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  1. Cold Fuzion New Player

    The videos below show a very basic guide to modding and preparing your Rage tank for raids.

    NOTE: If i have missed anything significant or given the wrong information PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!

    Loadout and Mods

    Loadout in a action:


    Assault & Battery

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  2. Lacedog Loyal Player

    restoration is almost worthless to spec into, since ire is the only heal that uses it, and the shield is only really useful in pvp or lower tiers of content.

    edit: i'd still get as much dominance then health as possible, then after gabbing every bit of those two stats, if i had any skill points left id grab damage stats i guess. any healing stat wont be enough for the amount of skill points you would have to spend to get them. even if you had enough to max out, say, restoration.

    that goes for mods too. dom/health in all of them, even the yellows and reds. this isnt ice where restoration helps with the shield rotations.
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  3. Cold Fuzion New Player

    Agreed, i did say its up to the player with which route he wants to go, some will feel more comfortable with the shields others not.
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  4. Lacedog Loyal Player

    i hear ya. its hard to make a helpful video without someone, me, nit picking. i just feel its misleading a bit. you say it yourself, dom and health are the main two stats for rage tanking, why wouldnt you max out those before anything else? especially when restoration would only help with two powers, ire and redirected rage(shield), or even 3 at most if you include iconic hardlight shield. thats like telling an earth tank to take restoration before finishing dominance or health or defense for skill points, because it helps with gemstone shield. its just not the most efficient use of skill points.
  5. Cold Fuzion New Player

    I agree, Dominance and Heath are the most important stats, but at the same time i did list there value compared defense and restoration.

    1. Dominance
    2. Health
    3. Defense
    4. Restoration.

    The highest values for all of them come from the first tier of innates - So, i think its important they max out these before heading to the second Tier where the values are lower and cost more skill points. Of course, Tanks, can go the route of just specing into dominance and health from both innate tiers and focus on Defense then restoration after.

    I'm a firm believer in having a good foundation (all Tier one innates) before becoming specific with Mods and Bonus innates. This is not misleading its just another way of building your tank :)
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  6. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    I would add DPS SP in there somewhere, at least the crit ones. With Remorseless Recovery (which is also a 50% safety net for crashes) it heals based on damage, getting some attacks in is not bad, esp with these Match NPCs who spend a lot of time on their backs. /shrug just a bit of fun with benefits.
  7. Roomba Dedicated Player

    Does Resto affect healing in at all?
  8. Ice Lantern New Player

    Considering the gear the OP and his group likely had when this was filmed and how often he almost went down, it's pretty easy to see that Rage is the worst tank for Paradox and likely by a large margin. I really think the devs did a very good job in capturing the flavour of the powerset. However, they did an equally poor job in conceptualizing the tanking functionality of the powerset.
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  9. Ice Lantern New Player

    Not the healing in by Rage mode.
  10. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I meant in general.

    If I have high resto, will a healer's heals heal me for more than if I had 0 resto
  11. feegore New Player

    Restoration only effects healing effects from powers/abilities you have. It does not determine the amount of heals received from another player.
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  12. Dump Truck New Player

    Build your rage tank like you would a fire tank.
    Crit percentages

    the 90 or so more defense from the skill points are a waste IMO... esp when you have 9,400 defense.
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  13. CrappyHeals Loyal Player

    DPS Innate's are pointless to spec into unless you have all your dom, health and defense specked into and as for RR is a ok power for lower content but violence is a much better power imo. When i tank I'm more of a turtle i like to take the least damage as i can so the healers can save their power witch helps the dps to have more to burn. Plus the damage you do isnt that much so the heals you get are small. In pvp it would be more beneficial but not so much pve

    I think 90 defense would be better than a few dps crits any day. When it comes down to last bosses or hard content you wont be attacking to much anyway so that 90 defense would be more beneficial.
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  14. Lucaefor New Player

    It does make a difference to take all five Tier 1 defence innates. With the Iconic it's +200 defense which is almost an extra +3% mitigation.

    What needs to be stated is that the only time you need to spec for pure tank (without taking any damage innates) is for T5 raids. I've found Krystianna to be right about the usefulness of shields when tanking T5 8x player, the damage you take coming out of block to cast the shield pretty much negates the point in using it. For this reason, Restoration is useless to spec into for anything but an ice tank even with the regenerative shielding hand mod.

    Yellow slots I filled with Dom/Power to keep the health affinity and bump my power pool, which helps adjust for the increased power costs from my gear. I put pure Precision in the red sockets because I still have a block counter and I really don't like to **** my build, particularly when I have the deadly precision blocking mod in my feet. Even when tanking there are still opportunities to deal some weapon damage.

    1300 Dom at CR98 is really low. I think I had 1510 Dom in the same gear so those skill points placed into Restoration were a bad idea.

    For T5 Ops and Trigons you don't need a pure tank build. I go with all the crit innates plus dominance, defence and precision and swap out my chest for a CR90 precision DPS chest with core strength. About 550 basic Precision coupled with a Trigons precision trinket to buff to 1100+ for boss fights. For 4x player stuff the extra damage out helps a great deal.
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  15. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    Honestly, tanks in my league are modding with Prec in each slot. We're going pretty heavy on offensive SP, why? Because there's kinda no point to more defensive stats when you already have a handle on everything.

    Violence gets your 50% safety net, but as an offensive power, you can't clip with it. RR gives me the option to get a triple stack off a Ragebringer/SP/RR rotation. Instant triple stack is a nice way to start fights. Then as I play the counter game with the bosses I can get extra healing thanks to RR, it's nice. If I need CC I have Without Mercy or even consumables, but really the only "tough" part of tanking is tanking the bosses which is more or less playing the counter game now.

    I guess the mentality I have and my league shares is, "if we can, lets do more damage". Sure I might take a few big hits I wouldn't have if I played a bit more defensively, but I don't want my healer slacking, gotta keep him on his toes :D. Really though we don't have issues. And the way we split RR is extra good because we usually don't have a healer backing up the tank side unless we have a celestial and another dps so the celestial can go battle healer.

    Just a question to anyone who might know, Is 90 defense even 1% less damage? I know 71 is the base but with armor penetration? I was under the impression that we're at the point where you need like three times as much defense for the same effect, if not more. I don't think Ice is capped even with what my friend is saying (seeing noticeably smaller damage numbers with his better gear). So less than 1% /shrug, I like my offensives, and it's not that many points to get the crit stuff and it's a pretty big difference in damage. I also run Core Strength :)
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  16. AlphaOrion Dedicated Player

    Very helpful information from all of you thanks, not so much for my alt rage tank but for a fellow league mate who recently went rage tank. He has no problem with the mobs in hallways and such but Hal Jordon and Wave bosses make mince meat of him hard to keep up to the damg some times when i solo heal him which is the case 90% of the time.
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  17. Lucaefor New Player

    I believe that bosses ignore part of your defense but the mitigation you get from your defense isn't affected. So if you had 16000 defense (Ice tank) a boss might ignore 3000 of that to give you an effective 13000 Defense. After that the mitigation is calculated as per normal. That's the whole point behind the fortified blocking neck mod, instead of you getting +5000 defense whenr blocking you get 7400 and that extra 2400 defense helps to offset the piercing bosses have.
  18. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    It's ignoring a LOT more than that and iirc it's a % based thing.

    mathmatically you can only have 75% mitigation, and you hit that at IIRC ~5400 with 71 def = 1%. If with 15000+ defense you still aren't hitting the cap, 90 Defense seems pretty minuscule no? If 15k is still not hitting cap, and base without the penetration is 5k, seems like you'd need 3X the defense for the same effect, so 71=1% normally but now it'd be more like 213 defense = 1%?
  19. CrappyHeals Loyal Player

    I guess we all have dif play styles i just like to play more defensive and be tanky. The way i use violence is I use it first then use Severe punishment to clip it. I feel the knock up and dot benefit me more then RR and a few heals that with the healers heal over time i wont even notice.

    And as for A&B why dose everyone split up weird? we take 2 equal groups to both parts and still have finished in under 20 min without rushing, heck we finish in under 20 with only 2 dps. I just find it so much smoother with equal groups on each side.
  20. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    We're trying to get 10 min runs :D. Gotten under 15 with the 2222 setup, but we're not happy with that time yet.

    Gotta make challenge somewhere and speed runs is about all we got, that or low man.

    And a big benefit of RR is the triple stack. You get ~2k buff from Violence/SP, I'll get ~3k from Ragebringer/SP/RR. That's assuming 2 mob, double those for 2, triple for 3. So potentially with 3 enemies we're seeing 6k for you and 9k for me:) just off that one combo of powers.

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