Test Discussion Episode 45: The Terrorium Raid

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Quixotic, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Looks pretty lame.
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  2. zNot Loyal Player

    I fully agree this elite raid is another „day one with previous episode stats“ speedrun type of easyness this is not good we have been waiting 6 months and its litteraly the only piece of content we want to be hard,please listen, thanks.

    it could the developer has not enough time to do major adjustments like new mechanics but atleast add some difficult to deal with adds mid fight for all boss encounters maybe to the point where the adds are hard enough to deal with that we requiere a second tank, something harder then what is currently because it is way too underwhelming.
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  3. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    My comments are very similar to obsidianchill.
    I ran a couple of times the elite version of the raid, and I believe the whole raid can be soloed by a fire tank on live server without a doubt.
    I was tanking with uncomplete build of 392 to see as a tank how the elite raid would hit. It wasn’t honestly much of a threat at all.

    On my second run I tested using acro and running up the walls to avoid damage as a tank and I did that successfully. I believe there should be periodic grounding without having to add a grounding move like flightsnare. I know static does have a grounding move but didn’t feel enough for the fight, none of the other bosses really have that.

    Final boss is just an absolute cakewall, you pin the boss in the corner and adios boss. To impede that kind of behavior the charge he does should be either a tank killer or a knock back good enough that will push all the adds and tank away. Another way of solving this behavior is by having him make a 90 degree cone AOE that will hit everyone really hard. Or ad more room mechanics that make so people have to keep moving.

    Overall in all honesty I was disappointed in how easy this was considering I was tanking at 392 and low build overall.
    I’m sure you will tune it for E+ but this was a little too easy considering we’re only having one raid this time around.

    This is in no way comparable to TSWE or any of the elite raids from last dlc even if they were easy themselves.
    I believe health overall of the bosses are ok, even though we were running with players with 400 cr it felt at a good point. I do believe once they hit max cr this will go fairly faster.
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  4. Quixotic Developer

    Lots of updates for the raid should be in today's update including more going on in each boss fight.
    I'm also hoping that changing color in the Terrorium will be smoother.

    I'll look into flashing lights in the second boss - is that the arena changing color or something else?

    More tuning and possibly a boss mechanic here and there in the works as well.

    I'll also reduce the downtime a bit before parademon waves start after each boss.

    - Quixotic
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  5. BumblingB I got better.

    Yes, it seems to happen when the arena is changing colors. It strobes and goes from one color to the next upon the transformations. I don't know if they are tied or just how it is designed.
  6. Quixotic Developer

    I'm hoping that's much better after the next update. But if not, I'm willing to have it not change color during a boss fight. If necessary maybe only change between bosses when nothing else is going on as a progression thing or it could just stay a single color. Definitely do not want it to be visually painful.

    - Quixotic
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  7. BumblingB I got better.

    Yeah, you could see in the video that iEddy posted how the reaction was between the players. Especially the healer was having a hard time. I was starting to get strain on the eyes and triggering a migraine. I told my leaguemate that was happening and he watched the fight and had to stop watching the video. It's really bad for photosensitive people and in some cases, can just be a strain on the eyes to a regular player.
  8. Quixotic Developer

    Looks like there's a reset issue that can happen with the first boss fight. And some timing problems in that fight as well. I'm looking into those.

    - Quixotic
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  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    17:54 of video i only noticed not getting dmg when i was close to max ranged... so it might be about the range of her breath...
  10. Quixotic Developer

    DeSaad has a logic error on his Terrorium Torment mechanic (the symbols and grid). Serves me right for jamming in a change right before the deadline: Decided to give event and normal mode a bit more time to react to that mechanic so separated out the elite version...only I didn't notice that I had the wrong label on the new elite one. End result is that normal and event get both versions - theirs AND elite - while it doesn't show up in elite at all (D'oh!). I'll very quickly fix that for the next update.

    - Quixotic
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  11. Warped Discord Moderator


    The reaction time in between the mechs for the first boss for both the reg and elite is way too small of a window. Might want to tone it down a bit.

    Bug Report

    Nightmare Static and Rocket become frozen in a terror like stance if you wipe and they don't do anything when you spawn back in. I'll see if I can get a video to show it.
  12. Quixotic Developer

    I know about that one and am working on a fix.
    - Quixotic
  13. Warped Discord Moderator

    Additional Feedback - Continued
    • The reaction time needs to be adjusted for mechanics on first boss (both reg and elite) Here is a video showing just how fast the mechanics happen and the amount of time you have to react to them.

    • I noticed that the puzzle grid was appearing and then disappearing almost instantly before we could step on the matching symbol on the last boss during the regular raid instance so we couldn't see what we actually needed to step on and ended up taking damage as a result of it. The symbols were also rather hard to see overhead and seemed a bit translucent. Not sure if this was on my end though, so I'd have to do some playing around with the settings.

      Here is a video of that:

  14. Warped Discord Moderator

    Sorry, just saw this. Just reporting issues and uploading as I go without even checking to see if you were already aware or if it had been reported already.

    I should have read your posts here as you were already aware of most of what I had reported LOL!! Thanks for letting me know!
  15. Warped Discord Moderator

    I do think the flashing lights are still a bit bothersome for those who are photosensitive - even with this update. I very much like the effect of the changing colors though as it adds a bit of uniqueness to the raid. Is there anyway to make the color changes fade into the next color rather than flash? Not sure how hard that would be - or if it would be more simple to just remove the color transition entirely (or have it change between each boss as suggested).
  16. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Please tell me “logic error” is a super power he uses to attack us and not tech speak for a programming problem. :)
  17. Eazt New Player

    In the New raid on test server The Terrorium (TTE) there is a bug on the first boss fight where you will get in to the Kinetic shadow Dome for protection from a 1 shot, when we all go in to the Dome there are time players still die
  18. Warped Discord Moderator

    Hi Quixotic,

    Made an attempt at running the elite raid earlier tonight and it appears to be in a much better spot as far as timing goes with the mechanics and the bug appears to have been fixed on first boss where they go into an infinite headache pose if you wipe.

    We weren’t able to make it past the first boss unfortunately but I did notice a few times that people were dying due to the dome mechanic even when inside of the dome. Is this a timing issue where it essentially counts you as “dead” even if you make it inside? Obsidian might be able to provide footage of this happening as it had happened to him once and it also happened to another person in our run as well.
  19. Quixotic Developer

    I'll take a look and make sure it's providing the expected protection. Might be that the protection effect isn't covering a large enough area or maybe it needs to refresh more often while inside. I'll check it out.

    - Quixotic
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  20. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Elite Feedback:

    Nightmare Static&Rocket
    • The domes there is a banner for the 1st spawn but afterwards there are none, not sure if that was what you intended
    • Also there seems to be a cutoff on the dome timing where if you aren't in the dome a few seconds before the explosion you will still die in the dome.
    • The Nightmare Static's Taser punch seems really easy to avoid? myself tanking and the tank in the clip just would block but group members sometimes wouldn't and there would be no deaths. Is it intended only for the tank to block it to not kill a player?
    • The reflect mechanic I know at this point the colours couldn't be changed but the electric ball/orbs appear to spawn mostly in the floor which is also blue. The reflect itself wasn't doing any damage but each player that hit Static would spawn an orb and the DOT damage would be increased on Relentless Misery, if that is how you intended it
    • The mechanic emphasis is all on Nightmare Static, if you single him out like we did Rocket does nothing to the group and we simply play out the dome phases
    • The visual que for the explosion is that really faint white fx, can lead to easy deaths because the bosses will suddenly attack after the explosion but the dome fx is still active
    Apokoliptian Nightmares
    • The damage on the orbitals (Scornful Blast) last the entire duration of the orbital fx. So after the main fx completes and there is just that small beam coming down it will still one shot you. When you have the egg mechanics to avoid group wipes on the void damage you can have orbitals spawn on the eggs and it would be impossible to get the cog because you'd have to wait 3-5 seconds for the complete orbital animation to complete. The dovetail on that damage needs to be reduced
    • The void eggs if you missed a cog was a group wipe not sure if intended (it should be though makes the group focus more on the mechs)
    • Damage on the Nightmare bosses themselves are really low, tanking them is very easy and with no risk to the tank, which also impacts the healing required as you can't heal one shots and there is not much healing for the tank so it becomes just a focus on mechs only for the encounter
    • The shadow pools that spawn adds are all working as intended, had no issues with them
    • Very low health on DeSaad, Nightmare DeSaad, Summoners and the adds compared to the rest of the raid
    • group puzzle mechanic worked as intended, you may see complaints the symbol is too hard to see, if it was a brigher neon red could work but nice that you can see other players symbols if you need to call out to tell them where to go
    • Summoners had no resistance and could be perma pulled/stunned
    • During the DeSaad encounter we get for the first time the warning banner about the void energy orbs, the mechanic was present previously but there was no warning about them or their purpose
    • All the damage from DeSaad, Nightmare DeSaad and npcs were all low, could be easily tanked with no vendor gear or elite gear from the episode.
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