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  1. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    I once played a crappy Korean MMORPG that had all your character's pertinent data over your head. There was no need to look at anyone's gear. You just looked at the text over their head and it would say "Power level over 9000!!!" And you would invite the guy.

    Why can't DCUO have your character's name, league name, level (if and when the level cap is raised above 30, this will be pertinent), skill points, and pve/pvp combat rating be loudly displayed over your character's head? If the Koreans can do it, SOE can do it. There really would be no need to inspect people, gauge someone's skill, or game knowledge. If somebody has 170+ skills, they probably know the ins and outs of the game because they have apparently done everything. 100 times. 25,000 times.

    It's so simple, it's mind numbing. Why wasn't the game like this at launch? We can change our styles to mask what we are truly wearing. I'm wearing all traces in time, but I look decked out in tech ninja and contemporary tech. I have to use your crappy menu system to find nearby players, open up a stupid laggy window, look at the levels on all your gear and calculate a ball park estimate of your CR?

    Garbage! Do the math for me, computer!
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  2. TheLoneLantern Well-Known Member

    Being able to que up for the content is the only pertinent information. CR99 with only 148 SPs? lmao, good luck getting into any t5 raids...
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  3. Myrdin69 Well-Known Member

    if so you would never enter any of my raid get some sp before :p
  4. SonOfKalel Active Member

    Yea that's reasonable but think of how many players would be discriminated against for have Low sp lots of players wouldn't be able to even get in raids cr sp are nice to know but even those ppl have no clue experience pays off my low lvl toons run T4 T5 content with 1/3 of the sp then others and can handle it like I got 100sp.......;)
  5. IIJetfire Well-Known Member

    At the launch? Do you know experience makes things better whether its on start or in progress. No one's to blame the fault that this wasn't placed up at first place. mind that nothing is perfect from start till the end.
  6. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    Who queues up for t5 raids anymore? Walk in that sh*t. You don't need 8 people.
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  7. Wilder Midnight Well-Known Member

    if the devs do expand on what we get to learn about another player when inspecting them i hope it happens on your character sheet where it states you name and league. under that it could have a cr and sp number. keeping them overhead is just too much clutter.

    i do wish they could make it so we could inspect anyone anywhere, not just those in close proximity. i think this would be helpful when putting groups together and to satisfy idle curiosity.
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  8. SonOfKalel Active Member

    Que up you'll have all type of noobs in their lol:p
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  9. Schimaera Well-Known Member

    I love my clean interface. Please not more numbers, names, and stuff on my screen. This game's about active play and looking into the world and whats happening and not about the HUD and Usernames etc. If there were an option to turn off player's names over their head I would do so in an instant.
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  10. Ankh_Legacy Well-Known Member

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  11. TheLoneLantern Well-Known Member

    Seeing as how you're on PS3, it figures that you would do walk-ins...
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  12. Zim Well-Known Member

    Lol, I dont even agree with this. Made me laugh though.
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  13. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    I don't raid with people who don't speak English, so you're safe. :D
  14. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    Is that because we are better than you on USPS3?
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  15. Gargamond Well-Known Member

  16. BigAl Well-Known Member

    Oh the cluster**** that the screen would be in the tight halls of Nexus or Prison.
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  17. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    The problem wit ur idea. Is rendering time op... With all those individual numbers and league names... The render times would be crazy... People would freeze even more in the watch tower... Let's be happy with the inspection process being increase with more info... But ur idea isn't good for the game right now....
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  18. randomkeyhits Well-Known Member

    Discriminators will discriminate.

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm better of dealing with the haters..........................

    Still even those are better than the carry-me brigade.

    Hard to tell them apart though, they all sound the same in LFG
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  19. Delta795 Well-Known Member

    Because while SP does matter skill, gear and mods are more important. My main sits at just over 100 and has completed everything in game.

    I straight lied last Dox run when they called for 99Cr 100sp will inspect run when I was running my alt healer. After it was done I got complimented on my healing and I responded " hey thanks...not too bad for 58sp huh?"
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  20. Whiteroom Well-Known Member

    No. Terrible idea, for many reasons.
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