Omnibus is great!

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  1. the solowing Steadfast Player

    What i want you guys to do is tell me why bad behavior shouldn't have any deterrent to it?

    (Lol, was hoping noone noticed that, havent spoken to them in a long time. They went their way, im going mine. If they ever decide to pick up, they can DM me. If not they wont notice.)
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  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I dont ask to run with you for no reason:p
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  3. Hraesvelg Always Right

    You think it's "bad" because it inconveniences you, personally. Good luck trying to find a universal ethical principle by which someone maximizing their own time and enjoyment by "fishing" for a particular instance is "bad", but your maximizing your own time and enjoyment by running whatever rando/garbage instance that pops up is "good".
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  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Says the person who lobbied for and defends a change that directly impacts 'their fellow players' in a way THEY don't want.

    From you screenshot, it looks like you got in pretty quick still(so yeah...working as designed). There were no gold seller messages between your queue pop/cancel messages, other than the one that was at the end, so it couldn't have been that long between them...although maybe it ran off the screen before you got in.. The people who were opting out were likely still on their 1 min cooldown, or maybe a 2nd one... so it was not likely the same person each time....and if it WERE the same person, putting them on a long timer would ALSO impact you as it would mean they were the only 8th person queuing up. So if everyone who wants to opt out does so...then catches a 2, 5 or 30 min does that help the one poor sap trying to get into DWF? Guess you aren't thinking about him/her...even though they are your 'fellow players'. I know....tell them to form a group in know, something you said was impossible before the changes....I'm sure its easier now though.
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  5. BƖack Dedicated Player

    I agree with everything:)
  6. the solowing Steadfast Player

    The reason why its zero is, im looking at a fun experience first and foremost. When i buy a game, the PSN achievements isn't even my radar.

    2nd. When im look at the achievement, im looking for the ones that pique my interest. Im not doing the achievements for achievement sake. Is their something cool (imo) i get from it? Does it add to my character (imo). Flat stat increases is ok. But not very exciting or apparently visible immediately.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    A bit of a derail, but why not....the thread will be shut down soon anyway like most clamp/omni discussions.

    The 100% 'never' would definitely include the ones you mention. Repeatedly explaining mechanics is not fun, and even if I am running a critical role, I can't also be burning things that need to be burnt. Some others would be DWF, HoH (they just can't stay out of the middle of the Forge room), Lab...which should be easy, but I get tired of kicking people in the poison room...and sometimes I'm kick locked anyway. ToTD would have been on there for Ares, but now that its been made idiot proof, it's back in. Other than that, the 'long' runs like Bombshell, or any of the batcaves or FOS1/2 are just non starters. NGN I won't generally run anymore because of the 1st and last boss chances of a wipe (one shots and the 'off the edge' issue) and it's just a long run with the parts finding part. And NGN was one of the runs I did every week(a few times) pre changes.

    An easier list would be what I WILL run every time. FOS3/DD obviously (although FOS3 can still fail with the 'right' group), I've found Escape, Necro, arti, Prime, Gates, KCT, OLY, JFA, FoA, FB are all acceptable (all runs with no failable mechanics). I'd put HH in there IF I know I could DPS so I know someone would be burning GG's drone. Otherwise it is verbotten too...I can't type "BURN THE DRONE" 20x and do my job.

    And for the whiners who are worried about me stepping out of an omni queue, I generally try and do it when I've got a group of 8 (like after we run a raid we WANTED to run) so we are NOT impacting anyone else's run/queue....most times. The times I do solo queue, a 5, 10 or 30 min timeout won't make me go into crap runs that I can spend an hour failing in through no fault of my own.
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  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    But LFG and ALL the people who wanted the challenge? Should have been easy....right?
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  9. the solowing Steadfast Player

    And the 6 other people the queue popped for for 1 player to decline, over, and over, and over because they decided to queue up for a RANDOM instance to try and SPECIFICALLY CHOOSE the instance to run.

    Its time to add some anti-********* measures to this game. Its time we stop letting the inmates run the prison.
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  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    How many times have i said, humans will chose the path of least resistance if you offer them a choice?

    So many people are against SP purchasing, telling players to go earn it, but then also want to go back and steamroll instances for feats we dont have to pay attention for as well.

    Now we ALL have to earn our feats from here on out, NOW, its a problem?

    (Sorry if i say "you" its more of a general term for "the players" dont take it as directed at you personally)
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  11. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Then don't queue random

    Im willing to hop into Omnibus and take whatever im given, its why i queue up for Omnibus. If it fails, it fails. If we clear we clear. Its the nature of the beast.

    If you arnt willing to do such, stay out of Omnibus, find a few like minded players and custom queue.
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    While it would cut down on the 'cancel' queue pops, there'd have to be a 'maximum' you could opt out of or it would never work. I know if I could opt out of all of them, I'd have FOS/DD as the only options, maybe Prime or Escape too. I'd guess I would not be the only one to do so. Those few queues would be popping like mad....the rest, although the queue might stick more often...I'd think would pop less in total.
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  13. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I agree! My only gripe with omni, is the alert function. I'm still forced to do Phantom Zone first pick EVERYTIME. So, I use omni for raids, and specifically que alerts.

    My biggest compliment to the devs is the new End game to Early End game setup. I think they finally got it right. 3 top DLC with currencies, rotated into source marks, with each vendor having cool stuff for 100 source marks, the change to the elite allies for marks, and all the styles for source marks....its perfect.
    Although, a suggestion....
    The top 3 episodes give both the specific episode currency, and source marks. When the episode rotates down, it loses the specific currency....great idea....but I think more source marks should be added in their place, ESPECIALLY for elites.

    But overall, fantastic!
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  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm 100% for a penalty on opting out as long as you are for a penalty when someone repeatedly biffs mechanics...or just all around sucks at the game...meaning we get stuck in a run for 2, 3 or 4x as long as it should take.....or fail completely.

    And of course I noticed.....I do actually read what you post...even If I don't agree(most times).
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  15. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Theres nothing wrong with sucking at the game, we all sucked when we started.

    Its reining in bad behavior/etiquette.

    I know the more long-timer arnt going to like my ideas as much, and im completely fine with that. I want a redistribution of fun.

    Less of a 90/10 Split. and more a 50/50.
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  16. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    Speak for yourself.

    I was one of the best mental trollers on the No Man's Land server at launch despite power restoration abilities not working as intended. PvP was actually fun despite all the whining about clipping at the time.

    I didn't post here in official forums though, just mainly gamefaqs until I quit in 2013.
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    See this is where you are wrong. When I first started and things were harder (harder than with the clamp), I'd go into a new run and say "1st time here, any mechanics?" or you the GIANT RED LETTERS ON THE SCREEN about mechanics. Sometimes no one would say anything and I'd still actually notice the know, cause I was paying attention. Not saying I was the 'best on the server' like Catastroflare.....but I didn't 'suck' either, and the times I was borderline, it was my gear normally as I was Premium for my first year, with no orbital/SD/Mods like I should have had. In those cases, I'd offer to walk out if they wanted a new person....and on the few occasions I was taken up on the offer, no one put a penalty on me for 30 min for doing so....then generally said 'thanks' or something to that effect.
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  18. the solowing Steadfast Player

  19. the solowing Steadfast Player

    NGL i wasn't expecting that reply, and my face still burns alil bit. But i mean. We aint leave the Bottle-ship like pros, but we learned and got better
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So your theory is that everyone I've run into in an Omni run (or event runs for that matter) are people that are fresh off the ship? Yeah, not buying that. I'm sure there are more than a few, but I've seen WAY More than a few. Honestly I see them in endgame too, but in those instances, it's easier to call them out(poor artis, missing mods, bad overall decisions)...or carry them through kicking and screaming. In the clamped/omni stuff, we are all supposed to be homogenous (clamped down....boosted up), so it 'shouldn't' matter....right?

    So if stats don't really matter in clamped/'s down to mechanics. And can you say that the mechanics are THAT hard in runs like HH or BBS? They shouldn't be....especially if someone is typing them into the chat or putting across voice. Probably one of the hardest to master mechanics in regular content was the ToTD Ares fight....and we see what happened with that.
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