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    Speaking of which, a Matrix 4 has been confirmed by Warner Bros!. It will be starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss reprising their respective roles as Neo and Trinity.
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    I've been playing Neverwinter the past few weeks on PC.... reminds me a lot from the UI and some aspects of gameplay to Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning. Neverwinter has better graphics than WarhammerOnline did (very much similar to Tome of Knowledge from WO:AOR). The maps are graphically great. A UI LFG window to que up with. (players will go AFK and leave you with a 30 minute penalty for abandoning instance. Limited number of kick player attempts.)

    I got to max rank fairly easily, solo, started with a Fighter class. Now, apparently the grind happens to get better gear from repeating group content, daily or weekly content, campaign missions, and chance to qualify to do elite raids. Not sure if I'll bother to do that. I've seen OP players nuking NPCs in group content and open map's tougher and larger NPCs which reminds me of WO:AOC's public quests.

    When you die, no armor damage, just a character injury. Fix the injury with a inventory item or sit on bonfire/respawn for 2 minutes. Crafting I did for 15 seconds and will not do again. I got gear upgrades regularly from mission rewards (not drops). When reached rank 80 was given a complete set of gear that was a significant upgrade. I got a few extra inventory bags on the way to rank 80 and have not had an inventory issue yet/plenty of spaces to hold stuff.

    ....not too shabby for a 2013 game. ....I'm preparing myself ;) for Balder's Gate

    PS. Hey Hurricane Dorian. Go away! [IMG]
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    /salute General Zod

    ok. some aspects of Neverwinter that annoy me.... Back and forth to NPCs for quests (no email, wtf?), some items will not stack with the same item which all will be refined to refinement points (wtf? apparently a account bound status vs a not account bound status.... because of reasons stupidly defined.... psssh. extra clicks for no good reason!)
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    i like that being rank 80, lots of npcs ignore you as you run to a map dragon event fight while riding a mount or running. Not as fun, having to run to repeat event fights with other player mounts running much faster and being op... dragon runs on Well of Dragons. I can't keep up with them killing dragons to participate.
    So far been enjoying campaigns, but the built-in time sinks/game designs to delay advancing the campaigns, meh. ok.
    With the campaign mechanics delays, I think i've nearly run through all the maps once, in one or more iterations of story and npc variations.
    Graphically, great maps. good details of polygons an textures, with great 2d backgrounds that seem to move with use of layered effects. I've been disconnected very often from the entering many other instances alone and with others in the instance. :rolleyes:

    ...been playing about 2 months. Bought VIP access to this f2p game. = daily login to get a key for lockboxes. i think i have 600 lockboxes from playing content, with daily unlocking a box. they really need to alter their refinement points system. There are far too many loot items that are not identical only by bound to character or not, plus other random awarded loot. clicking inventory items to make into refinement points... hundreds of times, thousands of times, should be examined to reduce dumb clicks. (Add an item to auto refine item or more reasonably, remove items and replace with straight refinement point loot. the intent to occupy inventory space with random loot to be refined.... /facepalm /slapGameDesigner) I think I may have reached the end of my Neverwinter experience in the build up to


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    As a newb in Neverwinter, I did enjoy getting to rank 80. I guess I'm done with it. :(
    Lockboxes stack up to 999, and I've got 30+ in the 2nd stack. I'll delete the 999 stack. The items that are for converting into refine points annoyingly don't stack together always and clicking them multiple times to clear inventory is not fun. There is no convert all of the stack option. :rolleyes:

    Where is General Zod? I'll let him win the thread by posting last.
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    Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we met Cthulu?
    We played on the sand, we got rid on Nan - it couldn't have been better planned.
    Next time I see that deity, I'll shake him by the tentacle.
    I'll call him my friend and thank him again, and buy the old bugger a pint.
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    You lost the game
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    It's most likely in the last place one looks.

    Like under the couch, or behind the fridge.