Episode Spotlight: Justice League Dark!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, May 20, 2020.

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  1. diangelo Level 30

    my feedback is that while I am grateful for any kind of bonus...this one does NOT impact me at all. I can think of a hundred different things i would have rather seen than something that caters to such a small small section of the DCUO player base.

    50% off gear? i mean its not even 50% off everything JLD related...yeah...
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  2. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Just what we need, more skipped toons that expect to be carried through everything. New players are great and all but you guys should have thought about revamping these skip tokens before pushing something like this out. All these skipped toons make it frustrating to play through simple alerts on the best of days and almost impossible on the worst. There isnt a day that goes by where sometimes it takes 3 or 4 ques before you even get to start or even finish anything because players are constantly bailing in the middle, or even at the very beginning, of an instance, because they dont like what they see when they inspect the group members who qued up for the most crucial roles like heals or tanks. And I dont blame then when you have healers at 304cr and level 20 artifacts, zero episode augments, and regular augments barely good enough for atlantis.

    They need to have some kind of nth metal and augment bundle included because these players are showing up in raids with endgame cr and literally zero artifacts and augments that dont even meet the cap from 3 episodes ago. Especially if the cr skips are getting this high now. More skill points wouldnt hurt either.
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  3. iVenny New Player

    Lol, it has nothing to do with being entitled and becoming angry.
    It's just that the CR relevancy is stupid, how is this going to help raise player count if only a small window of players benefit from the bonus?

    I've been playing DC for over 5 years now on many different accounts and 2 different platforms and I've never once felt entitled to bonuses, but as a recently returning player (28 days ago now, after a 2 year rq) seeing this "CR relevancy" stuff for the first time really rattled me the wrong way for some reason.

    I just don't see how it's going to make many people want to log in more than they do already, and that's the goal, right?
    It really doesn't tick many boxes.

    The reason some of us may come across as "entitled" or "angry" is because we're passionate about the game, we WANT everyone to log in and play, and seeing sub-par events such as this one being implemented instead of something catered towards a larger number of players simply saddens us.

    We love the game as much as you do.
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  4. Lyrria New Player

    I agree the "50% off gear" feels a bit weird.

    There are plenty of higher CR players who don't have the Omnipotent Cloak from that episode yet, and if the Source Marks requirement for that was 50% off as well it would be a great incentive to work on getting the Cloak now, which would lead to those people running the instances for the Essence drops as well.

    It won't satisfy everyone, but that way more 300+ CR players would join in the instances and feel included in the bonus week too (which ofcourse helps the Relevant-CR players it's targeted at).
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  5. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    As much as I hate the CR relevancy, I'm over it at this point. For me it is the whole skip thing that needs to be reworked or topped up. I know not everyone feels the same way, and some have big active leagues so they never have to blind que for anything, but these basically naked players being pushed to endgame isnt good imo. Same goes for the veteran players and their alts that they only use to farm things for their main. The alts I can somewhat deal with and give them a break, because for the most part at least they know and do mechanics, or at least will listen when people explain things. And it is a tough road to seriously maintain an alt in the games current environment. All the same though, it is a drag to play with these toons at times. And it has gotten a lot worse since this new episode came out. Then y'all come out with a "bonus week" that effectively leaves out your core base?
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  6. Lordspace New Player

    Well most players get nothing out of this because we’re way higher in combat rating so we don’t get any source marks
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  7. TomShepard Active Player

    So a dlc specific week where endgame players can go and play with another game as there is nothing this week for them?We get a week of relax :) Honestly,i fail to see how is this good idea again.You realise this week will only attract a small group,but you kinda close out stronger players,instead of helping the weaker players by inviting stronger players too into the field(with marks)?
    Ok here is how the community really works devs: if you want to do a specific week then double/triple the marks in that content But for EVERYONE:by this endgame players will be happy to go back grind older content for marks,and as a huge bonus the group with the relevant cr will be happy too because the raid will be faster thanks to few players with stronger cr.It is really not that complicated,hope i helped.The only "issue" would be is the cr300 players will find older content easier-so what?? Everyone happy to have easy and fast marks sometimes ;)
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  8. Korvyne Committed Player

    I like the Idea of a spotlight week for old content, I'd prefer even older if I'm honest, T2, T3, T4 but the way I'd like it if possible is to bring that content to current end game level and let us at it again.
    If not make them into an event version where lower players get boosted if needs be, at least we all get to play.

    I won't benefit from this week's bonus as I'm out of relevancy on the only 2 toons I play on (due to artifacts being necessary) and I doubt it will impact end game in any way seeing as we've just had a double Lex coin week where likely most took advantage of that and are now AT end game and above relevancy.
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  9. Whodini Well-Known Player

    I don't play alts...so I won't benefit from the marks. I'll be able to finish the style at least. It would be nice if the catalysts for the OP belt were discounted as well. I'm not going to complain though, I've enjoyed the other bonus weeks.
  10. JWellens Level 30

    CR relevancy with Source Marks is bogus in my opinion. It makes the game even more grindy. Especially when you have items (for feats) that cost over 300. That's insane. I get that grinding it part of an MMO, but jeez this game has the most grind of any I've ever played. And it truly feels like the only reason it's done that way is to get people to spend money on the Marketplace. Replays, source marks, nth metal boosters, it all seems strategic. Maybe cut the players a break and nix the CR relevancy for Source Marks.
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  11. MrPlumberman Active Player

    Sounds like a good reason to take a break this week. Good luck to all who can use this. I hope all you skip toons get stuck with one another in darkness rising alert.
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  12. Plowed In Loyal Player

    I really like the Quark option if they’d consider it/make it work somehow for these Episode Spotlights. I think the concept has potential so keep at it Devs! I like you’re thinking a little out of the box!
  13. Beverly B New Player

    I think we should always get source marks out of everything we run regardless of our cr it would give us a reason to run old content and a reason to pay membership.
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  14. Beverly B New Player

    It says I'm a new player I have been playing since 2014 I'm not new
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  15. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Swing and a miss on this bonus week. My feedback is hopefully this experiment is a one time thing. A bonus week that excludes the vast majority of characters/players makes very little sense. Please don't do any more of these just do bonus source marks across the game or don't bother.
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  16. ROOTE Well-Known Player

    I have 3 toons, 2 of which I have recently brought to 290+ through character skip & mostly the 2 Metal and BoP dlc's...only a minimum of time spent on JLD. As I understand this, none of them will be able to participate in the JLD bonus week because of the CR cap, even though now 2 of them would actually benefit from it in various ways (gear feats etc). I think the target audience for & amount of people who will benefit from this idea in reality may be even smaller than you anticipate.
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  17. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    Well it looks like we already have great initial feedback, about 30 posts and 1 or 2 players approving, as it is ...
    CR's relevance is bad, cash grab idea, as Daybreak always thinking about how to suck our money and this will be a week without ANYTHING TO DO.
    I have 11 alts, all of them at 300 cr, all with 300sp, except for my main which is in the 500sp range, it is extremely easy to raise cr, something almost childish. Anyone puts a char 200 in 300 in less than 1 week, just know how to open your item packages, so that's it, there's nothing to do here for now.
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  18. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    trying to bring interest back into older content is never bad. JLD content is old enough that it will be fun to re run it for a few days.

    personally i think you should litter all old content with stabilizer shards for a week having them popup as a possibility in our loot pickers...
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  19. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    Sadly all my toons CR will be to high to enjoy the bonus source marks. Honestly the majority of active players CR will be to high. This wont do as much for the que since people will not be able to get the bonus marks.

    Consider allowing all CR to get the bonus not just the relevant. That is the only way this narrow focus bonus idea will work.
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  20. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Do people only play during bonus weeks or something? Cuz I'm pretty sure this many bonus weeks in a row are not the norm. You can still play normal daily/ weekly content, feat hunt, whatever. I'm seriously not understanding the anger vibe this is causing. People want more players to join the game to keep it alive but then complain about anything devs try to make that happen. Pretend that it's a normal week like hundreds of weeks in this game have been, bonus free.
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