Ice Dps PvE Guide

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  1. Note Worthy New Player

    People believe Ice is weak, underpowered, and solely a tank power( except in pvp... lol you guys rage about ice being op in pvp) I believe if used correctly in a battle of range Ice is among the best.

    Loadout for multiple/single target are shown in the video.
    If you are questioning the speed of boulder, I've outdpsed many light/nature/quantum dps in nexus with it numerous amounts of times. It hits hard and on multiple targets, when used right with a bow like shown in video the damage is swift and hard.
    Ice Bash= Higher crit rate and little hits over time.

    Wintry tempest= Gives frostbite effect which will make frost blash hit harder, while providing a dot.

    Ice Boulder= Multiple target hard hitting skill must be thrown manually, I prefer a bow while using a mouse because once you have thrown it you can keep holding your finger on the right side of mouse and press up arrow to immediately shoot a trick shot, which do heavy damage along with the boulders heavy damage.

    Impaling Ice= Finisher If a boss is low I would boulder>trickshot>impale get easy 6k+ damage

    Blizzard= I only chose this sc because of its nice first burst hit otherwise the choice is yours

    Frost Blast= good multiple target damage, w/ enduring damage mod= high damage with boulder(3ks on multiple targets)

    Frost Snipe= Fast single target ability, almost close to 0 cd time best clip for single target cycle=( Wintry Tempest, Ice Bash are up) Trickshot>Boulder>trickshot>snipe>trickshot repeat easily do 6-7k in short time on 1 target

    Here the video to sum everything up:

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  2. N4TURALKILLER New Player

    Nice job. Mind if I put a link of this video in the "Chilly Guide to Everything Ice" guide??
  3. Note Worthy New Player

    Its a free country isn't it?
  4. cytitan New Player

    nice guide. been looking for a good ice dps loadout for t5 raids. been tanking em since they came out but wana get back to dpsing. looking forward to trying your loadout in nexus. btw have you tried ising boulder srike om place of ice boulder? but overall great job
  5. Note Worthy New Player

    Boulder Strike even though it is easier to use does much much less damage then boulder, just a tip of advice only use multiple target in hallways,1st boss of nexus, t5as, and other places with multiple adds. Otherwise use the single target loadout.
  6. N4TURALKILLER New Player

    I'm going to try this loadout but since i'm flying i'll swap out either Impaling Ice or most likely frost snipe for downdraft. Have you tried using res gale in place of ice boulder? No los issues. Haven't run boulder in ages as I was still incredibly disappointed that the devs didn't fix the los stuff when we got the update so I have no idea how it hits in comparison to res gale on groups. Also does the boulder still have the problem where it sometimes misses the target???
  7. Note Worthy New Player

    Res gale base damage is only around high 300s in my spec, and thats only on certain targets because it will occasionally miss. Boulder although if hit by allies will not hurt the target, does 800-3k damage on multiple targets immediately after hit on target. In raids I find it incredibly more useful with the bow trickshot clip shown in the video. Hopefully boulder can hit enemies uninterrupted by allies in the future.l
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  8. I Need powar New Player

    how much might you have?
  9. Note Worthy New Player

    pve im actually prec based so only 2.2k+ but i still hit hard as hell with my loadout.
  10. I Need powar New Player

    how about rifle for the mutiple target loadout?
    90% of your dps on the nexus first room was might based right?
  11. Cream Corn New Player

    The Boulder Throw Lags Quite A Bit On Ps3, Not Really Worth It. The Drop Does Decent Damage Though.
  12. Note Worthy New Player

    Whole Loadout is might based, nexus is single target, but in the case of the first room where you will kill 2 people, I would use a multiple target loadout to burn them at the same time. I prefer bow with the Ice Boulder clip as shown in video i can get some sweet damage of it, but if you wanna change the cycle up might slow it down but the choice is yours.
  13. Note Worthy New Player

    Guess it depends on your connection because I had just about everything possible while filming this didn't lag a bit. It's 800-3k aoe is definitely worth it, its one of the best aoe moves for this loadout.
  14. Cream Corn New Player

    You're On PC, Everything Is Smoother On PC. Although It's Gotten Better, Lag Is Still A Huge Issue For Us On Ps3. I'll Try It Out Later When I Get Home But I Do Remember It Taking A While To Toss That Ball. If The Dmg Is Decent It Might Be Worth It.

    Im Building A Might Based Set Modded Towards Prec.Do The Weaponize Iconic And Mod Work on Your Throws Or Just On Smashing?
  15. I Need powar New Player

    with 2600 might im doing 900min 2200max with it, more often than not will only hit 1 target even if there is a group of adds.
    maybe im using it wrong.

    Hmm just did FR sometimes it would hit and push the add's but doing no damage at all.
  16. Soulburn32 New Player

    It takes longer to do the throw on ps3 and it looked like he did no damage with the toss multiple times
  17. Note Worthy New Player

    Thats why I continously move myself throughout the raid, and when it does do damage its worth while. In a raid like this were we ran 2 sorc heals and a light dps who had a pet I would go to the top of the room, this was old footage, but it was the basically the only choice for multiple target loadout which I wanted to show because its a bit harder to manage then single target. I'm not a ps3 player so I wouldnt know about issues with lag, but I have used this loadout with a controller on pc and I do just fine
  18. Soulburn32 New Player

    Wouldn't DW or HB be better for multi target? Bow's only attacks worth using are single target only
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  19. Note Worthy New Player

    In the single target cycle, one of the main reasons I use boulder is to easily clip into a trick shot and then a frost snipe, even though for multiple I will use multiple target powers, in raids like nexus in scenarios of the first room your group is focusing one target and moving on to the other one. I use multiple target in that room so i can hurt both targets simultaneously, but group still wants one target down faster, so weapon of choice is bow.
  20. Soulburn32 New Player

    Ya i had not found that trick, i'll give it a try on the ps3 whenever I make it home from my 4th vacation

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