Test Discussion GU103: Source Shard Artifact

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Batuba, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Rejchadar Well-Known Player

    It would be very nice to add as well "Boo-tility Belt".....
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Earth has access to Pebble Blast which is a spammable single target ability that has higher base damage than Upheaval if using for a ranged loadout. This still allows a player to have Entomb. I tried a HV/Upheaval rotation and while it flowed decently, it was a damage loss vs using PB.
  3. AV Loyal Player

    Yes but that does ~15-25% (5-8k/s) less DPS overall. It's terrible (either way).
  4. AV Loyal Player

    To further elaborate, here's the two best case scenarios for Earth ST w Source Shard (Sorc doesn't fair quite as well as this because having to give up Condemn to do this hurts more in practice than giving up Debris Field). Both of these maintain an optimal rotation, substituting either Godwave or (in the case of the second demo) Fortify for the "filler" attack in the rotation when able.

    We can already see here that even if we sacrifice SC, our nominal rotational output suffers on Might when trying to use Fortify/Offering and Godwave. This is almost certainly because it results in too much of our dmg coming from pets, which can't crit and our actual stats and other artifact mechanics are doing less and less to help us. The other factor is that Fortify/Offering isn't always going to benefit from the 2x damage, partially because of how the timing works out and partially because the pets don't always do it at the same time after you activate it, so it can "miss" the Godwave buff and we end up still dealing less overall than we would with Robot Sidekick.

    If we take it even further and try to run Godwave + Fortify + SC, not only does our rotational output plummet (drops to 25-27k) but we're forced to use Entomb for ST (notably less DMG/SC on average vs Neo) because Neo doesn't work on pets, so it just sorta turns into an all round mess of a "rotation" when doing it that way and output suffers a lot.

    Final caveat: The godwave only demo slightly beats out Tetra and moderately beats out Trans, but that's not including SC damage, stat buffs, supply drops, etc all of which don't benefit pet damage at all, so we won't be able to really tell until we get, at minimum, Atlantean Seahorse on a vendor on test or, ideally, Construct Bat to compare the two fully balls out.

    Note: Powers that currently only need 3 superpowers to do their strongest rotations are the best positioned to take advantage of Source Shard from a Might perspective. Several powers need 4 superpowers to do their best rotations, so they have to make sacrifices if they want to try to use it. Earth is a lil special in that its "best" ST Might rotation does use 4 superpowers but it can sacrifice one without losing too much DPS where other powers lose quite a bit of DPS (esp ones where the rotation can't flow without the 4th power, meaning they'd have to switch one of their attacks to a much weaker but more spammable one).

    Right now I see this artifact predominately benefiting two groups:
    - Prec players, since all they really want/need is stuff to clip flurry with anyways and this fits right up that alley
    - CR skip players who have vitually no SP (since pets are CR-based and not stat based)

    Side Note: I also wanna reiterate that Earth and Sorc damage isn't increasing as much as that of other powers with this pet buff, because before this update unbuffed Guardian and Crystal are better DPS than Robot Sidekick, therefore every other powers' pet DPS is going up by ~2k/s while Earth/Sorc's is only going up by something like 1-1.5k/s (ballparking from memory here but it's noticeable). Earth was already slightly below average so this will hurt them a bit. Sorcery was closer to to the average but they'll feel this too (especially in actual practice in both cases, where pet DPS is relatively reliable and consistent).
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  5. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    Do you guys plan on adding a Prec mechanic for the 10% chance of resetting shard. Also it seems like crystal/ fury only use that 200% buff 1 time in those 5 secs and 1 big hit doesnt exactly warrant leveling it up. Why not make it longer and have it by tiers like 4secs at 80 6secs at 120 8secs 160 10secs at 200 or something along these lines because on top of not being able to clip it, its weak doin only one big hit. Atleast 2 or 3 big hits within the 5secs or big hits till power bar is drained instead of non stop weapon attacks that are weak. Just some suggestions
    . Side note why is the base stats of artifact 4%prec n 5%might why cant they both be 5%
  6. AV Loyal Player

    I forgot a very important group: Supports. This artifact has insane potential for Supports if they can manage to fit it in, since pets don't care what role you're in.
  7. Batuba Developer

    A few points I want to bring up:
    1. It's okay if your main damage comes from pets and not from you with this particular build. (if that happens to be the case)
    2. ST damage of RSK should not be greater than it is on Live, should be exactly the same except Ranged which was buffed.
      1. Rocket Damage was increased during the pet changes, but base damage from attacks was slightly decreased to compensate. Overall, it should be the same amount of ST target damage as live.
    3. I'm currently looking at increasing some of PI damage for Fury/Crystal.
    4. Bridging the gap between Fury and Crystal (Crystal was falling behind Fury when fully buffed) by increasing Crystal's damage.
    5. I'm looking at making the Power Grant from Offering/Fortify to be an instant 100% power refresh. This should help smooth out when pet's specials happen.
    6. Reduced channel time to 1.5 seconds on Fury's attack (down from 3 seconds). This should help lessen the amount of times Fury is stuck channeling and not doing it's special ability.
    7. Looking to place multiple combat pets (including Bootility, Sea Horse, Shadow Bat, etc) to PC Test Vendor to help with testing.
    I am continuing to make adjustments as more testing feedback comes back. We will see how these changes feel on test when the next build goes up.
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  8. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    Actually pets damage is affected by role although I'm not sure if it applies RSK or turret since they r not role specific pets to begin with
  9. Clothez Level 30

    You're amazing! Thanks!
  10. AV Loyal Player


    1. Agreed, but wanna emphasize that in actual practice, the greater the proportion of our damage coming from pets (as a result of active inputs on our part during our rotations), the lower the impact of the stat/damage buffs that let us push extremely high numbers. Eg. even vs sparring target with just our own buffs, Godwave builds start to fall behind (and that's not factoring in pet deaths in Elite). This is taken to an extreme when trying to use both Godwave and Fortify/Offering together because it means 50-66% of our bar/time is dedicated to pets, so it reduces the benefit of every other buff mechanic in the game as well as our stat contributions. (Note: That isn't as much the case for Prec, however, since they can clip with Godwave).
    2. Here's the damage I'm seeing right now on pets vs a single target:
    Robot Sidekick: CR293 = 2900 DPS (vs ~1700-1800 DPS at CR296 on live)
    Crystal: CR293 = 2000 DPS, 4700 DPS with Fortify
    Fury: CR 293 = 1915, 5000 DPS with Fortify
    Guardian: CR293 = 1430

    Note: Unbuffed, Guardian currently beats Robot Sidekick and Fury on live by ~300-500+ DPS. Similar situation with unbuffed Crystal vs Robot Sidekick. As such, Earth & Sorc are currently gaining ~600-800 unbuffed pet DPS on test by switching to Robot Sidekick while every other power is gaining 1100-1300 pet DPS by remaining on Robot Sidekick.

    Question/Suggestion: Due to the liability of your pets dying in Elite and the major impact that would have on a Godwave build, would it be possible to add a gradual regenerative or otherwise protective/restorative effect to Godwave? This would help offset some of the risk that comes with this artifact and help bring it more in line with what more traditional builds can do in actual content by enhancing its consistency & reliability.
  11. Batuba Developer

    Next Test build should have an assortment of combat pets on the Test Vendor.
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  12. iWiezzler New Player

    I'm assuming the point of this is because earth has been and still is stronger than sorc in a lot of ways.
  13. iWiezzler New Player

    Respectfully and I may be wrong... I think you're wrong on this. This new art doesn't really help prec players in the slightest. Godwave doesn't reset very often if you're doing 7-8 flurrys and then hitting offering/godwave. I think you're underestimating the fact that you'll need to drop out venom wrist or strategist card to put godwave in play. More important than that though is the fact that you'll be spending way to much time hitting powers rather than doing flurry/doomspin which will slow down your damage. It IS a clunky mess to use with prec. (This is very similar to using riptide to clip your weapon buff with water, just not worth the time it takes.)

    You are spot on when you talk about the pftt/might spec with earth/sorc regarding godwave. You have to drop out an important piece of the puzzle if you want to put godwave in your loadout. Making it clip-able would fix that issue and bring it to where the pftt needs to be.
  14. Amazinger New Player

    Question/Suggestion: Due to the liability of your pets dying in Elite and the major impact that would have on a Godwave build, would it be possible to add a gradual regenerative or otherwise protective/restorative effect to Godwave? This would help offset some of the risk that comes with this artifact and help bring it more in line with what more traditional builds can do in actual content by enhancing its consistency & reliability.
    What is the point on using pet build on elite if the only pet that revives itself is void gazer, how many times we gotta re-summon ST or RSK during a fight?
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  15. Ryuvain Active Player

    Any chance of this artifact helping healing or tank pets like watcher, guardian, or brick? A general damage reduction for any pet under the effect would help them live longer maybe?
  16. Trexlight Loyal Player

    It doesnt, this is strict for DPS purposes. It'll increase the damage from Watcher, Guardian, and Brick but not really for Support uses.
  17. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    I believe he is asking if its possible for them to make those adjustments. I've asked the same thing a few times and have gotten no response
  18. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    Yea it seems this artifact is might based it gives 5% might vs 4% prec and the no chance of cooldown reset with weapon attacks I've also asked about this and have got a response I suggested a min hit counter proc to activate the 10% chance or cooldown reset mayb like a 12 or 15 hit counter and raising the prec to 5%
  19. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Oh then no, its not possible. That would require time put in way before this was introduced to us on Test server. Maybe the next artifact but not this one.
  20. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    I mean they can make it a dual role artifact the way Gemini strat trans do although it would only b useful for 3 powers lol

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