Non meta artifact set ups

Discussion in 'War Room (Powers, Artifacts, & Builds)' started by lieutenant, May 29, 2021.

  1. Miserable Committed Player

    You're a funny guy.
  2. lieutenant Active Player

    Dude can I just have fun playing the game a new way?? I mean like seriously the toxicity behind the fear of not trying something new, the fact that we have the kind of community where you get kicked, banned, ridiculed, and all for being Different. It makes the overall game just not worth it. In every game there's a meta( everyone) but there are setups that could work in certain situations, just like you shouldn't buff troll in certain situations. I'm really not saying that the artifact is better than buff trolling but I do think there's a place for this artifact when used correctly. I also feel like there's a real lack of effort when it comes to being creativity and I shouldn't but I apologize for being a creative person and thinking outside the box. If it's that much of a nuisance to you and the elite community I'd rather just play a different game because this is absolutely ridiculous.
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  3. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    There's a lot of negative comments, I feel bad for this thread.
  4. Stanktonia Committed Player

    This wasn’t his point…. He didn’t ask if grimbor was better than buff trolling, he just wanted to know if grimbor was efficient, but here you go, once again, with the play my way or you’re bad sentiments
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  5. lieutenant Active Player

    Then he gone swear up and down he ain’t that type of person, and it’s a whole “ elite” community behind him that does the exact thing. This wasn’t even supposed to be this kind of thread but you can see how our minds are so limited in this community that we can’t see past what’s the “best”. It’s just wack for real, that’s why I’m so hard on that community as a whole too. Cuz if I’m going to be attacked or judged for being different then bring it on dude. You not stopping nothing over here
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  6. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Might as well have tanks roles use Philosopher's Stone - Omegahedron - Dead King's Scepter right? Could tanks finish content with those artifacts sure, why couldn't they? does that mean they should? does that mean it should be recommended? no it doesn't. You can live in whatever little bubble you want as a player and use whatever artifacts you want to control with if that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in the inside but that doesn't mean you are playing your role correctly or playing in a way that benefits the group the most. Take a poll of DPS or support roles and see how many say that they'd prefer a Grimbor/BOP usage over having the other artifact combinations. I have and will continue to offer a GAINT list of reasons why not to use the latter artifacts and you and Larrynko1 can continue to grasp at whatever straws allow you to want to run niche unnecessary builds. Waste money, nth metal and seals on artifacts that won't help as much as others and pat yourselves on the back.

    great job


    Everyone can play the way they want to - DCUO 2021
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  7. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Until you start paying people to use the artifacts you want them to use than you have no say in what other use. The guy literally didn’t ask about what is meta and what is best to use. He asked if he could run non meta artifact and still do fine. Yes he can. There is no reason that a play should HAVE to replace their artifact just to fit the meta when you know very well that metas change whoever the devs feel like it. We all know you only run with your elite group anyways so what he runs doesn’t really affect you.
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  8. Thunderstrikke Well-Known Player

    This, this, this. There are so many questions like this that come up. Yes, you can play any way you want, and obviously some ways of playing are more effective than others. If you want to to play a build for fun, it's probably best you do so with friends in a league or on solo missions; by all means go for it. If it's passible enough that you are still effectively performing your role in pugs, go for it. But if you are not effectively performing your role, then please don't pug with it, it's unfair to the other players.

    Example -I played the alert the other day with a healer who was meleeing with doomspin. Yes you heard that right. So 1) he wasn't healing anyone because he was stuck in the combo 2) we were constantly picking him up because he was meleeing unprotected (and mind you, because he wasn't healing, I switched to tank role, so even with a tank next to him he was dying). 3) errr. . .doomspin was like nerfed 6 months ago, so you are "battle healing" with a combo that's nerfed. Awesome.
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  9. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    What content do you specifically mean? There are easy elite alerts and raids if you are a high cr and know your powerset really well.
  10. lieutenant Active Player

    That’s a bad example though because you just named some random artifacts that possibly have no synergy together. I really thought about this and put real effort into it. I didn’t just say I like what this does and ran with it. I really saw potential.
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  11. lieutenant Active Player

    I would only debuff troll in certain situations. If my group has to do a lot of aoe damage I’ll use if. If single target I buff troll. Really more so of an add clearer or just give faster burn on aoe damage.
  12. lieutenant Active Player

    Content where players have to focus more on aoe damage than single target, that’s pretty much the only time I would use it. But in single target I switch to buff troll
  13. lieutenant Active Player

    And just so you know I’ve already spent money on doing both play styles just so you don’t continue to think I’m only debuff trolling. Nope, I do both
  14. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    The guy also had about 30 comments and essay responses in my youtube comment section which lead him to create this thread, I didn't pull his name I used out of a hat, so I was well aware of what he meant. As not only a controller but a player would you know want to spend your money and hard earned materials in game on artifacts that a) best serve yourself across multiple scenarios b) best serve the group that you are controlling for? For example if you level cog/tetra as a buff troll you can also use that as dps. What is more beneficial to the group? elite groups or not that is irrelevant a) a slowing field with a 2s stun that are both overridden by any tank + a 0.5% or a rank 200 1.0% passive damage dealt ONLY on adds no on boss or b) 7% Might, Restoration, and Dominance passive increase to stats AND 5% Critical Chance and Magnitude hmmmmm really tough choice there. Then BOP we had an art which even at 160 delivers tiny little power back which is only beneficial in procing the strategist card for controlling which wouldn't even be in the setup and then you have to level it to 200 just to get double the tiny power back in return to have a power you have to use every 6s because your debuff duration is cut in half. But good thing we have a slowing filed as backup because the BOP has no CC effect :rolleyes:

    if you want players want to stay in a sea of mediocrity in dcuo than by all means but doesn't mean players prefer that just so they can use whatever niche combo their heart desires
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  15. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Just because the guy commented on a few of your videos you decided to go out of your way to respond in a thread he created? Sounds childish to me.

    And yes he can use whatever he wants. Claw is clearly better. No one is even arguing that. You’re the only person here who decided to make this about which is better. No one else here is saying that the chains are better at all. And plenty of players already told him that even thou he can use it that it wouldn’t really give him anything special. Why does him wanting to use the chaos bother you so much? You are clearly not gonna run with him. So how in the world does it affect you? You sure it’s not just cause he won’t blindly take your advice?

    I seem to remember you giving me crap a while ago because I used freezing breath in my rotations. Specifically nature. Than all of a sudden other started using it to when you suggested it in one of your videos. Guess what.. it’s a good thing that people want to try Nom meta builds. It’s good that people want to try and find different way to play entirely. No one is telling you to use those artifacts. It’s their toon. It’s their money. Let the guy play how he enjoys to play. Dcuo isn’t a job FYI. We aren’t here cause we have to be here. We are here because it’s a game we want to play. So excuse everyone for wanting to have fun
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  16. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    This is open public forum.
    It's not childish .
    It group of adults having a conversation about artifacts.
    Thus a public forum.
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  17. lieutenant Active Player

    It’s all fun and games til either I set or new trend or still be an elite player that runs trash artifacts from time to time
  18. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    What about the very first sentence he wrote? "Does non meta artifact setups automatically meant that you won't be able to compete in elite content" He is trying to justify using grim/bop so how would the natural conversation not flow towards which artifact setups are actually better? You can't argue one point without bringing up the other. How does this impact me? any player giving poor advice impacts me because it gives a false sense to players reading and seeing it run in game. Like I said take any garbage artifacts and slap them on a tank and run elite and if you beat elite just fine that does mean all tanks should run that garbage build? Using the justification that "I beat elite just fine" is the most asinine argument possible. I would say the same thing if there was someone saying well I always outdps players using some weird dps combination, its a trickle down effect. I have always said when referring to the controller artifacts that you can run a "niche setup" cause like i'm sure you've tried BOP+Strat you get multiple procs and the procs heal pets too yada yada but that isn't "better" then running a power or buff setup. If artifacts weren't so expensive players could experiment but arts like Grimbor and BOP aren't even good till 160+
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  19. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Again he didn’t ask which is best. You can justify you having the need to dictate what everyone else does but you’re wrong. The game doesn’t revolve around you. You only run with you elitist buddies that drool over every little word you say. So they will gladly take any advice you give them. So what some random guy runs in a raid that doesn’t play with your inner circle is not going to affect you no matter how much you think everything gets back to you. He wants to run certain artifacts so let him run any artifact he wants. If he wants to use manacles as a troll let him. If he wants to run orb as a tank let him. It may not give him anything but if he wants to do it let him. Your word isn’t law as much as you want to believe it is. People in my league run things that I would never run and you know what? I’m ok with that. I don’t have the need to dictate what every single person around me runs.
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  20. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    The Philosopher's Stone is OP for solo battle tanking. Jussayin.... ;)
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