<Rainbow Phoenix> Villains, US PS4/PC (LGBTQIA+ Welcoming)

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  1. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    New DC University tomorrow! 1pm pac / 4pm edt. We'll be reviewing the first 5 episodes, touching on Basic Artifact Builds, Bases, SP spec, Setup, Augment and CR leveling, Feats and Time Management, and understanding the inner workings of DCUO.

    Come join us for a chill holiday weekend stream! Twitch.tv/TheMelusine
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    Welcome to the league! And oh yes, we are active AF.
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    Join me this Sunday at 1pm pac / 4pm edt for DC University #7: Artifacts 102. We'll explain what Meta means and why it does or doesn't matter for you, how Stacks work and what they are, and examine synergies in a various environments. Also covered will be preferences and budgetary concerns.


    (Episodes archived on RainbowPhoenixDCUO YouTube)
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    It would be cool to see some additional abilities added to the less useful artifacts. Entwined Rings and Azar, Dilustel Refractor, Starheart Fragment, Omegahedron and the like could use some love. If we can get buffs to Source Shard, why not something for these forgotten relics?
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    I apologize, I am too sick to put on DC University today. Back soon!
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    I am having so much trouble deciding which toon is getting the seasonal base items this year!
  7. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    So what if I did just get 10 Space Dolphin Globes? Whatever, I likes what I likes.

    Also, we're always recruiting, have dozens of active players, and raided together as a league on 4 days this week. Come join the fun!
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    Oh. Ok, well maybe I'll get another punk rocker jacket, then?

    Still recruiting, even when bonus weeks suck.
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    This Sunday, December 13th, at 1pm pac / 4pm edt DC University returns with Artifacts 102! We'll discuss what a Meta Game is, how it works and whether or not it matters for you, personally. Stacks explained, myths dispelled, budget concerns addressed, and of course, Q&A! I hope to see you all there. Twitch.tv/TheMelusine
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    We are a US PC/PS4 Villain League. We have All Buffs, and prestige cap weekly. Loyal members have access to All 4 banks, which are fully opened. We also have an active Discord.

    A member must:

    • Be an LGBTQ Ally (we have lots of straight members, too)
    • Be committed to reaching the end game
    • Be interested in achieving feats, and helping others to do so
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Either use a mic, have a keyboard, or not mind being communicative through the PS4 interface
    • Be level 30. Higher CR is preferred, but not necessary
    • Be interested in exchanging advice and learning
    • Be courteous to other players, members and non-members alike
    We run older content for feats, and various content for loot daily. We raid many times over the course of each week, primarily on weekends.

    Denizens of Danny Street, nerds, weirdos, freakers of the mundane, seekers of the Golden Apple, Sub-genii, and wry wits preferred.

    If you’re interested in joining, please respond here, or contact any of the following people in-game:
    Melusine Scissorface (leader)
    Melusine Vraxgrimm
    Melusine Methuselah
    Willow Souls
    Mistress Abyss
    Misa Joka
    Michelle Visage
    Baga Chipz

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    5 raids and 4 alerts with the league tonight
  12. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Today at 1pm pacific // 4pm edt, it's DC University's Controller 101. Join us for discussion of everything you need to know about playing as a Controller. Twitch.tv/TheMelusine
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  14. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Next Sunday DC University features Tank 101!
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    We're almost trough SM round 2020, we can do it!
  16. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Tomorrow the 27th, 1pm pacific // 4pm edt #DCUO Online University returns with Tank Role 101! Join us for a discussion of everything from Artifacts and SP to juggling and immunity at http://Twitch.tv/TheMelusine See you there!
  17. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Class starts in 45 minutes~! 1pm pacific // 4pm edt #DCUO Online University returns with Tank Role 101! Join us for a discussion of everything from Artifacts and SP to juggling and immunity at http://Twitch.tv/TheMelusine See you there!
  18. MssVvs New Player

    Can you please add my main, Fysics Eclair. I’m currently on a different league but I’ll leave that league once I log in.
  19. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Just watched a piece on how the top e-sports players can make upwards of 3-4 million dollars per year.

    Surely there is a way to profit from PvP. Surely.
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    This Sunday, January 3rd at 1pm Pacific // 4pm Eastern, DC University returns with Healer Role 101! Join us on Twitch.tv/TheMelusine