Having fun in your Lair, what do you do?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Drathmor, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Laff Riot Well-Known Member

    I dont do anything in my lair but use my amenities. I did decorate both lairs though. But I dont interact with the stuff.
  2. ArcSin1 Active Member

    I only stop by mine once every 3 days or if my kids beg me to show them my house. All in all the lairs are as lame as I thought they would be.
  3. WonderValkyrie Well-Known Member

    Mostly use my soda/repair and sparring target. I do go into decorate mode whenever i find a new lair item to see what it looks like.
  4. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    I go in, destroy all my things, get mods and then leave
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  5. Death Throe Well-Known Member

    I go into my base then leave my base because I am now in Gotham and need to head to Arkham to do my daily. Later I warp to my lair in Metro to do my daily there. After, I switch toons and do it again. Sometimes I go into decorator mode then realize there is content I could be doing with my precious time instead of playing super powered interior decorator. I then do some solo content or run stuff with the league.

    Aside from the main frame and lair PVP there is no reason to hang around the lair at this time.

    Unless you need a nap. If you need a nap your lair is the best place to not be annoyed by bouncy balls and light powers.

  6. SuperMia Well-Known Member

    I do the sleep emote on my bed. XD
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  7. VengeSunsoar New Member

    Nice stuff. Just curious, I know there is an amenities limit but is there an item limit when decorating your lair? If so can it be increased, and to what?
  8. Kroye Well-Known Member

    I administer butt-whoopins.
  9. huflungpoo New Member

    i highly doubt it anyone watches people to memorize their "rotations"

    i go there just to dump in green and blue level items to see if theres a feat for adding 200 items to your base. i sell all the purple and orange ones to suckers
  10. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    Mine is set up( or starting to be set up) like that of a casino. I got flat screen tvs everywhere, 3 roulette and 2 craps table. The down stairs is going to be the lounge/bar area. Right now it just has a few chairs a fireplace and a piano. The upstairs is going to be the sleeping area. Ive got the Vday tub in there, the stasis chamber and am looking to put some other sleeping items in.
  11. Seersay New Member

    You don't have to lol. Even that is free. There is something more similar and a bit more graphic in terms of adult content for the PC as well. I can't remember the name of it though.
  12. Overlord Evantide New Member

    I destroy my cheap furniture over and over again!
  13. Sanctimonious Active Member

    i go in, get my mods and stuff and maybe repair then go back out.
  14. SpaceNinja Member

    aside from lair battles i find my lair to be boring and kind of pointless. having my own sparring dummy and and respec machine is nice i guess.
  15. iSmashly Well-Known Member

    I actually really enjoy the bases I spend alot of time in mine because I'm a shut in and other people annoy me. I spent alot of time moving my base items around making room for new stuff. I guess I'm one of the few that actually appreciates the devs expanding on the amount customization this game offers. I'll be happy to not have to go to the Watch me freeze Tower and the Hall of Disconnect and just hang out in my decked out base.
  16. Midori Toro Member

    Second Life?
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  17. Umi Well-Known Member

    Aw, man. Lots of Debbie Downers in here. I like to have fun in my base and am always thrilled when I port in and someone is already in there, breaking my stuff. :D

    Umi washing her hands after drinking a soder:

    Getting angry because she can't get into the stasis chamber to recover between raids:

    Admiring some artwork!

    Trying to get better cell reception from atop this horse:

    Great thread, Sticky! Hope more people will loosen up and play along. ;)
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  18. Seersay New Member

    That's the one.
    Also, I meant to type "this" not "that" on my original post. The auto correct on my phone is horrible sometimes.
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  19. SoylentBob Well-Known Member

    I just stare out the window... I mean stand a vigil against crime.
  20. Brice Allen Well-Known Member

    There isn't...Welcome to Perill's Lair. He has over 300 items at the time of this video:

    As for me,
    I have just over 200 items in my Lair now and all I do is stay in my Lair and play the broker after I run my 2 Bounty Missions for the day. Since I kind of have already finished off all the other Feats in this DLC that require me to actually go outside of my Lair:\.
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