So...Why'd you choose your role?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Rox, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    At first, I was a tank, cause I liked to protect people.

    But then I felt it was very limited and went to DPS.

    Why DPS? To be a DPS is simple, to be a GREAT DPS is the hardest thing in this game...

    So, I am a DPS now because I like the challenge to improve more and more.
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  2. Crzyrazr Well-Known Player

    I chose to be a controller because of the fact that I can oversee the entire fight and be support to some great players. I also chose to be quantum and super speed to show that if done thinking outside of the box and can still be effective. I love to troll and can help to shift the speed of the battle. Wanna be a power hog that's fine makes me work I like a challenge, wanna be a solo style that's fine to I can debuff and concentrate on crowd control and catch the adds before they get to you.
  3. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    Healing because I care about people. I don't like seeing people get hurt, I don't enjoy seeing people die either, to know that I'm there, healing them after they get "hurt" it makes me happy. :)

    So to become a better healer day by day as I play the game, is a goal for me. :)
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  4. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    Cause gadgets was my original power, and no matter how hard I try, I always come back to it.
  5. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    First one I found a good setup for and could kick butt with without real finger/brain strain really.
  6. King Felsa New Player

    Very few people on these forums will agree with you, but I am one of them. :D
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  7. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    I love you 2 :p
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  8. Dezaras Loyal Player

    I knew nothing about roles when I started the game, I just liked fire more than the other powers.
  9. ChuckLess New Player

    DPS in this game cause all the other roles are (now?) useless...

    *runs and hides*
  10. Crzyrazr Well-Known Player

    LOL I had to log in just to laugh at this one. .
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  11. Impulsively Committed Player

    Controlling seemed to be the most active of the roles to me. You've got to pay attention to more things at one time.

    1. Keeping the PoT up
    2. Keeping the relevant debuffs up
    3. Doing the necessary gameplay things like blocking, moving out of the way, picking up fallen teammates, etc.
    4. Bursting when your overeager DPS/Tank/Healer friends are getting too spammy

    It's like a game within the game to juggle all of these lit torches at the same time successfully. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that 'trolling is hard, just the best source of mental stimulation. DPS is too rotation heavy, tanking involves too few of active things to do during boss fights, and healing is the second best role to controlling on the basis that it involves only one torch to juggle.

    However, I do play the other two support roles semi-regularly since I do find fun in them from time to time. DPSing seems like too much pressure to be a top-scorer, so I don't really enter that arena too often.
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  12. Enickma Dedicated Player

    Because I wanted to be gadgets and I sucked at DPS.
  13. Dragonlibrarian New Player

    I like to go punch the big bads on the nose and say "hey! look at me *******, I'm talking to you."

    I tried healing, trolling, and dps, but I found dps to be boring, and healing/trolling while fun used to be the first people blamed when things went wrong whether or not it was their fault (seems to be a lot better lately).
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  14. Baby Sister Committed Player

    I choose my role because it fits well with what my characters suppose to be based off and throughout all the roles trolling is the funnest one ! I love trolling not too much work feels right ;)
  15. Empaladin Well-Known Player

    Although I have toons of each role, my main role is healing. I chose healing because of a personal struggle I have in real life. Too many loved ones (friends and family) passed away too soon and how I wished I had the power to heal/revive them. So in a way, I feel relieved whenever the group's health bars are full or close to full green.
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  16. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    you don't choose your role. it chooses you.
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  17. areacode8O8 Committed Player

    Started w mental only because of the color. Matched my gambit character at the time. Then moved to light because of the green that matched my new character spawn. Now I'm fire only because our league needs tanks for this new dlc. Also the fire fits well with my hell spawn.
  18. Rycus New Player

    My main is a tank because he likes to be the center of attention. But really I picked tank because that's what I enjoy playing and have played in every MMO I've played.
  19. iSmashly New Player

    Healing scares me, DPSing is boring IMO, I'm a terrible tank, I like watching the adds get tossed around by CC effects. Also quantum tunneling has only reinforced my love for troller powers.
  20. Crimson Jonni New Player

    I like Recharging stuff. And i also like punching stuff >:} in game of course.

    And i LOVE making puns related to my power. And green lantern lore, followed by Shazam/Captain Marvel Lore is my all time favorite.