Missing legendary!!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DaPhun48, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Jeel New Player

    Jeel, EUPS
  2. LongJohnSilver New Player

    Started DCUO, got a message saying I've exceeded the maximum number of characters. I checked my subscription plan and realised it was due for renewal (automatic though) tomorrow which is basically in just a few hours, so I switched to the 6 month plan in order to try to trigger legendary status again (also, why not use the 6 month plan, neither me nor DCUO is going anywhere soon) which didn't work. Tried restarting my PS4, nothing changed.

    It's just typical, this the first day this week I had the time to really dig in to DCUO and hoard some currency and gear for my characters. Then I had to wait several hours because of the downtime, and now this. Well, let's hope I won't be needing more than 2000 bucks at once today... What is happening, and how fast can you guys fix it???

    Edit: My main is called Kozaki, and I'm on the EU PS4 server.
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  3. Zamara Dedicated Player

    I see most people having issues are from EU but I was thinking about getting membership today for my PC account, you guys think i should wait for this to be fixed? I'm on US server, PS3 membership is working fine for me btw :p
  4. Awesome Barney Well-Known Player

    Awesome Barney EUPS4
  5. AlanR80 Active Player

    Chron Al EUPS server
  6. Oraç New Player

    Ôraç EUPS4
  7. useless Well-Known Player

    lukic26fran. EU/PS4
  8. JDMStav New Player

    Sugar Pants (Yes, I know its stupid)
    EU PS4
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  9. Perdition Committed Player

    Perdition EUPS PS4

    Looks like it’s the whole EUPS, so best to check that out.
  10. Wet fluffy Well-Known Player

    Code Brown is one of my toons. I’m EU PS4 and have lost legendary since the update.
  11. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    He's probably asking for toon names so he can turn it back on individually while they investigate the issue
  12. Dublex New Player

    Just updated the game logged in to find I'm now a premium member when I payed for full legendary status till the end of February what's going on??
  13. Bourne4red Well-Known Player

    Mepps, can we have an ETA for EUPS4 Legendary to be fixed?
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  14. Wet fluffy Well-Known Player

    The Baldknobber? You’ve got some explaining to do when we’re next online.
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  15. HubbyCre New Player

    Got the same problem.
    NaviCreed EU PS4.
  16. Dublex New Player

    Same gutted
  17. Daniharcos96 New Player

    EU PS
  18. MrAtom0 New Player

    Eu server psn Name semiboss and my main toon is MrAtom0
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  19. Dublex New Player

    Dublex EUPS4
  20. DCUO Post Loyal Player