Future Content. Can we see more new characters/underused characters? And more story in open world/so

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Saint Nutella, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Hi all. One thing I really appreciated about this new DLC is the addition of several new characters. I would love to see more of this, but hopefully with more significant and popular characters.

    I may be wrong since I haven't actively played since Atlantis, and just returned and currently playing extensively like 3 weeks ago, but I don't think we have seen Red Hood, Deadshot, Arsenal, or Captain Atom in game. I don't know if it's a licensing issue or anything, but I think many of us would love to see these major characters added to the game. We have armor sets and even a powerset inspired by them (CA --> quantum). Hell, even Major Force is in game.


    I think we're also long overdue for a MARTIAN MANHUNTER DLC. Such an old and iconic character and I think that relative to his status, he is the least used character. A Mars open world would also be super cool, as well as MM inspired gear.

    I think that a Green Arrow and Black Canary DLC would be amazing to see. I think Vandal Savage deserves one too, don't think we've seen him since Age of Justice, and I don’t remember him doing much. A Suicide Squad DLC would be awesome too. We hear Amanda Waller's voice very often, but no SS DLC. Don't think we have seen Killer Frost in forever. With Young Justice becoming more popular again, I think an Outsiders DLC would be fitting. DOOM PATROL as well. I would love to see more involvement from the Court of Owls too.

    I think that the Flash and Green Arrow, especially GA, deserve more attention. I would really love to see more Mister Freeze, Clayface, and Two-Face. Black Lightning deserves more screentime too in my opinion.

    I love Wonder Woman, but I'm kind of tired of her. How many episodes are related to her lore/have her in the spotlight now? Like 5 including all parts of AF3 no? There are still other JL members who have been neglected.

    Lastly, can we see more story heavy missions. Sometimes it feels like the episodes are a collection of fun missions, but the story feels weak. You have wonderful voice actors and cool briefings/investigations. I think more of that should appear in game and used to amplify the story. I think a strong story quest (in addition to the other side missions) to open in the DLC in the open world would make the game more enioyable.

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  2. MarvelHawkeye Well-Known Player

    That would be cool, but Daybreak has to get the rights by DC/Warner Media. I'm assuming that it wouldn't be profitable to obtain the rights to these characters just for a small cameo. Even if they center an entire episode around under-represented characters, chances are, people won't be as interested in that as a more relevant character.
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  3. Brit Loyal Player


    The past two Episodes have slashed the instanced content to try to force us into doing open world stuff. It's been awful.

    Open world stuff is just a massive dogpile. Mechanics don't matter; it's just about trying to find 30+ players, or get yourself phased into some fully maxed out Shard.

    It is the most absolutely boring, mind-numbing, grindy garbage imaginable.

    Please, don't tell the developers to put even more focus on the Open World.

    You said you haven't played since Atlantis. Go to 31st Century and walk in a circle following the mob for a couple of hours to see what Open World content actually is. Then, once you are ready to stab your eyes out, go to Patchwork Themyscria and see exactly how dead open world content is once it is no longer the endgame. I can still get Wonderverse Alerts and Raids to pop, since it only takes a handful of people. But it is downright painful trying to find enough people to down Hydra, and that content has only been finished for less than a week.

    Just say NO to Open World content.
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  4. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I disagree. Also, I like good open world content.

    I have been to Patchwork and 31st. Not a fan of the format of either.

    Ideally, I would like to see:

    1 duo, 1 alert, 2 raids, maybe a single bounty + collection of minibounties (like from Riddled With Crime), and a story quest in open world. Basically, imagine Atlantis or Metal Part 2 with an extra quest that is more story in addition to the three or four "go fetch/destroy/save/defeat x" dailies. I doubt it's very feasible, but one can dream.
  5. Wildcat Committed Player

    There is a lot of not used characters

    Captain Atom 4 example ;)

    I would like to see a big episode about Flash/ Reverse Flash/ Zoom / Savitar ;)
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  6. tukuan Devoted Player

    I could be very wrong but I remember a few times the devs discussing the license and my understanding was that they don't pay more for characters but they do have to get them approved. Part of that approval is which version of the character which, for example, is likely why we have the newest version of the legionnaires.

    That aside almost everyone the OP is describing is already in game in one fashion or another.

    As for the OP, I remember the fanboy feat from the original maps and how cool it'd be to come across an iconic. Even in the Wastelands or in Doomsday Metro it's cool to see the various character around the map. I would definitely like to see more of that. Case in point the 31st map would feel a lot more full if we happened across a couple of other Legionnaires even say Quislet or Brainy if they want to re-use assets.

    However, I think the major barrier for these sort of appearances is that they have to record the dialog which is more expensive than you'd think. I believe that they have their own studio but even then you have the talent plus the engineer costs. So a small cameo can still cost thousands of dollars. Certainly costs could be kept down if they planned ahead and recorded a number of options for a given session but then they'd have to have potential future scripts mapped out way in advance.
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  7. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    It Will be great on a episode on other iconic characters in DC.

    So, far it been multi versions of wonder woman, Batman , superman.

    It nice for others iconic characters storylines in a episode : The atom, firestorm, the arrow, the Martian manhunter, shazam
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  8. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    i agree 100% flash and Green arrow, and reverse flash need to A. have more time capsule items, a flash suit, that isn't earth two, don't get me wrong i love the future flash cowl we just got, and i love speedster cowl , and emblem, i just feel like something is missing with the speed-force, i have a feeling the rights to use some of the flash's lore as items and styles. are slowly being brought in, like we got the sparking aura and material , The negative speed force material "which took me FOREVER to loot the pieces, and i was let down, i didn't like how it works. i wish it was more like the sparking material. but reddish, in a way i dunno, again maybe that is reflected on what the dev team is allowed to add atm, hopefully that changes.

    i agree with everything you say with story content and they should do a dlc with flash , more then him stuck on that treadmil, thats what we have got for the most part. "i love playing his iconic in pvp" and iconics PVE, i wish they would give us a flash iconic ability,
    with Martian man-hunter, Black canary, Arrow , grodd, The suicide squad, kinda got their little birds of prey push, which is sad, harley kinda took over alot of the awesome parts of the suicide squad/task-force X some dead shot would be awesome and im adding plastic man LOL" if you watched batman brave and the bold" you know that would be awesome, to throw plastic man in anything with batman and you got a 10 out of 10 dlc.
    as well , Batman's Rogues gallery would be choice, Clayface, "MORE JOKER" , Mr freeze, Ras al ghul , Two face, the list goes on, there is tons.

    With all the New batman pattinson, and batfleck coming out next year with Zack Snyder's justice league adding martian manhunter, Hal Jordan TEASED, also confirmed joker to be in the nightmare future, they just finished re shoots". Along with all the other tv stuff, they could add some bat girl. if done right, the teen titans show has lots of stuff , the reason im bringing up the tv show's content and movies, is they do lots of marketing when movies and anniversary happen, like for bvs we got the actual canon batman cowl, then the future cowl following :) along with the the dark knight returns style batman emblem from bvs/superman emblem man of steel, and a wonder woman emblem, which is cool in it's own right. this game does really good marketing event's for the movies and tv shows, and that could play a lot into the items, along with some new content it could be inspired by,
    i think the legion dlc is a great idea and am just diving into it, if i can log in "DAYBREAK!!!!" PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THAT LAUNCHER ERROR. "

    CHEERS, sorry so long im just bored i can't log in, and trying to fix it the launcher, but good ideas
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  9. Tokens210 Well-Known Player

    i think to much hate gets thrown on the open world bosses for all the wrong reasons

    the open world bosses are great, remind me of the old Wanted bounties from the original game and dont require alot outside of numbers allowing both old and brand new players to go at it together

    the problem tho is how heavily dependent the system is on us spamming those bosses like 200+ times

    i get that its supposed to be something that slows progress down but it doesnt all it does is leave you with 2 things todo after dalies, stop playing or spam the bosses for feats, for the time beacons for cats, time beacons for armor, time beacons for gene mods, since you can just keep going and keep buying the stuff you need it slows nothing down at all, the only thing currently slowing anything thing down is whatever the coins are called this time, how many times you need to beat them for feats and how many times you need to beat them to get shards, cause the drop rate on those things is so terribly low its not even funny

    pretty sure im up to about 80-90ish of each boss beat and got a max of probably 17 shards so far, maybe a few less
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  10. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Some speedster love is zooming your way. It'll be here in a flash. I kid you not.

    (sorry, only one cup of coffee so far)
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  11. Kanniu Well-Known Player

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  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    This can be either a DLC or what our new bounty is near the end.

    BTW it's nice to see your activity on the weekends!
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  13. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Interesting. Would be good to see Wally West, seeming as he's taking centre stage in the current Death Metal comic (the sequel to the Dark Knights: Metal comic)
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  14. zNot Committed Player

    I assume next dlc since the current dlc has nothing to do with Flash.
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  15. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    *crosses fingers*

    pleaselettherebeawearableKidFlashcowlforplayers, pleaselettherebeawearableKidFlashcowlfor players, PLEASElettherebeawearableKidFlashcowlforplayers...
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  16. Dstdnt Source Wall Promethean Editor-in-Chief

    Speed Metal?!:eek:Multiversal Central City?!

    Since around Episode 30: Earth 3 and the Martian focus in both Supergirl & Young Justice, been hoping we'd get a Mars open-world Episode! I had a concept in mind, that's mostly been unchanged, and since DCUO had given us a Titans Episode earlier (and partially in Legion), while also adapt the Source Wall breaking storyline, to merge the 2 concepts into 1 Episode. They also feature long requested suits that have yet to be seen in-game, but having dual style inspirations simply based on the gender wearing it rather than being solely based on 1 character.

    Just since after the events of Metal in the comics, the Justice League formed 3 different teams

    Beast Boy & Starfire's suit as the regular event gear style, since they are quite similar to each other in the picture below but to be closer to Starfire's style currently in-game/comic style for female, while looking more like the comic suit of Beast Boy for males, and their No Justice light-up glowing nodes by Brainiac be an enhanced set & like-wise for Martian Manhunter/Miss Martian (M'gann), normal suit be the endgame iconic suit, and elite have those glowing nodes from Brainiac as well, (even though M'gann wasn't in this story, they can do DCUO's own version, like JLD having Batwoman,) then have us follow just 1 of the 3 teams, maybe Superman's Team Mystery or each piece of content with another team, exploring different parts of the universe, and have us go to Mars in order to fight White Martians in order to defend earth from a White Martian invasion, introduce M'gann to us in-game as a NPC, and perhaps even encountering Earth 3's White Martian (their version of Martian Manhunter) that might have managed to flee covertly to our universe's Mars too, or could "merge" ours and Earth 3's version of Mars due to the crack in the Source Wall, similarly to the open-worlds of Age of Justice's Area 51 or Wonderverse's Patchwork Themyscira.[IMG]
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  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Has everything to do with time travel. *Shrugs* Both Flash and Reverse Flash have gone to many time periods also, XS was listed in the alert. Which is also a speedster.
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  18. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    That's dope! Haha.

    I know you can't say much, but are there any plans to use underused characters or add new ones to the game in a future DLC?
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  19. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    Hmmmm. Some Anniversary shenanigans, perhaps? That would make me think Wally West to go with Crisis (his unused character model allegedly in game but it’s really just a different belt than Barry’s model).


    We also have the confusion in game about the separate characters of Zoom (titled Reverse Flash) and Reverse Flash (titled Professor Zoom). The eyes and belt are the difference (Zoom has black lenses with red dots). Zoom isn’t a bounty to my memory.
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  20. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Mixed feelings about prospective Flash content. Nothing against the characters, I like them, the Rogues in particular are some of my favourite baddies in DC. It’s just speedster npcs in this game are really, really annoying enemies.
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