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  1. lieutenant Active Player

    Does non meta artifact setups automatically meant that you won't be able to compete in elite content?? For instance a troll that actually knows how to use grimbor's chains. This game gets really toxic when it comes to running elite content
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It's not an automatic disqualification but you should want to gear up wisely for elite content. Nobody likes having their time wasted.
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  3. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    That a bit of a tricky question to answer. Yes as long as you are able to do your role you can run anything you want. However some artifacts are just not that good to be completely honest. Can you troll with the chains? Yes you can. There isn’t anything it does that hurts you ability. The only troll artifact that actually changes your trolling is the claw. And that just shifts your focus from power out to buffing. But everything else is pretty much the same when it comes to you being able to do your job as a troll.

    With that said some artifacts just don’t do enough to even be worth leveling up. The chains for example. The slow doesn’t affect the bosses (does sub bosses) unless something changed that I’m not aware of. The adds are affected but they can easily lunge out of the chains aoe if the tank is kiting. So at that point you are pretty much just using it for the stats. But if you like the chains than use the chains. You gotta remember that metas change on the devs whim. One day they could change power regen for players and people will shift away from buff trolling to power trolling. Or they could add a new artifact that makes buff trolling better which would mean you have an artifact to replace. Chasing metas only gives you short term gain. And it’s a good way to get tired of the game. But if you build artifacts around your play style than you really only ever have to change artifacts when you find one you personally like more.
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  4. lieutenant Active Player

    I use chains for the damage it does in aoe situations, the slowing effect( to me) is just to keep adds in the aoe for as long as possible. The extra damage is where it shines the most because it absolutely and I do mean absolutely crushes adds. The more of them caught in the aoe and is debuffed the more damage it does. I think people focused on the wrong things about the artifact without actually testing it properly and people act like this isn't possible. I've seen it happen in other games where the community feels like something is bad and as people get better at the game they realize it's value.
  5. lieutenant Active Player

    My biggest point is this. The artifacts don't make you elite it's the person using them
  6. Yaiba Committed Player

    I have gadget prec dps with amulet, he did well so far :cool:
  7. Kimone Devoted Player

    If you verify that you can produce the results, people don't ask how (unless you're hacking, obviously) - I have people ask me to switch to DPS all the time, but they only tend to ask once: I say "check the scoreboard", and that usually puts a stop to that discussion. Elite gets a little more specific, because there's a lot less room for flexibility; mechanics have to be obeyed, and the only way to make certain things happen is to do them a certain way, but as long as you're doing your things that certain way, if you have the room to do something else on top of that and it's working?

    No one will complain.
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  8. Kimone Devoted Player

    I don't use this build for (most) content. I use something similar for soloing the Duo Boss, but for the most part this is how I Bounty hunt.
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  9. Lara Well-Known Player

  10. Miserable Committed Player

    What exactly do you mean by compete?

    Elite content can be done without any arts at all. It follows from this that elite content can be done with any combination of arts.

    That said, some arts are definitely better than others. The meta is meta for a reason and when you run non-meta arts, you'll probably be losing an edge.

    So it's not so much a question of whether non-meta setups are viable, but whether you can find groups that will accept them.
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  11. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    I guess I'm one of these on 2 of my toons. Main is source/grim/quislet all at 200 and beats/ keeps even/ barely loses to the metas depending on who is using them.
    My rage alt is tetra/ la mort/ trans which I'll probably swap to scrap because I run that supercharge that buffs the entire group. His dps is decent but he really helps every other dps in duos and alerts. Raids, he's usually tanking.
  12. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    That's not true. Devs have confirmed they take artifacts into consideration when designing elite content and the entire game was rebalanced after they introduced the second artifact slot.
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  13. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    As a (non-battle) troll, if you have either Rao and Claw, or Rao and Soul Cloak you can do almost anything with your third slot. However, can doesn't mean "should" and certainly doesn't mean "ideal".

    Now, speaking of Grimbor's in particular, if you have lower SP, it's a fine option for increasing damage. However, once you have enough SP to spec a high Health along with a high Vit you can add a ton more damage to your group by using Tetra, as even Precision DPS utilize Might fairly often.

    So, can you utilize Grimbor's in 3rd slot for damage - yes! On elite? Sure! Should you? Welllllll what's your SP? Grimbor's will absolutely not hurt your group though, doesn't rely on your SP, and treats Might and Prec equally.

    The same evaluation must be applied to any artifact, as well as how that artifact relates your personal toon. What is its potential for me? Is it better than my other options? That's all calibrated to a given toon and whomever you run with most and all of that has to be factored.
  14. Miserable Committed Player

    I never said they didn't. That doesn't make what I said not true.
  15. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Can you show us a start to finish elite run where everyone is not wearing artifacts?
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  16. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Hello Larrynko1,

    You can hype up grimbor as much as you need to, regardless it will never fall into anything besides a niche artifact. Also its passive damage at Rank 200 mind you, will not equal that of the impact on damage the Claw-Tetra/Cog will have. NOT TO MENTION the fact that in a buff troll setup your survivability is greatly increased by the fact that you have the highest health pool as a player outside that of the tank and your personal and group shields effectiveness is increased because of the DOM increase. So yes please highlight a combo that doesn't even remotely have as many positives than negatives and chalk it all up to not wanting to follow a "meta"
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  17. Miserable Committed Player

    No, I can't. Do you honestly believe it can't be done?
  18. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

  19. Miserable Committed Player

    You underestimate what people are capable of.
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  20. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    No I don't think I do. Video or it didn't happen.
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