No more Wonderverse Elite Type Raids please ..Not P.U.G friendly

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ghost27Xog, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    To be fair my 2nd top Aug I broke through my very first try 0 seals to use and it successfully broke through. My 1st Aug I had 2 or 3 SoP and burned 2 and broke through on 3rd attempt.

    It's all random, it's best to just not risk it and buy 2 SoC and be done with it imo at least.
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  2. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    U get all the catalysts from drops, no aethers or millions required. Maybe my drop rate is great on them and just crappy on everything else but i didnt need to use aethers except maybe a few purples.
    Seals u can get with loyalty pts that refresh each month.
    Either way, seals arent crazy expensive so i dont consider that “pay to win”. Perhaps others do? Its a subjective view tho as each of us will have a dif goal post depending on financial situations to be fair
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  3. Black Prime2 New Player

    Your making it harder than it needs to be, plain and simple. As for the different phases, this raid like the ones at the beginning of the game. Role players like trolls are gonna have to do more than just sit there and give power. Below are some tips, which is maybe what you should be asking for rather than crying about it being to hard. I know you said you understand the mechanics, but do you understand how to beat the mechanics?

    Grail Fight Tips:

    Tip 1, don't roll. Rolling is death in at Grail. Use your movement mode. Super speed is best/easiest. You should be able to double jump and see an opening around the doom spins.
    Tip 2, when Grail teleports, do not stand between her and the tank. She will hit you with her hammer throw.
    Tip 3, if you get the omega symbol on your head, make sure your not standing in a red puddle. Healers can only do so much here.
    Tip 4, trollers gotta have enough Dom to stun. When the adds come out. Let the tank do their pull, but watch the maniac like a hawk. Once that maniac leaves the tank, stun the crap out of it.
    Tip 5, dps have to burn the maniac 1st. The tank can only juggle the maniac a few times, same with the troll. Drop SC on the maniacs to get the out ASAP.
    Tip 6, use 4 orbitals during the damage check. Alternate the roles and dps, depending on your set up.
    Tip 7, mind control. This is like reflect. Everyone that is might, dps, needs to stop using powers and focus of getting people out of mind control. You might need to run two heals and two tanks at the midway point if your having issues with people not helping with breakouts.
    Tip8, for this raid. People should be using the brawling WM into shuriken, for all roles. This combo is beneficial for the first and last boss.
    Tip 9, arrow over your head. Run to the side of the room immediately. Sometimes the doomspin will spawn directly on you, so move. When you see the doomspin moving toward you. Try and either take it to the corner of the room. You only have to touch it once to stop it. If your feeling crafty. You can run up the wall and bring it into the air. Once it moves up, you can drop thru it. It will stay where ever you touch it. Don't kill yourself trying to do this, but it is helpful.
    Tip 10, tanks need to use breakout trinkets. No way around it. If you start getting flung around the room, your not going to be able to keep agro.

    I agree that this is not a PUG friendly elite raid, but I think its something that has been needed for awhile. At the beginning of the game, not everyone was able to do the raids. Not everyone has the skill set to do so. People will tell you to get a league or whatever. Lol. Find or surround yourself with good players.

    This beat this entire raid, everyone has to be on board. If you have a dps trying to top the charts and dies over and over, it's not gonna happen. Healers, tanks, and trolls on the first and last boss have to be on point. There is little room for error.

    Keep trying. It took us a few weeks, but we got it.
  4. Black Prime2 New Player

    The alert does. It has the reflect mechanic and the last boss does that jump, lands and shoots his beam. Teaches you ques to move, but move don't.

    They tried to out more mechanics in the last raid, CTr, but people cried.
  5. ALB Dedicated Player

    1. Nothing to do with financial situation. You pay to get breakthroughs. That's p2w.
    2. I don't pay anything. I have SoC for alts artifacts, but I just risked it on my 1 23 Aug. I literally have 18-20 alts that take about 2 hours to run through solo. I have catalysts to burn. I make about 70 million a day selling them now. Down from 500-1bil a day. If you have 1 toon, your great drop rate is moot, unless you're spending money on replays.
    Don't understand the subjective part. You bought seals with real money. Nothing subjective about that, no matter how cheap it is.
    Just a fyi, the 1450 Aethers and 80 million is just the last breakthrough. Not total
  6. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    1) in your opinion which is subjective and by definition NOT fact
    2) my drop is what it is for me and how many toons i have doesnt change the rate. The rate is a % chance an no ammount of toons changes that it onoy increases or decreses output potential
    Also to point 2, the aethers an broker $ is whats moot because if u dont use aethers or broker $ for that then it doesnt cost what i say it cost and i didnt use either for my catalysts so no the last breakthrough does not cost 1450 aethers and 80 mil unless u spend it.
  7. gemii Dedicated Player

    I kind of agree if you have one elite raid like this it should be a little more pug friendly I’m not saying make elite raids easy but you can make a hard raid with less communication required.

    Not everyone has a mic, wants to be on mic, or can be on mic and that can have a big effect on whether the group can complete the Zeus fight especially a pug group. You can say who’s fault is it they don’t have a mic but what can you say about those group of players who may have a disability and can’t hear or talk Should they be exempted? Because these players do exist in the game and do still play elite content.
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  8. spikeat Well-Known Player

    I'm ok with elite content being the way they are. If you can't beat it then just come back after 3-4 DLC and beat it.

    My only gripe is that hackers are not punished.
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  9. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    Communication in combat isn’t absolutely necessary if everyone knows what they’re doing and certain strategic things are worked out prior to starting the fight (ex. Cage breakout order amongst same roles, where group will go when room fills with weapons, etc.). It certainly isn’t necessary to be able to speak to the group unless you’re tanking but it’s technically not necessary to even hear them.

    You know when the mind control is coming and if you’re DPS to stop burning and focus on your teammates about to be mind controlled. You teammates should be doing the same and immediately see when you’re mind controlled. You know to not attack Grail when the big “...Bracers” letters pop on the screen. You know when the adds are coming. You can see when Grail teleports. You know what to do when the arrow is over your head (though your teammates may not know that you know yours is fake and may think you’re F’ing up, but that won’t hurt the group). Even if the tank doesn’t see the maniac in the group, if he’s after you you can still survive by popping a shield and/or blocking and/or tumbling away. You should know by now how to minimize getting pinballed around and dying where people can’t see you. You know your Zeus position by role and more specifically if it’s worked out ahead of time. You know when to break out of cages if it’s worked out ahead of time. You know what to do when you get big or there's the arc lightning. You know when the Zeus adds spawn. You know when you can use an orbital. You’ll know the strategy for the last phase as that can be worked out before the fight. Other than all that, just keep your head on a swivel for things like pickups, proximity to teammates when you’re getting big, etc.

    Sure being on mic will reduce the odds of something going wrong on your end or help your teammates help you if it does. It also helps if a strategy audible needs to be figured out and called mid-fight. But if everyone is doing their job properly, the times those things come in to play will be few and far between.
  10. gemii Dedicated Player

    If we’re talking from a stand point of your average pug group no i don’t see them passing FGSE they might squeeze by first boss if they are lucky but if we’re talking more along the line of a pug group with familiar faces sure they might have a chance those kind of pug groups usually consist of players who know the raid like the back of there hand you guys just aren’t from the same leagues.

    But your average pug group has zero chance of completing the raid Players don’t even stick around long enough to want to complete it. what usually happens is the group starts falling apart and then you have players bringing in guys they know can help them beat it.

    This is not a pce/dme, fbe/cte where the mechanics are right in front of your face and you just do them. The average pug group without communication fails this raid. Groups with communication still tend to fail even at this point in the game where the raids been out for some time now
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  11. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    Played with a beast of an ice tank that was deaf years an years ago.
  12. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    Adding to that...........
    all the talk of “If you know where to stand”, “if you know what to do”, “if you blah blah blah”.
    Well how do we know if no one explains it to us? Thats the part lost on alot of these elite talks.
    The ones who have figured it out or it was explained to them parade around like its so easy and everyone should know.
    Also when forming a group, questions get asked to verify if you know it already an more times than not, ppl wont add u if they have to take the time to explain it.
    Elite or not, no raid should be so hard that its seen as impossible to do if you dont already know. I left an elite group uust the other day because the one making the group was just booting ppl non stop for not yet knowing what to do or where to stand etc. why not explain it? Why not put effort into the group rather then waiting an hour for the perfect set of ppl who already know? Seen it multiple times. Im pretty helpful ingame an that elitist attitude does nothing to benefit the game.
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  13. Legasei Well-Known Player

    Yup. They sure did cry. I remember that.
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  14. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Not a regular 50%? You do know it is a 50% chance on EACH attempt right? At least this episode we have another option besides drops to get the catalysts back without spending in game or irl money. But let's be honest here, with how broken the in game economy is, making enough money for augment catalyst shouldn't be that hard. Either way, taking more time to do something doesnt make it pay to win
  15. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    It is almost as if these people just forget they had to learn the raid mechanics themselves once upon a time. Or some leagues have players on PC who go on test just to get a leg up on the next content for their team rather than actually test. Then they are the loudest when changes are made on live server. You are right though, most just want to lord around the chats and not help teach other players. If it can't be done on the first 3 wipes they either start kicking people, or they just leave the group high and dry. Part of the reason I stopped chasing elites right away. I've never been kicked or scolded, but I've seen enough of it happen to other players where it really changed the way I look at certain in game friends who I thought were good people
  16. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    Yea i have never been kicked from a raid i recall BUT have been asked to leave (which i did). It was my 1st crack at BoP elite (CT i think).
    They didnt want to explain what to do or help me when u get the colors on u (im color blind to a fair degree). I have however been booted MANY times before we even Q up (not recently tho) because im honest. If its my 1st run or im unsure what to do i speak up and i ask for the plan or specific instruction for me or my role. Usually the honesty is met with “he doesnt know what hes doing just replace him” at which point they do that or i just leave the group lol. Its pitiful really but hey, to each his own.
  17. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    This really says it all here. When reading through the OP, my first thought was, hell, most regular raids didn't even used to be terribly PUG friendly. You would have one *** hole who ignored a mechanic and would ruin it for everyone lol. This was especially true in early T5.

    I agree that reg raids should have a mild (but not too tough) difficulty, and elite should be exactly want their name implies.
  18. Dwild Well-Known Player

    The last time I saw an elite raid that was reasonably doable was in the Atlantis DLC. Since then they got pretty demonic.
  19. Miserable Committed Player

    Then I don't think communication is the main factor that determines whether a group is going to beat the raid.
  20. Miserable Committed Player

    I agree that most of the groups forming in LFG will only invite so-called "experienced" players. But guess what? More than 90% of these groups fail anyway.

    That said, the knowledge required to beat this raid isn't exactly secret. There are plenty of videos on YouTube (not many are commentaries but you can pick up quite a few things just by watching) and there was even a forum post a little while ago asking for advice and someone replying with a long list of tips and tricks. Personally, I'd be happy to explain the raid to anyone who asks.
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