Polymorph and Horrific Visage and the Death of PvP

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Superpatriot, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    I see your attempt at defusing trolling/QQing and raise you an "LOL".
  2. Sore Steadfast Player

    I see your LOL, and raise you a comment on your sig...

    I like how SPs signature says "click this image to show the full-size version." I'm thinking, "It get's bigger?!?!?!"
  3. Zpirit Dedicated Player

  4. Conner New Player

    Finally ran into a squad that excessively uses Ghost/Dog treatment. It's def the lag, we use to be able to just breakout of these effects fairly easy in 5s. I believe my controller recorded the match and at one point is dogged 6 consecutive times. If we can't break out of this please remove the transformation .
  5. renzhe New Player

    I would just like to point out that this thread seems to be the reason to what seems to be the sudden proliferation of Mental Trollers in Arenas on USPC.
  6. Im Charlie New Player

    Not just lag, the sorcery healer is ignoring the cc immunities of a player breaking out of a dog or ghosting.

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  7. Dragon Power Well-Known Player

    I'm going to reiteriate what I said in the Transformation and loadout change issues topic.

    It really bugs me, no pun intended, that the ONLY critical chance buff which Mental (and Gadgets?) has can not be realistically used because of how glitchy it is...because it is specifically tied to inconsistent glitchy transformation lag/loadout. MEANWHILE other classes that have critical chance buffs, Ice's 'Ice Bash' and Fire's 'Fiery Weapoon' for instance, can just simply cast their respective crit buff moves without any issues to deal with (and they last longer, while Mental's only lasts for 2 seconds, what's up with that)?

    This is unfair and ruins the balance of things. Why?

    Because the controller crit buff moves are SPECIFICALLY tied to glitchy transformation lag/loadout lag. This needs to be corrected because it poses an unfair advantage towards Ice and Fire. I think it's time that the crit buff moves from all power sets are checked, specifically the ones tied to transformations/loadout change, and made sure that they can be used consistently otherwise it will give an unfair advantage to those roles that have a WORKING crit buff move that is not tied to glitchy transformation.
  8. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Yeah, there are three issues with the dog/ghost as it stands, transformation lag, ignoring immunity, and receiving multiple transformations in a row somehow tricks the game so the player has to endure the full duration of the effect, despite receiving a ton of damage or repeated breakout attempts. Often times these things overlap, completely locking up the target.
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  9. Volaron New Player

    both are a problem that need to be looked into, but I'd take the transform over pets for sure.
  10. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    That's what she said.
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  11. Massah New Player

    It has gotten worse with the update as if you get controlled (knockbacked/juggle/etc...) you have this increased loadout bar lag (as it greys out your loadout bar) compounded into the transformation lag.

    Very noticeable on the USPS3.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Related information about this bug can be found in this official post in Dev Discussions.
  13. The M New Player

    So indeed, it is broke and its a bug. Glad you are working on it.

    From Spytle post:

    "We are also aware of a bug with one of these form changes, which is being applied after an immunity was supposed to kick in. This is being looked at and will be fixed. Those of you using this tactic...might want to start working on a new rotation/tactic, because this broken one is going away.

    We think these changes will make a dramatic improvement to the Henchmen in PvP and in PvE. We look forward to hearing your constructive feedback on anything I've just mentioned here."
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  14. God Mode New Player

    im charlie itslike fighting sol once they fix it. uncensored and sol are gonna catch aids. good video show cheesey crummy players playing crummy and cbeesey. no poly or ghosting permitted next tourny.
  15. Sore Steadfast Player

    The dev response sounds like it is addressing polymorphing when you OUGHT NOT be able to. It sounds like that might be a step in a positive direction. My concern is that transformation lag might not be addressed and still be a nuisance in scenarios when you SHOULD be able to polymorph. Would you then consider this bug report resolved with the dev comments?
  16. thelostczarnian New Player

    this is what im talking about! form change wasnt a big deal before and would only work twice in a duel at the most! now the cheesy sorc guys do it at will!
  17. thelostczarnian New Player

    I remmeber this to be true
  18. Sophittia Well-Known Player

    I literally just watched a video of your league in a 5v5 match and the guy filming the match was turned into a dog more than 20 times by your leaguemates.
  19. Zpirit Dedicated Player

  20. Radium Devoted Player

    Doesn't mean he doesn't want it removed.

    Thats just 5's, they go with what works. Ghost/Dog a healer and it works.
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