rage....and well, I like it. So now Anne's an earth tank.

    * I lucked into a good league not long after I started playing, so I wasn't aware of the power refilling button mashing monkey expectations set by the community at that stage.
  8. Saulsoserious New Player

    Huge Fan of the GL universe. Once i saw DCUO had HL and rage i was sold and downloaded the game =) DPS/TROLL. Fun roles. the ability to be the giver of power so that the WHOLE team can function and progress os awesome. I'm also starting to venture into rage tanking, no so easy lol!
  9. Will Power Loyal Player

    I didn't choose my role I chose my power. Fire DPSed all the way through every level till Aquaman then found out DPS stinks when it comes to surviving content with out constant power damage that was 3 plus years ago. I gave up the DPS role and chose tank for its ability to survive at close range. Now a days thanks to Weapon Mastery DPS feels like a possible now when it comes to weapon attacks.
  10. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Because I wanted to be a Green Lantern and have no other choice but to be a
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  11. rival exe New Player

    I started as a tank but blocking all the time seemed boring and I got more DPS loot so I switched to that. Then I made a healer because I like healing and then switched my DPS to a troll power to try trolling and then made another tank and so now I play all roles because the powers I chose were fun, except trolling. Trolling is always boring. :)
  12. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Sorcery fit my character idea. I got gear for bOth roles so I play both
  13. gnu247 New Player

    and they all laughed at me when I said might was a good thing....
  14. Twenty New Player

    I like this game.
  15. Star Sapphire Azure Black New Player

    I instantly fell in love with Mental because it was Violet and I LOVE the Star Sapphires. (^_^)
    ...too bad there was no Violet ring.

    Then to be able to bend and warp my adversaries' minds to my will was a plus.

    Then the update that gave Mental new sound FX like hearing your enemies scream in fear was so...OooooooOOooooh *drools*
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  16. Chungweishan New Player

    Started with Sorcery, couldn't stand the ambient sound of the Guardian. Switched to Mental because I wanted to use telekinesis. Became a relatively good Controller because "more power noob" got on my nerves. Switched to Flight Fire DPS because I used to spend most of my time in Open World helping lowbies from being ganked by certain players. Never learned how to Tank properly (not particularly good at pulling or keeping aggro), don't really care about Healing. I prefer Controlling because I hate being in groups with a poor Controller, even though I play conservatively enough not to use all my power in one rotation or ever.

    I'm awful at Support in PvP, so I usually remain in DPS-role.
  17. gnu247 New Player

    and yet we all can still make jokes about 'your ring' like 5 year olds :D
    with great power..comes great responsibility
    "someone has been messing with my ring stewart "
  18. Itazuki New Player

    Because I liked to work hard to keep people alive in PvP. Saving lives as a Villain was fun, they killed Nature healing though by nerfing it to oblivion.. So now I just pew pew like everyone else, robot status.
  19. Will Power Loyal Player

    You know when I think of Might I'm not thinking Powers I'm thinking Physical Strength. At any rate it was a different time back then. Now you can do really good damage with a Weapon unlike years ago. Weapon Mastery is my way of life now in DC Universe with out it I doubt I would make it very far with the way the new content hits.
  20. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    Tank for indestructibility.
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