Might DPS Master Thread - Rotations for Every Power and How to Build/Test Them

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    I need a celestial dps power breakdown.

    Divine Light by itself is really weak. Frost Breath two tick tap is stronger and has a shorter cooldown. When comboing Divine Light into Plague it's a litter stronger than Frost Breath but the cooldown is still too long even with the white mod. PcD is more stronger than DcP with a shorter cooldown and able to reduce its cooldown even more with the white mod. Would Sacred Light be a better replacement for Divine Light or Retribution? I don't use a supercharger by the way. Not going to use Grimorium either. The only powers that purify are Retribution, Divine Light and Sacred Light. Retribution has a really short cooldown but it's weak, Divine Light has the longest PI cooldown in the powerset of 12s, Sacred Light has 6s. I think I'm just stuck with Divine Light. Also because I'm using Lernaea's Amulet both Divine Light and Plague cost a lot of power whereas Frost Breath and Heat Vision cost less....
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  4. AV Loyal Player

    There's 3-4 of us who collaborate on celestial and we're just going over how we wanna do this pass. It's a bit of a wonky power for many of the reasons you pointed out but they've been working it pretty hard since we last updated it and I know there have been some improvements. Will ask them today
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  5. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    Actually those aren't the only 3 powers to cause purification. Their corrupted versions do too. Here's a few ideas for celestial loadout:

    Plaque (full combo, as corrupted Divine light inflicts purification, and it hits really hard), clip that into Divine light (no combo, as Divine's first hit is really good too), clip that into benediction to cancel the animation. Then depending on distance, use wrath combo (up close) or wither combo (range), clip back into plaque combo, then wrath or wither combo 2x's: repeat. RSK in 6th spot.

    Artifacts I'm using for this are transformation, strategist, and Tetra.

    For single target, I use heat vision, Divine (no combo), consume soul no combo, with the finisher (can't remember name off hand), neo boost and robot.
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  6. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Wait the corrupted version gives purification? Interesting! I would semi agree with just hitting Divine Light without the combo but as I pointed out Frost Breath hits harder and DL has a 12 second cooldown along with an exceeding power hungry ability which is deadly with Lernaea's Amulet. Divine Light doesn't even benefit from the PI or am I wrong on that? I'm not too confident in adding a clipping power, but for now I have Amazonium Deflection. Okay let's talk about Wither combo. Retribution combo is weak. The ticks are weak too. But WcB seems to hit hard and it is aoe too. I could replace my Amazonium Deflection for Wither. As far as distance goes, I do like Wrath combo but only when I'm melee range which i'm not trying to do. I want to be as far away as possible with the most damage potential.

    Here's my loadout:
    Divine Light, Frost Breath, Amazonium Deflection, Defile, Heat Vision and Plague.

    Lernaea's Amulet

    XD I just started so I don't have artifacts besides one but I am aiming for Solar Amplifier and either Strategist or Transformation or La-Mort Card.

    I was testing Divine Light and Frost Breath and Frost Breath beats it. Divine Light cost a lot of power whereas Frost Breath doesn't. I would wager in that Wrath combo is stronger than Divine Light by itself and the combo version. Frost Breath acts as both single and aoe attack, Defile my finisher and so on (lernaea's amulet), Heat Vision is the same as Frost Breath but stronger in every way. I do like spamming Plague combo though. Really I'm just not satisfied with how Divine Light is. I wish one day the devs can speed up celestial combos again.
  7. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    True, Frost does more instant damage, but I use Divine in conjunction with my trans+strat combo, since the dot from Divine will proc the tactical advantage.
    Yes, if you're using the amulet, you need defile. Personally, I would suggest trans and strat for using with the amulet as well, as your dots will hit harder.

    Everyone, depending on artifacts, will vary in loadout. I start with plaque into Divine to get the dots running early (with 2 big hits) and follow with big hits (wrath or wither) because of the setup I have with artifacts. The best loadout though, is the one you are comfortable with.
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  10. L T Devoted Player

    No Time Bomb makes me sad.

    On an unrelated note, working on Nature now that the exploits are patched? I was trying to find ways get Amulet with Roar in Gorilla Form to be OP, but I couldn't quite make it outperform Harvest with Trans and Strat.
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  11. AV Loyal Player

    Yeh since the big hit can't crit it just ends up losing unfortunately. Kinda derpy. It should almost be changed to be crittable since that's important for both Trans and Strat on top of everything else. Basically FB hits almost as hard if it doesn't crit and any crits blow it out of the water. Oversight on my part in the initial pass (think I tunnel visioned on base damage).

    I think nature will be the one power where Amulet will be a non-starter for that reason. What do you currently like for AoE with nature? I haven't devoted much time to non-ST nature yet post-nerf.
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  12. L T Devoted Player

    You don't have to get too crazy with nature to get decent damage, even post buff. I was using:
    Serpent Call - Briar - Savage Growth - Voracious Plants - Heat Vision - Gorilla Form
    Serpent Call - Vine Lash - Impaling Thorns - Voracious Plants - Harvest - Wolf Form
    Serpent Call - Briar - Heat Vision - Impaling Thorns - Harvest - Gorilla Form

    The timing of Wolf is sketchy-- you wind up refreshing harvest more often than you need (which isn't the worst thing in the world in mechanic/interrupt heavy fights). I played with using NVB inside Gorilla, but I like having Wold being mostly Single Target and Gorilla being mostly AOE. You can use Dervish inside Gorilla if you're Super Speed until that ridiculous move gets nerfed. You can use Zip Tie or Tornado Pull inside of Wolf if you don't mind not being able to instantly get back into AOE Gorilla Bliss.
  13. AV Loyal Player

    Yeh my concern is that it has the same problem non-exploit nature has always had with AoE, ie. That it's not very bursty initially, so a good group tends to have everything dead before the rotations can reach close enough to maturity to balance out (same reason Elec's Wrath of God build isn't great in practice). Will also make SC a real issue in hallways with the changes. Does great AoE vs targets that live forever though.
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    We've established a new artifact feedback policy and adjusted the artifact analysis section accordingly:

    Artifact Analysis

    The developers have established a precedent that they will alter artifacts on a whim well after official release, dramatically undercutting their value. As such, we will not accept responsibility for advising players on artifact use except to caution them that any time/effort/money they invest into the artifact system could be ultimately wasted. Our advice is to be extremely careful when investing in artifacts in general and assume that what you get will not be what you paid for. The devs have also demonstrated a lack of honesty and transparency in pushing these types of changes, so spend at your own risk.

    We will continue to identify rotations that are intended for use with specific artifacts but will not otherwise comment on the viability/performance of any artifacts.
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  15. AV Loyal Player

    FYSA I am currently in the process of migrating the guide to make it easier for me to update and so we have a lot more room for additional notes, rotations, and variants (and so the forum can't fustercluck the formatting every time I go to make any edit). Will also be further standardizing and updating videos, etc. ST video standard will continue to be however long it takes a rotation to bring a Sparring Target to 35% and AoE video standard will be ~120s (+/- whatever is required to allow rotation to reach aspect that allows cleanest exit). Downgrading video quality from 4k to 1440p to speed upload times on the demos. Since we have more room, I'll also be adding both 3-target and 8-target videos for AoE rotations.

    Will likely be a week or two before I'm done and the current (sometimes deprecated) rotations will remain up until then.
  16. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Have you had time to do natures loadout?
  17. AV Loyal Player

    Yeh I'm just about to start Rage today. Doing 1-2 a day but have already put some work in on Rage, Sorc, and Water so should have everything done this weekend hopefully. Retesting everything though while I rerecord since the og posts were before several changes.
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  18. Mystere Well-Known Player

    U could put the guide in a google doc or sheet and post the link. Just make sure if you make the docs shareable that people on have viewing rights.
  19. AV Loyal Player

    Moving it to Steam. It's well put together for guides and anyone can access it even if they don't have an account. Will still link here and potentially put a few of the new reference additions I'm making in the op.

    Edit: Suspect to be done Sunday night or Monday afternoon. 99% of the evaluations and writing is done, I'm just proofing, polishing, checking a few things, and adding new sections I want in before this version goes live.
  20. AV Loyal Player

    Temporarily removed the deprecated guide in preparation for release of Steam guide later today (late afternoon/evening). It is a LOT more comprehensive thanks to not having the same limitations as the forums.


    I just have a few plain-language sections left to write and I need to add the Test:Live (max cr) conversions to the overall meta spreadsheet/overview and should be good to go. Will try to do update notes as well (level of detail dependent on how much time I have left, as there are a ton of them).
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