Polymorph and Horrific Visage and the Death of PvP

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Superpatriot, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. skabs New Player

    I have also experienced exactly what you are describing while using both arbiter and wolf form. Personally I have no idea if there is a relationship between the two issues. In the first example that I posted, it did not seem to be the case as all transformations appeared in my opinion to be lag free.

  2. Woodler New Player

    I guess your right then, they addressed one of the issues after nearly two years ^^
  3. Woodler New Player

    trans lag has always been around though...
  4. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    i honestly dont see the problem with dogging, i can see it with ghosting, thou i think there is more lag on the ghosting than the dogging, but if the devs think they need to change it than, maybe for mental they could do like a stun effect where the target, gets held to the ground by chains, and for sorcery, they could maybe do a stun effect where, the target is pinned to the ground on top of a pentagram, maybe call it spellbound, but with the dogging i really dont experience lag at all, it runs pretty smooth for me, the ghost thou there is like a 2 sec lag going into the transformation where you cant move until your a ghost, when you get dogged, you can always move, so i really dont think its the same problem. One of the powers needs to be changed, and since mental is the troller power i think ghost should be changed to a more usful cc type power instead of turning something into something else, and it would also make more sense to me, as magic characters ingame can polymorph other things and players like circe with her beastiemorphs, isis, black adam, and felix faust, with their transformations, into otherthings or enhanced versions of themselves. I dont know of any mental characters ingame who can transform players or other npc's.
  5. BadHansel New Player

    Beside the lag-problem:

    I don't like the idea healers can transform other people, but I like the idea Controllers can. And in my oppionion the length of the transformation should scale with the dominance of a controller. So dom becomes more important.
    e.g. dom of the controller - dom of the enemy = result. if result > 0 than transform and powercost of breaking out = result + basevalue need of power.
    Its only an example, not a final calculation. But it would be very cool if the powercost to breakout from transformation (also from encasements) would scale with dominance.

    Controller would be really Controllers, Dominance would finally be more important in PVP and it wouldnt be balance-destryoing in my oppionion, because if there is enough power transformation/Encasement) would never has a superlong duration.
  6. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    it makes no sense that a controller can transform someone into something else, nature has group buffs we have dogging, fair trade off imo
  7. BadHansel New Player

    So Healers now also should have the abbility to controll other people? Maybe they should give themself also power back, so we don't need other classes :D

    No seriously: controller controll people. to transform them is a way to controll them
  8. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    Nature can encase, and electric has a move that pulls all enemies to a certains spot, even better than controllers sometimes, hardlight has a non-supercharge healing move, fire can heal its self, earth can heal its pets, so why cant healers transform their targets? Seems like this thread is turning into a bash sorcery/ mental thread the game doesnt need anymore nerfs, and a nerf is whatthis thread is leading to. PS. Just one L at the end of CONTROL, for future reference.
  9. BadHansel New Player

    i dont want any nerf. were just my thoughts because of the roles.
  10. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    The sarcasm, made it harder to tell what you were trying to say.
  11. Spidersting Committed Player

    The issue with the PS3 is more then likely bottle necking. Because your system is older and is not able to be upgraded you run into a problem when you have to much going on for the processor/memory to handle. Only so much information can get through at one time so when quick changes like transforms happen along with your UI changing you get slight lag because the system can't process the information fast enough.

    Even though the game may look like crap if you turn down your gfx settings to the minimal setting and also i am not sure if you can change your vsync setting on the ps3 or not but if you can turn it off and you might see some relief for this issue off in game and if possible off on the ps3. One thing i have noticed with all the videos posted here highlighting the lag issue is that all of them seem to have the gfx setting to either medium or high and a lot of effects are going on. I know it is not fun to play the game without all the fancy cool effects but on a very old system that is the sacrifice you might have to make to get smoother game play.
  12. ace New Player

    Ok for the last time theres is nothing wrong with horrific or weakening field AT ALL

    theres one thing i see with sorc, sorc u have to WoD then vengaeance to dog ppl, the only problem lies that if you hit rejuve they will dog again and its not supose to happen OTHER THEN THAT there is no issure even with weeakeing field u can break out of ghost so quick it isnt funny. Stop trying to break the game by giving the devs fasle info and give the devs something to use like i did thats teh only problem i see. Learn the game learn the combat system. And if you have to switch to sorc or mental to beat a team you just plain bad altogether learn to play
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  13. Potent New Player

    LOL. Did you not watch the videos? You're obviously a PC Player, because on PC, you CAN break out of Ghost/Dog immediately.
    PS3, it's a different story, and don't try to act like you're the 1 person on the entire USPS3 that doesn't have this issue.
  14. Grizz New Player

    I thought of a great solution for this one guys, ok the answer to this is the judge in south gotham court house you know when he sentense you to community service, it's kinda does like the same exact thing but no visual transformation, what if they just used that instead of transformation.
  15. Mystereo New Player

    Stop complaining about the fate of the PC game...I have heard it 3 times from you and I understand your OPINION. The fact that the game isn't competitive with other PC games and your lamentations to said fact bring nothing to the discussion. Your deathnell of competative pvp has yet to be seen, and Nostradamus, I will believe it when I see it. With Halls of Power on the way, and the easy-to-predict T5 pvp gear that will accompany it, competitive pvp, the vast MINORITY of the population on PS3, will actually grow in the next 6 months.

    As for the transformations on PS3, the OP has it backwards: they should stay consistent and fix the ones that are beneficial. Ice Armor was a start. Now they can do Arbitor and shapeshifting in Nature.

    As for controlling aspects in healer powers: thats part of the damage role of the power sets. I know Electric has the bomb...Sorcery has the dog, Nature should have panic when a swarm comes at their foe. I know they trap foes in a big venus flytrap.
  16. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    Nobody is saying anything about nerfing anything. Main agreement most are coming to on this is the best way to fix the issue is to remove the transformations because of the lag. Only people who exploit what is an obvious game/system fault are going to complain about that. Last I checked, Sorcery has a pretty good pull as well and a power that gives power back to its pets so they can keep using powers that you failed to mention.
  17. The Ultimate Warrior Well-Known Player

    The blood of the Warriors of old flows through my veins, Hulk Hogan. It courses through my arms, Hulk Hogan. And it pools behind the eyes of madness that is the The Warrior. When we meet at the SkyDome, Hulk Hogan, on April 1st, all the Hulkamaniacs of all the worlds will not be seen by the blood raged blindness of The Ultimate Warrior. But you will see me, Hulk Hogan, as you are broken, battered and fried in the fires of the great conflagration of The Warriors of ALL TIMES!!!

    So it has been written.... so it shall be.

    It is with this spirit that you normals shall learn the truth of the undeath of PVP. Immortal and unflagging it is.

    Turn us all into ghost dogs.

    We are Warriors. And for a Warrior conflict is all there is.
  18. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    i didnt menton them because i was only naming one thing for each power that does a little bit of another role, and i also mentioned that they could go like a ground/stun effect where the enemy is pinned to a pentagram on the ground painted in blood, that would be sick, lol, i mean if they replace it with something equally as useful i'm all for it but if its a nerf, on sorcery again, then its just going to add to my growing sickness of dc, as it is i play once every 3 days, use to play 24/7 as a little kid, now i'd rather increase my workout, than play dc, looks like its more sit ups for me. DAM NERFS lol, i just hope this thread doesnt lead to a nerf
  19. Mystereo New Player

    People who use powersets that have something taken away without an equivalent replacement will complain. People who feel a tank calling for a healer nerf is sour grapes will complain. People that see the inconsistency in calling for a nerf, then stating they are not calling for a nerf will complain. People who feel nerfing the dps role of two of the weakest dps powersets is just unfair will complain.

    Stating that the only complainers about your opinion are exploiters is a rather simplistic viewpoint. This lag doesnt happen all the time, only in a small percantage of the game and only when the animation first loads in the instance. To further erode the dps potential of two powersets and to waste all the work that went into those powers just because of a little lag is terrible.

    This lag (ghosting/dogging) doesnt happen to me when I'm in the arena 8v8s, only arbitor but that was before I bought a new modem. Cannot say how arbitor works for me with the new modem. I have been double stunned by HL and unable to break out, I have been double dogged and unable to break out the second time, but these are not lag issues, and yes I had power to break out.
  20. Sektor New Player

    How people who agree Transformation Lag is a problem should have responded:

    I, too, am having this issue with Transformation Lag that is making the powers Sorcery and Mental very annoying. Please look into this issue.

    How people actually responded:



    So... yeah... I, too, am having issues with players locking me in polymorph and HV stuns for full duration because of Transformation Lag. Please look into this.
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