Hold Claw - Nerf or Working as Intended?

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by PerfectLegend, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    "Hold Claws now splits after 1 target. So if you hit 2 targets, each is hit for half damage. That's a massive nerf. Basically, you made it do 1/4th the damage of spin chop."

    Devs, was this intentional? Or is it a bug? We just want a straight forward, honest answer.

    You have already nerfed our clipping, ranged damage, and now our best method of burst damage, our only method, is now close to useless due to the splitting.

    Please give us an answer.
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  2. bedovean New Player

    A nerf of hold claw to be blockable. Whatever...I could deal with it, even though it ignores the very pvp mechanics themselves. EVERY precision move goes by a 3 hit rule for pvp mechanics. You just superceeded this rule by making hold claw vulnerable to block. So if you are trying to be fair, then no, it should only be blocked if issued as the 3rd hit to a block.

    Many say hold claw interrupts, this is not true, the most it does is push someone back if they are casting a channeling move, it does not even put them on the ground aka the "red fist" in fact no claw combo does. so claw being an interrupt=MYTH

    What I cannot live with is Hold claw splitting damage after 1 target, if this is intended, then you all must of been high. Hold claw is at this point, completely and utterly worthless. I can get more damage from any hold melee attack in the game, probably even pistols. Not only is this terrible for pve *LIKE INSANELY BAD LMAO* but for pvp this wasn't even an issue really? How often are you hold clawing more then 1-2 people? In order to do this your enemies would pretty much have to be standing on top of each others heads....so no reason to nerf this due to pvp reasons.

    I understand that these nerfs probably came due to wanting respecs, and I'm not even going to give you crap about that *even though its a little silly* but most HL are pretty hardcore into the powerset, and others just seem slowed down for us. Look at me, I pay for a subscription for not only myself, but my wife as well. I have been a member since the game came out, and HL since HL came out. I have like 12 characters, and have spent alot of money on this game. I WILL NOT RESPEC due to these changes, and if it seems like you do not care about the huuge community of which HL is, then I will just leave the game.

    That is not me being a crybaby, or threatening to alt QQ. It is a fact. If I feel that the dev's do not care to hear our opinions or even post on this topic to give us guidance, WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THEIR JOB, then I will simply leave, and i doubt I will be the only one.
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  3. bedovean New Player

    btw I have made this thread like 4 times now and they either dont comment and it gets pushed to the back of the list or they remove it *which has happened 2 times*
  4. TrueMarvel New Player

    Welcome to fires's world.
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  5. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    I've noticed. That's why I decided to take a swing at it. It's constructive, I have stated the "bug" in question. There is no reason for it to get removed, as long as we stay civilized. Now to play the waiting game.
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  6. bedovean New Player

    I agree, Problem is its not a waiting game. Unless they prove me wrong, they will not answer. And if they do, it will just be a generic answer, "Seems to be working as intended, we will look into it though" and provide no real answer for our questions regarding patch notes or any of it.

    YET ANOTHER CHANCE DEVS! Say it was not intended and all is forgiven :)
  7. bedovean New Player

    I play fire as well and they have very viable damage. And really you cannot compare the 2 because fire does not have precision based powers. In fact you cannot compare HL to any powerset so I would appreciate you not trying. In no way coming in here talking about fire will this help us in any way at all.
    I can actually do more damage "by alot" with my fire toon right now then I can my HL toon. You just cant be lazy and watch your channeling bar anymore. Sorry for the bad luck.
  8. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Well mepps did say to post the HL bugs/Nerf stuff in the bug forums, only thing I can think of is theres to many threads of the same/similar reports with just different titles hence some being deleted. But I know how you guys feel, just a response/answer/reason ect would be nice.
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  9. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    just make sure you report 1 bug per thread and be as detailed and "nice" as possible
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  10. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    Did I do good today, Soul? ;)
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  11. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    My thoughts exactly, my friend.
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  12. Captain Just New Player

    I'm here to support the cause of this thread. Just want some clarification is all.
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  13. Warlan New Player

    I don't recall Fire's best move being nerfed to only doing 500 max non crit damage regardless of amount of targets and be made blockable and punishable.
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  14. bedovean New Player

    True be that. They just decreased the burst damage of fireburst to what it was originally supposed to be. A bug of which was brought up by fire players, and actually made since. You should not be rewarded for casting 1 move every 5 seconds and sipping on a milkshake watching it burn stuff alive.

    Not to mention you got patch notes to tell you what changed, so thats already 1step up on us.
  15. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    I don't think fire got hit hard to the point of your best burst move splitting if you hit more than one target. :(
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  16. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    .. unfortunatly i think that's exactly what happened lol.
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  17. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    It does split, it just isn't splitting as much as hold claw is.

    You don't start seeing major drop off until about 3-4, more than 4 you droping down into crits of 300 - 400ish, which is still good, its just hard to look at those numbers after you have been spoiled with high damage for so long.

    Anway this isn't a fire thread, but i have figured out the new "correct" way to maximize damage with fireburst that a lot of people haven't caught onto yet.
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  18. MARK2099 New Player

    Fireburst as glitch or not was severe reduced in damage at the point of become worthless vs melee aoe cone combos clipped with instant aoe powers with no chance to be interrupt.

    Another power who lose all the damage potential was meteor, used to hit multiple times when fall from sky, used to be our shield due LOS, used to hit and knocked everything in his path when was throw, new version hit just one target and miss all the time lol, take forever to appear in hand, and the damage is more garbage than old version.

    Flame cascade was better at 60% cast time, was worst than fireburst but the new version is not better reduce at 45% and small lame ticks, is still vulnerable to interrupt, even if is instant cast only the first tick, players are stuck in animation for a few seconds if want to get the most damage of the power, otherwise if jump cancel stop doing damage.

    Back on topic, i read so many times patch notes, nowhere can be found hold claw gonna be reduce so much in damage when split, is was not bad enough make vulnerable to block with with no chance to interrupt players?

    Another glitch is the channeling powers, minigun and light blast are vulnerable to lunges even using the enpowered channeling mod, which prevent channeling powers be vulnerable to lunges lol, all in the same update ;), don't use triagle and shielding but probably those aren't working either.
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  19. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    Jump canceling with that 60% modifier?

    Asked Spytle for details in another post. I'm hoping he chimes in here.
  20. Zim New Player

    Nah, jump cancelling cancels out the modifier.
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