Missing legendary!!

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  1. john evans New Player

    the deleted characters is a temporary thing zandros
  2. Fleetstdemon Active Player

    Typical waste of time tweet or wherever it came from. Tells us nothing useful.

    How about you actually tell us something, like what caused the issue and an ETA on a fix. Will it be fixed in 10min? An hour? Tomorrow? Next week? Is that too much to ask? It would let everyone go about their business knowing when to check back.

    EDIT: not you, uslessprick. I mean..., i wasn't... nvm. :D
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  3. Fleetstdemon Active Player

    Yeah, but doesn't it put your character name up for grabs?
  4. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

    Its been 2 and a half hours since Mepps said "We are resolving the problem" ! and had no info or updates or anything from any Dev, i think this is realy ignorant to be honest.So its looking like i wont get my dailies done today,and this is what im paying Membership for !! very unhappy about this.
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  8. Bourne4red Well-Known Player


    Are you putting together a uniform fix or do we have to supply our toons individually for the fix?
  9. arielflores New Player

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    Streeth Ps4 EU server
  11. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Going to bed now, this better be sorted when I wake up or...

    I RIOT :p
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The fix will apply to everyone when it is applied. The character names have helped us track down the issue.
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  13. 0xDJBx0 Well-Known Player

    And the people that are not on this forum and do not provide a character name / server? Surely the plan isn't to sort out memberships only for the handful of people posting on this thread?
  14. uchiha pep New Player

    uchiha pep eu server
  15. Fleetstdemon Active Player

    Thats great and all Mepps, but:

    WHEN will the fix be applied and what caused the issue?

    Will we be compensated for our lost playing time?

    Will those of us who tried to fix the issue by renewing early be refunded?

    I actually ended up trying to renew twice as i made a mistake.

    My main Character Name: Zandros Zeus

    Friend's main Character Name: xMrs Zeusx
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  16. DENNIS 84 New Player

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  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  18. Sugr Bear Committed Player

    When you go from legendary to premium you deactivate characters, not delete. They still exist in every way you just can't log in to all of them.
  19. Fleetstdemon Active Player

    As far as i'm aware when you deactivate characters it saves all your character information but puts your character name up for grabs.

    After returning from a long break i faced that exact issue. I deactivated characters in order to log in. When i tried to reactivate i had to choose a new name.

    Apart from that the game would be unplayable for me even if i managed to log in. I wouldn't be able to access my cash, i'd have to delete a large number of valuable items from my inventory, i wouldn't be able to run any episode missions apart from thew few i own.

    This is an outrageous situation for players of a game to be in. Also Daybreak are doing the usual 'tell the players nothing' approach to community relations/customer service. Mepps will only say 'we're working on a fix'. That tells us nothing! I would be astounded if you WEREN'T working on a fix!

    I'm not asking for an exact time on a fix, a ballpark ETA. Will it be fixed tonight? Should we come back tomorrow? Next week?

    At the moment we are all just left hanging, hoping it will be fixed soon.

    I really don't think a ballpark ETA is much to ask.
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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Deactivated characters cannot lose their names. (You're thinking of deleted characters, who can be undeleted but may have lost their names.)