Level 1 to CR 112 in 7 Day Guide

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  1. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    This guide is strictly for players that want to create an alt and get Alt to CR 112. I do not recommend this guide for anyone with the first toon as you will not have much in game cash or experience with content. This is strictly here to help experienced players speed level alt toons.

    Day 1: Create and level toon up to about level 20
    Day 2: Get toon up to level 30
    Day 3:
    • Equip Vault items level 78 (two rings and a neck piece)
    • Using primary toon cash, purchase Mr. Freeze back, Scarecrow hat, Oan Face Mask, and Ryut Should . Equipped items.
    • Run T1 alerts
    • Run T2 raids
    • Run T2 duos
    • Run T2 Alerts
    • Equipped best gear – CR should move to 53+
    • Run T3 Raids
    • Run T3 Duos
    • Run T3 Alerts
    • Equip best gear
    • Mod every piece of gear with item 62 or above with synthetic mods level 3
    • CR should be about 70 or close to it…call it a day
    Day 4 (Needs to be a Wednesday to obtain CR 112 in shortest time possible)
    • Run t3 alerts and duos if needed – mod items level 62 and above
    • Run Gotham and Metro Tomorrow bots, this nestle 74 gear unattuned
    • Run Wayward Soult and Outer Cavern Alerts
    • Run Gates
    • Run Blackdawn
    • Run With a Vengeance
    • Mod every piece of gear with item 72 or above with synthetic mods level 3
    • This should take CR up to 80
    • Run T5 Solos
    • Mod any gear received
    • If CR reaches 84 run the following: T5 Duo, Mist Recovery, Strike Team, Brothers in Arm, and Family Reunion
    • If CR reaches 87 run Trigon Prison, Nexus and Assault & Batery
    • Complete Raven bounty and select a piece of gear that is below item level 85
    • Equip best item level gear and mod any item with item level 85 or above with synthetic mods level 5
    • This may push you to high 90's for the CR; if CR is 99 or above see below
      • CR 99 and above:
        • Run T6 Solo missions.
        • Equipped best gear possible.
    Day 5
    • Rerun all the T5 Alerts and Raids
    • Mod any new high level gear items after completing all content with level 5 synthetic mods
    • CR 99 or above
    • Run T6 Solo and only mod gear that improve upon prior gear
    • CR 100 or above
    • Run Duos, TD, ICW, and Breach
    • Run Necro and Artifacts
    • Mods best gear with level 5 synthetic mods
    Day 6
    • Run Duos, TD, ICW, and Breach
    • Mods best gear with level 5 synthetic mods
    • Buy any 92 or 94 gear if you can to improve CR to 106
    Day 7 CR 106+
    • Run AFII Daily until you are full 98 gear

    Now all of the above requires plenty of luck with drops for each instance, being willing to spend in game money on the primary toon to acquire gear early on to help move CR at level 30 up quicker and having 78 gold gear from the vault. As you move through each tier, LUCK is a big factor when trying to reach CR 112 in a week. You also need replay badges and have a good league to help with content that normally would result in a kick.

    Personally, the hardest thing I had to deal with was the AFII daily, at 106 that was probably the hardest instance I have ever dealt with in game. It took me quite a while to finish it. However, each time it took less until I hit about 109 CR, at that point the instance was taking me roughly 20 minutes.
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  2. RSL New Player

    congrats for giving the game another top tier CR player with no SP. we totally needed more of those. ;)
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  3. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    LOL....Like I said for Alts, not for those who are new. Even with this new players will have a hard time getting CR up withou the 78 rings and neck. That is the key to quick leveling, which requires a primary toon with CR 78 or above...
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  4. CheddarCube Well-Known Player

    To be fair, the title says that it's a CR guide, not an all-around leveling guide. The person can easily go back and start grinding feats immediately after getting 112 since they'll be mostly OP for prior content and can get most of them pretty easily at this point.
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  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Yay, money~!
  6. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Exactly. Or use replay as this guide does require 78 rings and neck to get the toon CR up as well as in game cash to move the CR up by purchasing 62 gear. Without these, the guide is basically worthless due to the extra grinding required to get marks to obtain 78 rings and neck and 62 gear bought through the broker.
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  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    There is actually a quicker way, you are very nice to give the player some SP by running lower content. It doesn't even require 78 jewelry, though help a lot.
  8. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I created this to let those who are interested on leveling up the toon to CR 112 quickly without using too many replay badges. I waited to use mine until I hit the AFII daily mission. That is when I burned through replay badges to get my CR up to 112. The quickest way to get CR up is have 1,000 replay ready and rerun raids and alerts as needed. If a player has time they can reach CR 112 in 2-3 days with enough replay badges.
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  9. RSL New Player

    heh at least you saw the wink instead of presuming it was 100% serious :D
  10. RSL New Player

    you, however, missed my wink.
  11. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    The funny thing is some new players will try this and wonder why they cannot get to CR 112 in 7 days and state that my guide is horrible and not realizing that it is for players who have the special gold gear to quickly increase CR.

    If the developers get the 90 gear in the vault which is currently being discussed, T1 instance content can be completely skipped if that happens. :)
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  12. JReel New Player

    Lol, if you think a player can just rack up 130+ sp over night then I would love to meet them.
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  13. Requake Dedicated Player

    The biggest pain is probably getting cr100 > 106. The drop rate is so dead in the raids. You're better off getting 93 pieces from the alerts in a couple of days instead of wasting replays on it. I mean, I got Ms Requake up to 106 last night (started her about 2 weeks ago while playing my 2 main toons a lot as well) and she's already 108 after I've done labyrinth ^^
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  14. CheddarCube Well-Known Player

    I didn't say they'd get them overnight, I just said it'd be easy to get a lot of the feats since they won't have to worry about staying alive and will probably be doing massive damage to the lower tiered enemies.

    I have trouble sensing sarcasm/satire through text sometimes.
  15. DR254 Well-Known Player

    I knew you were going to put this up, lol.
  16. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    day 3 4 and 5 all require a league with about 7 people willing to play with you.
    ESPECIALLY villain side.
    I can barely find people to run t6 alerts every few days let alone daily.

    They also require sitting at this game for roughly 8-10 hour stretches

    anything over 3-4 for me is burnout, while the game is fun for bursts, it's sadly not that entertaining.

    The af2 solo is only difficult if you don't have a power with some sort of cc or burst damage, if you have dots (especially nature and elec), you're likely a healer and better off playing in your alt role and taking it slow.

    Definitely a burnout guide sadly.
    You're better off just slowly getting it in a month.
  17. RapidRay Committed Player


    Running T1 stuff? Why?
    2 78Cr vault rings, Abra's shirt, Oan Tech Mask, Ryut Shoulders, Supergirl's Boots, Robin's Belt, Star Mask, a 77DPS weapon from the broker and 2-3 pieces of T1 gear bought withthe 80-100 marks you got leveling up. A couple of Beta mods........53-55CR just like that.
    Next...one run into the Catwoman mission....at least 2 52CR item drops for gear.
    I run of T2 solo missions...more marks.

    So much for day three.
  18. NaumNML New Player

    i disagree, at least if you play a hero. from CR 99 up is when you probably need leaguemates. before that, queing up should suffice. there are always 1 or 2 high cr folks doing content probably farming for styles or rent that can push you through. i was able to level a rage toon in 3 days pretty much using the OPs layout just sped up because i got incredibly lucky in drops and only had to replay an instance once (AnB)

    i will cosign others in that this is NOT ideal for a new player. take your time, learn your power/role. but if you understand the game and just need a toon to fill in gaps for roles in your league, this is a great tool to get you to endgame fast
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  19. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    It's why i specifically pointed out villain side, it's not a disagreement, its just severely unlikely someones sitting on villian side completing every raid from t1-t3, when queuing for something like a51 or smallville can be 30 minutes.

    and to top it all off, a new player can't do this at all, he says that in op

    Older players have lockbox rings stocked up from when they were in lockboxes and not ludicrously rare drops from the vault
    older players have money to buy the ridiculously priced pieces that all go for outrageous amounts on broker.
    Older players know the instances well enough
  20. NaumNML New Player

    my bad lol. missed your comment on villain side. what i get for speed reading.

    yes, on the villain side this is not doable at all without leaguemates. agree 100% there
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