Hold Claw - Nerf or Working as Intended?

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by PerfectLegend, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Terribly Shocking New Player

    i didnt notice until you told me last night and a started to do the math. It really affects the scorecard and i hope it get patched immediately
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  2. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    According to twitter Spytle and Mepps know nothing of any HL changes.

    Spytle: " nothing intentional I know about. I'd post it in the forum for powers and them bug it in Arkham."
  3. Warlan New Player

    Proof they don't actually read ANYTHING in the bug section.

  4. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Proof they plan on doing nothing to either confirm or address the issue. We are broke folks.
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  5. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    Makes me wonder why they continue to avoid this thread. I rarely complain, but this takes the cake.

    This is not a good way to treat your paying customers.
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  6. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    its about par for the course really, i've had more throw away comments quoted by the green names than topics where it would actually be so great to have a response
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  7. GreenDrakkon Well-Known Player

    The main thing that I've noticed while on my hl is the ease (or lack of) that I can cut through stuff. Last night I ran several challenges and duos where I know I can cut through stuff easy. Well, I still beat them but it was not with the same ease. I wasn't doing enough damage most of the time. About an hour later, I was able to the damage I'm used to. Then later on, the damage was decreased again.

    I tested this out in LoA and the nightclub. I know my what my total damage is at the end of each and I was no where near that. And no, the damage was not being done by the other players in the team. Something is wrong, but it seems to come and go.
  8. CheckmateEnjoi New Player

    >Deletes HL character
  9. Valor New Player

    Well, my guy is only in CC gear atm. Still it's way off from what it was.

    I did get in the test server a couple of hours ago, and run it with t4/4.5 and 766 prec. The T3 Joker challenge saw the split doing anywhere from 75 to 125 non-crit. I couldn't get them all rounded up in a pack either. I ended up killing a couple separated from the rest which threw off counting the split numbers.

    The HC being blockable really messes me up too. That's a whole bunch of chances to get blocked between HC, and WT. Those go hand in hand.
  10. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    Did anyone else even bother testing this? Hold Claw does NOT split after one target. I confirmed this on Live and the test server with DLC7. Nothing happened to it. Unless PS3 somehow differs from PC here, which is ridiculous, Hold Claw should be absolutely fine as it was before.
    I'm not sure how whoever reported this tested it, but here's what I think: the damage range of HC is so wide that it's possible to see values 50% higher than another. Maybe they were confused by getting a very high roll followed by a very low roll. Also, maybe the tester was looking at the combat log for damage and recorded damage when the mobs died. The combat log doesn't show actual damage, but how much hp the enemy lost.
  11. bedovean New Player

    Incorrect to every thing you just said. Values of 25 are not possible to be seen with HC, the lowest it used to hit for was 400-500 and now it definitly splits after 1 target. I was in hallway of gates, and decided to test it. hit 8 targets with it each dealing damage equal to 1 fire dot.
  12. McDonaloid Active Player

    Hopefully we get an answer or something, I don't wanna go back to chompers :'(
  13. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    This means nothing to me. Test it in a controlled situation, with 1 target, 2 targets, and then 3 targets. HC splits after 2 and keeps splitting til 6, so it should hit for very low on 8 targets.
  14. Senshirou Committed Player

    So people wouldn't notice the damage is splitting if they actually ran content with it? I saw my damage with HC was low as hell when it hit 2-3 targets; which hit for like 400s-600s on t4 content mind you. The damage goes lower the more adds are involved. That was not the norm before the update.
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  15. bedovean New Player

    again, what i am trying to tell you is that HC NEVER hit below 100 on any amount of targets. You and all your friends could of stood on top of eachothers heads and i wouldn't get a number lower then 100.

    Since you are so "high and powerful" "this means nothing to me" i will give you the numbers

    Say claw hits evenly for 500, obviously it ranges but for this it will be 500

    1 target=500
    2 targets=250 *evenly between the two*
    3 targets=75-75-75
    4 targets=50-50-50-50

    see the loss in damage here?

    Here is before

    1 target=500
    2 target=500
    3 target=500
    4 target=400-400-400-400

    see the difference?

    now imagine this on a bigger scale saying HC hits for 1800 crit like it is supposed to

    1 target=1800
    2 target=900
    3 target=200-200-200
    4 target=50-50-50-50

    And how it was
    1 target=1800
    2 target=1800
    3 target=1800
    4 target=900-900-900-900

    hope this caters to your need to have actual numbers. Do you think the people that numbercrunch everything HL does would not of done it with this before complaining? Also this has already been declared a bug so your wrong without even knowing you are.
  16. hahahahesag1nger New Player

    This needs to be fixed now I know why I was having so much dang trouble killing everything as fast as I usually do in Shady.. I only have 84 skill points and I notice there is crazy wacko going on man..
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  17. La Chupacabra New Player

    It didn't split as much, but it did split, and much more significantly then what you're depicting here.

    For the record, I'm for this getting fixed (Spytle already said no intentionally changes to HL were maid save the blokcable business), and again not trying to flame here, but I'm also not cool with exaggeratedly fake numbers.
  18. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    Let's keep it civilized here guys. We're all friends here, who enjoy the game. Voice your opinion and thoughts, but be friendly about it.

    We want this thread open and alive.
  19. bedovean New Player

    They were exagerated, however accurately depicted my point. To someone that "checked the numbers" and said every other HL user was wrong. That was the only intention. I am not going to spend time actually looking up correct numbers and doing the math just to correct someone who was either trolling or has no idea how HL is played. Any and every single HL user should see the damage clearly, and if they are not then they probably werent playing the powerset correctly anyway. Make since?
  20. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    If you don't believe me, how about a video?

    I'm using a 27.7 DPS weapon with 28 precision. My total DPS is 27.7+2.8 = 30.5 DPS
    I'm using Hold Claw (35% modifier) on Soulless thralls and Necro magents (~15% damage reduction, same as a Sparring target)
    The base damage range of Hold Claw I derived from personal testing is approximately (1.8, 2.7). This may be a bit off, but it's close enough for this example.

    On 1 to 2 zombies, the damage of my Hold Claw should be:
    Low: (1.8 dmg/DPS) * 30.5 DPS * (1.35) * (1-0.15) = 62 (rounded down)
    High: (2.7 dmg/DPS) * 30.5 DPS * (1.35) * (1-0.15) = 94
    Avg: (62+94)/2 = 78

    Hold Claw splits after 2 targets. So on 3 zombies, the damage range for each zombie should be:
    Low: 62 * 2 / 3 = 41
    High: 94 * 2 / 3 = 62
    Avg: 78 * 2 / 3 = 52

    And here's how low the damage can get. Hold Claw stops splitting at 6 targets. So on 6 zombies to 8 zombies (max targets HC can hit):
    Low: 62 * 2 / 6 = 20
    High: 94 * 2 / 6 = 31
    Avg: 78 * 2 / 6 = 26

    In the video:
    The first zombie I hit takes 81 damage. That's within range.
    The next set of two zombies take 89 damage and 79 damage. You don't even need to calculate projected damage to see that HC does not split after 1 target.
    The next set of three zombies take 55, 54, and 42 damage. Those are also within the expected range.
    I didn't do 8 zombies in my video, but test for yourself and you can see the same thing I'm seeing.
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