Need an answer on this - enemies spawning with god mode

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Raijin1999, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    This has been ongoing for at least 4 months now. Enemies in certain areas of the game, both in open world and in instances have been spawning with invulnerability time for upwards of 20-25 seconds. It's not that they're spawning without any command code either, they're spawning ready to kick your ### and will attack you and register hits as normal, but you can't do any damage to them. This happens in open world areas where enemies have a high respawn rate, but isn't something that happens at every location where enemies have a high respawn rate.

    Take for example the areas near the safehouses where there's always a mission to defeat a swarm of braniac drones. Them drones spawn rapid fire but don't suffer from this bug. Then there are areas where joker minions spawn and are effected by this bug. There's another early braniac mission where you have to take out these satellite-a-majigs while having to clear the area out of drones before you can hit the uplinks without being interrupted, only problem is you can't clear them out before they respawn because they're spawning with god mode. Also happens in instances like A51 and a few others.

    This may or may not be related to the same bug that is causing large time delays between the input of an emote command and the actual animation. Both bugs appeared around the same time.

    Highly recommend the god mode bug gets fixed in the same release with the next DLC/update or prior to it. It's a pretty big oversight that hadn't received any attention at all when it was reported on the old forums. Hopefully these new forums demonstrate that has changed.
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  2. Shazam Well-Known Player

    I have seen this also. While doing quests for level 5 Scarecrow story arc it would seem that some of the enemies would take 10-30 seconds before they would start taking damage.
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  3. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Yep, those specific enemies are also effected by this bug.
  4. Zizzi New Player

    I have noticed this too. In my experience, if you start attacking them before they "fully spawn" they will not register damage, and yet they can still proceed to hit you.

    It's very easy to notice with ememies that spawn from the ground. For example, Paradox Reapers. Sometimes I start hitting them as they come up from the ground, and when they finally fully materialize I cannot do damage to the, but they can still hit me.
    To fix I usually just stop attacking for 5 or more seconds and then everything proceeds as normal.

    Would appreciate this being looked at.
  5. recespieces31 New Player

    This also happens a lot to the Hazmat people when infecting civilians with seeds during the Villian Seeds of Rot Operation
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  6. Bloodartist New Player

    The best bug is when player gets the invulnerability thing going on in legends pvp. (granted they wont do any damage either but still)

    And yes, I have come across invulnerable mobs.
  7. thirty six Loyal Player

    The places I can say this has definitely happened to me are the first bane mission by the docks, and wayward when you have to close the portals.
  8. 666GODZ666 Active Player

    this ^

    it don't last long and not on every civilian. but it happens on pretty much every run.
  9. hugstar1208 New Player

    Not sure if this is the same/similar/unrelated but i've noticed some NPCs love to reset. They attack you fine but if you attack them it comes up saying "reset" over thier heads, sometimes its after you've knocked a chunk of health off, other times its from the start.

    Specific example : old gotham subway duo
    Reproduced : every time run on heros and villians (eups3)
    Start the instance a normal, climb the stairs, fight off the mob all ok. You then have to climb some 'cargo containers' to get to the next level with Machine Gun Tommy stood on them. Now Tommy can, and does attack us, inflicting damage but he will reset about 10 times before taking any damage. Sometimes after he's dead he respawns between you passing him and twofaces coin toss.

    Sorry if posted in wrong place but seems to be a related issue
  10. T20thoughts New Player

    It's particularly aggravating with the Seeds of Rot hazmat crew, because your whole job is to get aggro... which is impossible if the game fails to register that you're hitting them.

    I have been wondering if it's a lag issue, but it's a different kind of lag issue than the normal kind... Usually when there's lag, your powers don't go off immediately. With these, though, powers cooldown normally, but it's the enemy that seems to be lagging.
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  11. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    ^This right here sums it all up. +1
  12. Jolt Man New Player

    Happens to me regularly. One note: only on PVE phase. I've never encountered this in pvp phase.
  13. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Has this been addressed in the update? Last I checked it was still happening (last week).
  14. T20thoughts New Player

    Happened to me a couple of times last night as I was doing the villain seasonal, where you have to protect plants from Hazmat crew. First Hazmat to show up got beaten down fast, but the second and third Hazmat ignored me until the plant was almost dead. Then the third Hazmat killed the plant. Sadface.
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  15. GeoShock New Player

    It's really annoying and it's in the game for a long time. I rolled a new toon some time week ago and doing scarecrow missions was very annoying with all those invinceble mobs.

    Also green briefiengs around metropolis university are bugged for a few months too.

    Not the best game experience for new players.
  16. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    When is SOE going to at least confirm this? Are they not allowed to comment on the piss-poor server conditions?
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  17. Bobburt Committed Player

    Hmm this may or may not be related, but last night, we did FOS 2. At the split on the right side, when Bizarro was about to spawn, Zod walked backwards outside of the door. Bizarro finally spawned, and he immediately went after Zod, the door closed, and we were "locked" out of the Bizarro fight, cause he was on the other side of the door haha. Warped to rally, went to fight him, and he started doing godly damage. He hit me a few times of up to 90k damage, and even hit a leaguemate over 120k I believe.
  18. GeoShock New Player

    I've send in a ticket, got no official reply.
  19. Motive New Player

    This has happened to me recently during the open world seasonal event and in the T4 operation.

    Both are instances where the enemies spawn in front of you, rather than before you get to them like in most content. A league mate called it out too so it was certainly the target that was invincible and not just player side lag.

    Edit: I'd like to add that we only saw it for a couple of seconds at most (not 20-30)
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  20. Curae New Player

    Thi bug happens hero-side in Wayward Souls, Vengeance, Black Dawn, the new T5 alerts, and every paradox reaper. The same exact bug will happen villain side to similiar situations.

    The bug appears to be that enemies that are attacked while they are exiting the ground are given a hidden immunity that is persistent for a set time from when they were attacked, even while they are freely able to attack you.

    The only way to avoid this bug appears to be not attacking until after the enemy attacks at least once first. But when you're in a group that's hard to control, and in some of the previously mentioned situations allowing the enemy to attack first will interrupt an important E grab node attempt.

    The fix to this bug is simple... make the enemies able to start fighting the moment they take damage instead of being stuck into an 'opening entry animation' and remove the invulnerability currently in place.
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