RANT: 702 Scarabs....worst feat ever now?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Reinheld, Oct 31, 2022.

  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Difficult....hmmmm. I said 'difficult' where? Please point to it. Is 5000 Reapers 'difficult'? Is really any count feat 'difficult', other than MAYBE PvP ones? I did say 'boring' I did say 'busy work'. Not sure where I said 'difficult'.

    But hey...this is your go-to argument. Anything anyone doesn't particularly like in this game, you decry them as saying it's 'difficult'. I should expect no less I guess.

    You know what is difficult....for some at least? Math apparently. Maybe if you spent a little less on artis and bought a calculator, you'd be better prepared for the task at hand.....get gud!;)
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  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I could run 7 on one PC and +1 on the PS, no additional laptops needed....but yeah, those other accounts are stabilizer farmers mainly, so what would the point of that be? Don't need SP to get stabilizers.

    Dailies maybe.....I get paid for those. Scarabs? Nah.
  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Actually If I wanted to, in the center would be exactly where they would park them. But thanks for your input....no matter how wrong it is. Keep trying to offend me with your 'gotcha's. Still not working.
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh please if all you've got here is an over pedantic argument about my math being out by a few days because i did it in my head in a few seconds and didn't overthink it then you truly have no valid argument at all.

    The truth is you complain about these types of feats when they're clamped and now here you are complaining about them too even when they're relevant.

    It seems to me like you just want to complain Reinheld, and hey go for gold but it won't change your complaint from just being frivilous and vexatious towards the devs.

    These feats are in place for a reason because they keep people busy, the very thing you're complaining about them being.

    Newsflash, the devs don't care that they are "busy" because despite you not liking it, thats their intention.

    You could lessen that load, by, oh I don't know, not expecting things be made easier because you want to run 7 different toons on 7 different accounts, there's an idea eh.
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh I'm not here to offend you, I'm just keeping it real ;)
  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    When keeping it real goes wrong...

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  7. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    What do you guys do between raids if these are so painful? It only takes a minute to get supercharge. Farming collections is like the same thing.

    You're going to be waiting for more than 4 hours in 4 months just waiting for a tank if you even play this semi casually. There isn't enough of these sorta feats to keep my fingers moving... that's for sure.
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  8. Controller Devoted Player

    If you want a sadder song, try "The Good, the bad and the Ugly" - Tuco's theme. Played by the Civil War prisoners while poor Tuco was getting the snot beat out of him lol.

    Dude didn't chirp. Gotta give him credit.
  9. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Ha, I might think of something that fits that. My original post was a reference the Ken Burn's "Civil War" trope of reading letters back home, and "Ashoken Farewell" was one of the tracks frequently used.
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  10. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I decided i'll get this feat over time so i just crush whatever scarabs i see while doing missions, i figure by the time new dlc comes i should be close to finished and then i'll marathon the rest.
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    If keeping it real offends someone because they don't want to deal in actual fact, then oh well, shrug...

    I mean it seems you can't win with this.

    Counter feats were awful because of the clamp 1 week ago, now they're awful today when relevant as well lol.
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Meh, picking on your poor 'on the fly' math skills is about as pedantic as anything you'd go after....not sure why you should be exempt from it being turned on you.

    I still never said it was 'difficult'....There is very little in this game that is even close to 'difficult' save some of the Elite feats. And the complaint is the same. I don't appreciate 'busy work' feats. There is no reason to squash the bugs. They are not part of content, they are there to provide us something to do on top of the something to do we already have getting marks and gear for a DLC. It's kind of why I didn't say anything negative about 100 Injustice kills, as Injustice is a weekly bounty...we'll be doing it weekly for most or all of this DLC and probably some during the next DLC. While 100 is a bit much, it's reasonable to expect to get there just doing your normal workload. Later? A bit more of a grind for sure, but still a mission you'll be running at some point for gear and marks. Bugs...still nah.

    And I'm well aware the Devs don't give a flying F about needless busy work. I was here for the WV/LLL bounties and high price tags on the related Aether/Beacon gear as well as the Flashpoint base mod atrocity. That doesn't mean I'm not entitled to expect better.

    And I still don't know where you are getting the 7 account thing being an issue on this one. It's annoying and boring and a waste of time on 1 account....much less 7. I don't worry about feats on the farmers, so running 7 at a time isn't an issue....yet, feel free to keep bringing it up for some whack reason.

    BTW....no one said YOU can't just do a few bugs a day. Go for it. I'll actually be doing the same for the most part, as I said...I stopped after hitting 351 as it was mind-numbing. And only did that on 1 of those accounts you keep referring to.
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Personally, I'd rather be in the HOL/WT/Base dealing with inventory or in the broker listing things to make the cash to buy those collections you are farming. All but 3 or 4 are worthless, so I'd rather buy than farm. Some people do the dress up or Martha Stewart decorating thing...not my bag per se, but yeah....I'll spend a bit of time doing that too.

    Otherwise...If I'm queued, I might be in another OW area (assuming I finished my dailies already), knocking out bounties or even doing some other paying dailies or farming a collection or 2 that might actually have value over 10K, unlike the current ones.

    Or heck...you know set the controller down...take a bio...grab a sandwich and beer...Where is the rule that says we have to continuously be running around the map with busy work?
  14. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Hey, this guy has a good idea ^^^

    Let's +1 this he knows what's up ^-^
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    And you'd be hitting me up equally so, so I'm not sure why you should be exempt from it being turned on you.

    Also you're hung up on this "difficult" pretense, I don't care whether it's difficult or whether its "grind" or whether it's "keeping you busy" choose your poison it makes no difference to me.

    The real truth is, the feat is easy and this complaint is unnecessary because if you assert yourself it can be completed with ease, what was the point of your complaint, You actually legitimately think this is the "worst feat ever" I mean, honestly, it's not even close.
  16. not serious Well-Known Player

    for my part this type of feat would be very appreciated if it would also be possible to do it at the scale of the account cumulable with several characters. but it will unfortunately never happen
    and There fore will remain quite horrible to do solo
  17. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    That is how I intend to do it. Every Toon I log gets at least 10 bugs while doing the 3 dailies. 20+ if I actively look for them. Also something to pass the time while getting a group for GPe/Raids.

    I like them, especially the irony of constantly seeing LFG "Inv for bug farm" :p
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  18. myandria Item Storage

    I see what you are imagining:D:

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  19. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    This is one of those feats that if I get good, if not, eh. I have looked for the scarabs and it is my experience so far that they are sparse and slow to respawn. This is a low priority feat for me.
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  20. The Con Dedicated Player

    Take it back a notch, will ya?


    Do you have to be a hat in every thread?

    This was a funny rant.

    He wasn't saying that it wrecked the game... or that he was going to quit playing.. or telling others to quit...

    It was a friendly, humorous rant about a crazy grind.... Nothing more.

    You know you don't have to post in every thread... right?

    Sometimes ya just gotta let the neighbor's dog bark at the squirrels... You don't have to intervene every single time.
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