Information question on Megaserver Crossplay?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by BumblingB, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    You should see the WT on the switch. At most I've seen 10 players huddled around Booster Gold vendor. Most of the time, it's 0-4. Where on the US PC/PS server still lags going through the phase shifter area.
  2. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Yup villain side just running through phase shifter area USPS/PC side you get a lag spike and theres no1 on screen for a sec but they all start popping in a sec later.

    Idk hopefully sometime next year we'll see a dev letter saying all platforms will get merged together for xb1/switches sake
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I was more saying that there are so many people around there that it's a lag fest. lol

    In any regard, I don't think mepps or a green name is going to pop into this thread. I was hoping a little something of hope.
  4. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Makes no money.
  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    And dead servers doesn't either. o.o I can argue that just having them up and dead loses money.
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  6. SkullGang Devoted Player

    You not wrong. I feel there's a long list of QoL adjustments that are being sidelined because they don't generate immediate gains.
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  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I do think that a server merger would at least spark a return of a lot of players on the consoles that left because it was dead. Thus also generating revenue. Cost verses time is a different subject altogether and could be a contributing factor. Wish we got someone to say something.
  8. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    If I were to hazard a guess... I would think a megaserver cross play would be apart of the 10th year anniversary.
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  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Dang, hope they do it sooner than that, but 4 months can go quickly I guess.
  10. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    It's been quite some time for me now, But the last time I remember this being discussed it was more about time tables than money. Originally, powers were tied to DLC, then they made them a separate entity so that people could choose to purchase just the power if they didn't want the whole DLC, and vise versa.

    Then there were concerns regarding the originality of new powers as they were being created and the potential of them becoming repetitive as the number of available powers increased. But that's been years ago now.
  11. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Remember when the doomsday preachers were claiming every other day that the game is dying and the servers were shutting down on PC? LOL

    A friend of mine kept trying to get me to buy the switch and he was using DCUO's availability on it to try and convince me, but I'm glad I didn't do it after hearing what you've said about the switch servers.
  12. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Mepps posted this week on the subject saying people dont switch to new powers therefore for them(the devs) they dont feel it's worth wasting resources to create powers for powers not to get use as people have picked the power they want to play and stick with by now.

    I quoted him telling him I have 5 alts 1 for troll, heal, tank, and 2 dos but only 1 is 150+ CR just so I can try new powers as they come out. Have done that for years
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  13. Saami Loyal Player

    As EUPS player merging is a best idea ever. Something that should have been done years ago. Little bit of extra latency is NOTHING compared to ghost town of EUDCUO.
  14. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Latest message from Mepps on that was back in April, where he said they're in favor of crossplay. But from all appearances there's still at least one of the companies involved saying "nope" so here we are.

    This was also left in the forums around the time Sony announced crossplay for all games about a year ago.
  15. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Thank you for this post. I am curious on more information from daybreak.

    This was the quote from Mepps:
    being about 1.5 years ago, I'm sure they do know more information. Now I'd like to know if this is now considered a "non starter".
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  16. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    There's not much more to add from previous responses now, but perhaps a few:
    • Region crossplay / merges is at our discretion generally. The downside is much worse latency for players further away physically from our servers.
    • There is likely work needed behind the scenes to make sure the monies are going to the right companies, but most of this is already in place.
    • It's not about paying for crossplay or anything like that as far as I am aware. It's about every partner agreeing to the same thing and then us meeting all of their requirements.
    • Times, they are a changing! As that linked article demonstrates. But it also demonstrates they are still not changing that much. Notice the full crossplay trailblazers there are mostly competitive games where one console's team can play another console's team - as in, real simple.
    • In the past, some of the non-starter requirements have had to do generally with disallowing players from communicating, grouping, or even seeing each other if they are cross-platform, and usually some kind of opt-out from the whole thing. You can see how these and requirements like these don't make sense for an MMO.
    • It's an ongoing discussion. It's quite frustrating.
    Edit: Like you, I'm mostly stuck eyerolling at the industry's...quirks. But, console/entertainment/electronics game plan A is to get you into their ecosystem and then keep you there, and crossplay is a thing that basically works against that game plan in a very direct way.
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  17. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    I can understand why that would be an issue with community standards. If someone on Service A says something that violates Service B's standards, but doesn't violate Service A's or isn't enforced by Service A's company...someone using Service B might get angry and stop using Service B. There would have to be some sort of agreement about community standards involved and...well..I think I'd rather try to herd cats pumped full of uppers rather than try to hammer out some multi-service standard to be agreed and acted upon uniformly. The mind reels at the legal billing that would go on for the army of lawyers that would require...
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  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Thank you for your response. This is a lot of insight in the problems and walls you guys experience.

    One question from one point above, since economic transactions are already in place. Especially since we have ps and pc crossplay, would the reason why we don't have, say switch or xb1 cross with the USPC/PS is because nintendo or m$ says no? And if that is the case, if one is okay would just bringing that one in work?
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  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    In the case of this game, I don't think there is a change to the overall TOS based on platform, but I could be wrong. Since it's already on each one, I can see your point but don't think it would be an issue at this late stage.
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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We're completely open to bringing whatever configuration possible, even if it is not everybody all at once crossplaying. I won't get into who is holding up what. It's everybody to some extent.
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