<Rainbow Phoenix> Villains, US PS4/PC (LGBTQIA+ Welcoming)

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Melusine Midnight, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. DemonGin New Player

    Im hoping on now and be on for a few hours. Or could i get a link to your discord? Ill contact you there as well.
  2. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Double Nth is the besssssssst
  3. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Well this SC update should be .....interesting.
  4. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Is Blade 2 the most 90s thing ever?
  5. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player



    Might be.
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  6. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    No, I'd like to see the Spam menu, please. Yes, again!
  7. Thagrronk New Player

    Is level 30 a dealbreaker? Cuz my first toon is a hero and almost 30 and I'm about to make a villain and would love to have a home for it
  8. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Yes, you must be level 30. Most members are between 324 and 331.
  9. Smiggle New Player

    New Old player returning from about 6- 7 year hiatus wondering if I started over (which i would have to at this point). I'm not sure if it is worth all the reinvested time or not. I heard that the game is way different now. I left off wit 115 sp, i believe i was 120ish CR. Part of leaving was the dying League. I'd like to join the league and make friends asap. I'm downloading the game on my PC as we speak to start my adventure all over again. Once I get my IGN all set up, I'll post it here. I hope to meet cool people and relive the fun!!

    Made the toon, boosted to level 30, ign is Kona Vokvi :)
  10. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    What's the name of your toon?
  11. Vesta Lumière New Player

    The time it’d take me to make a villainous queen if y’all were on the Switch server:
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  12. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Getting psyched for these new features :)
  13. TheEpicCrash Active Player

    I'm a returning player, looking for a league to play with and make new friends. I used to play this with one other person but they don't play anymore, and playing by myself all the time tends to get dull. I really enjoy this game overall and would love to invest more time into it. For the record, I'm in full support of LGBTQ!

    Character name - Bonescar
    My CR is 241 or 242 I think. Don't remember lol
    I'm 34 years old.
  14. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    I'll add you to friends and hit you up later on :)
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  15. War Active Player

    All of this new interest in the game and new blood to the league smells like fun :D
  16. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

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