Might DPS Master Thread - Rotations for Every Power and How to Build/Test Them

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  1. AV Loyal Player

    Update 10 Mar 2021: - Elec PI Sharing

    - Added two new boss rotations for Electricity to be used if a Gadgets Troll, Electricity healer, or another support player popping Electrostatic Pulse Devices can establish Electrify (ie. what Grim should already be doing), bringing the power in line with others without the aid of Circuit Breaker.
    - Added the new rotations' performances to the Meta Overview spreadsheet
    - Added a new line for "Electricity (Pi Sharing)" to the Objective Hierarchy spreadsheet to show where the power stands if PI isn't an issue (and to reflect approximately where it could be if Grim applied the correct PI).
  2. AV Loyal Player

    Update 11 Mar 2021: - Clean Munitions

    - Added a new Lernaea's Amulet rotation to Munitions that, though a bit frustrating and risky, lets the power deal competent clean ST damage while retaining the option to toggle AoE when desired
    - Added the new rotation's performances to the Meta Overview spreadsheet
    - Added the BiS multi-range capable Mental build's multi-target performance to Meta Overview and Objective Hierarchy
    - Added a new line for "Munitions (ST/AoE Toggle)" to the Objective Hierarchy spreadsheet
    - Corrected a minor math error in Objective Hierarchy
    - Minor change to Meta/Balance Overview section to reflect that Munitions is capable of passable clean ST with Amulet
  3. AV Loyal Player

    Update 04 Apr 2021: - Ice Tweak

    - Added note to Ice's Lernaea's Amulet rotations that they're best used in raid situations or when a tank is present, as when you're top DPS otherwise you'll be interrupted a lot.
    - Added a note to Ice's General Purpose rotations with guidance on how to modify the rotation flow slightly vs targets that will die quickly in order to achieve better up-front burst without sacrificing DPS.
  4. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Liked and massive props for the extreme dedication towards achieving the maximum possible DPS for all scenarios/situations.

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  5. AV Loyal Player

    Be warned that Pied Piper's Flute is not currently working properly on test and the issue could very well carry over to live tomorrow:

    It's confirmed that, at 200, it's always supposed to have an effect (with 70%, 20%, and 10% chance of the respective tiers) but as can be seen with the middle two activations it sometimes just doesn't do anything, making it a huge DPS downgrade over pretty much any alternative. This has occurred for me regardless of which other artifacts or SCs I'm using.

    I will be leveling the artifact on live tomorrow and will advise whether or not its working (and post bug threads if necessary).
  6. AV Loyal Player

    Update: Hasn't worked for me at all in content on live or test yet. Recommend avoiding until they figure out what's wrong with it.
  7. Kimone Devoted Player

    how recent are the current meta chart #s? -

    - inquiring minds.
  8. AV Loyal Player

    The relative positions are still correct but I haven't updated the raw values for CR342 yet. I'll likely do it at the same time as I update the SC sections once Piper's Flute is fixed.
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  9. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Is this still an issue or has it been addressed?
  10. AV Loyal Player

    They've said they have it working internally but I don't believe a fix has been pushed to live yet. I'm hoping it goes out with the seasonal.
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  11. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Thanks for the heads up.
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  12. AV Loyal Player

    Update 18 May 2021:

    - Added Pied Piper's Flute to Tactical Swap section of Advanced Techniques. Added videos demonstrating its best-case Min:Max uses as well as a general caution.
    - Updated Meta/Balance Overview for approximate CR342 values. The performances relative to one another are unchanged but the values are updated for max CR/SP.
    - Made a tweak to Celestial's All-In rotation that makes it safer (less bursty, more evenly spread power consumption making it easier to heal) and easier to execute (simpler to transition into Plague from a tap cancel, since it can't be combo'd if the power button is pressed multiple times before the combo input).
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  13. AV Loyal Player

    Update 25 Jun 2021:

    - Added notes to Rage ST section and Meta Tracker & Hierarchy sheets to point out that a Rage player can melee DPS in full Tank gear and they'd still have the hardest hitting rotations in the game while gaining the survivability they need to make the approach more practical/viable.
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  14. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

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  15. AV Loyal Player

    Update 17 Sep 2021:

    - Added true, 150% max range rotations to every power that's capable (13/15 are).

    These additions are mostly academic but are situationally useful in lethally buggy (eg day one STU PZe where anyone in red range of Zul/Non/Ursa and not in tank gear could be instagibbed), range/position critical content, or content where the consistency of being able to reach out and touch the boss from across the map will close the gap with more traditional rotations (eg. vs bosses that move around a ton combined with specific feat requirements). These are effectively the safest rotations in the entire game and most allow a player to run the gamut of defensive clips as well, so while we won't use them much it's valuable to know they exist.

    Note: Water and Electricity are physically incapable of remotely competent DPS from any farther back than standard range, as they lack sufficient/meaningful powers that can hit from that far to sustain anywhere near reasonable (for max range) performance.
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