Test Discussion Episode 45: The Terrorium Raid

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Quixotic, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. Quixotic Developer

    Nightmare Static and Rocket Notes
    • The warning message should now appear every time the mechanic happens
    • Increased the frequency with which the dome applies its protection - from every second to every 1/4 second
    • Taser Punch targets the tank but can hit anyone in melee range
    • Fixed Nightmare Static's reflect shield not doing damage to whoever hit it
    • Looking into making Nightmare Rocket more meaningful as an enemy to better match Nightmare Static
    • I'll look into making the explosion more visible or some other way to mark it
      • I made the domes disappear quicker so hopefully that helps as well
    Apokoliptian Nightmare
    • I'll look at Scornful Blast - both at the damage tick and have it not target someone interacting with the Void
    • In Elite and Elite Plus, missing just one Void is intended to be deadly; in Normal, one can be survived but not both
    • I'll take a look at the nightmare forms for Elite
    • DeSaad and his adds should have the same relative health and dps as everyone before them; I'll look into this
    • I'll see if there's anything I can do at this point to make the symbol more visible
    • I fixed the Summoner - should now have normal resistance to being pulled and stunned
    • There should have been a warning for the Voids in the previous fight as well - I'll check that
      • The warning is intended to be shown once per attempt in Elite and every time in the Normal and Event versions
    Thanks for this feedback!
    - Quixotic
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  2. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    You could add in a self revive mechanic where they would have to be killed within X seconds of each other or would revive at % health. This way it would add difficulty needing to be tanked together always for the aoe dmg or slow down and bring down each individually with 2 tanks. Would also give you the opportunity to add in new feats to allow them to revive X times etc

    Could also add the proximity enrage like Clocktower to where they will deal increased damage (the defense debuff is more annoying because it adds so much extra time while separating the bosses) so that either you just heal/survive through the increased damage or you run 2 tanks to separate them and then bring them down to equal health to kill before the self revive
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  3. zNot Loyal Player

    I hope Quitoxic Can aim for a 2-tank setup for that fight it would fit well since there are two bosses maybe not exactly like clocktower i also really disliked the defense buff from clocktower but maybe instead shielding if they are close to eachother.

    Or another idea more adds will spawn if they are close to eachother.
  4. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Elite Feedback:

    Helped out group on last boss (no hotfix notes at all so just basing it off what I see different from my last run)
    • Renown increased to 600 now up from 400
    • Mech similar to swe added the Overwhelming Terror added, damage is fine
    • New attack Mega-Rod Multiblast added
    • Health Pools increased, fight was 7min with 7 players
    • The only issue I see, not sure what can be done but with EOG not changing for the episode there will be constant spam and even with just the philosophers stone supply drop it can be hard to make out your symbol or the symbol on the map where you will have green and red circles during the phase too. Just a thought
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  5. Warped Discord Moderator

    Elite Feedback

    Just finished the elite raid with a group, and I feel that it is in a very good spot.

    Nightmare Static and Rocket

    Only thing that I really noticed is that there is no skull tell for Static's voltaic blast which means you have to watch for his animation tell to see it coming and the levitation mechanic happens right at the same time as his reflect which can be a bit of problem if the tank doesn't have their immunity up - but that adds more of a challenge to the raid in my opinion which is good.

    Apokoliptian Nightmare

    The Apokoliptian Nightmare fight felt pretty good as well. The only thing I noticed was that you can still be damaged by the orb when going for an egg which will definitely cause a group wipe. Other than that, it was a fun and challenging fight and I can see there being room to add more things for elite plus.


    The DeSaad fight was pretty straightforward although as Obsidian mentioned in one of his previous posts, I can see there being issues with seeing the icons with the EOG fields and Philosopher's Stone's supply drop animation. The summoners make the fight really interesting as you have to take those out as quick as possible to prevent more adds from spawning which will require a bit of coordination from both the tank and the rest of the group.
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  6. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    got pulled into the elite raid as a DPS with some randoms today

    1st boss: I wasn't here for this, but one of the main things I've heard people bring up is Static's Voltaic Blast. I don't think a skull is exactly necessary for this, but a fairly obvious and sufficiently lengthy animation would be nice, or a voice line.

    2nd boss: The most annoying thing is grabbing the orbs because you get slowed so much, but I think this is overall pretty fair. It's kinda sketchy when one spawns right underneath the boss. The boss (after the first one who charges around) doesn't really do anything to the group though, so you can usually grab the orbs. However, I also think this makes the boss pretty boring for the group. It's kind of just sitting there DPS'ing and waiting for orbs the spawn. Only for the other forms, as they don't seem to really damage the group from range; the first form with its charges and picking people up is decently interesting.

    3rd boss: Pretty straightforward fight. The major thing I'd want to see changed is the symbols thing, you could make the entire grid larger (covering more of the room), and also make the symbols more visible above your head. It may be the color, but I found them so much harder to see than like in the Flashpoint Royal War alert. Boss doesn't seem to do much to the group so could be some more mechanics there (the Nightmare clone does, but it can be CCed).

    For elite plus, an extra one or two (overlapping) mechanics per boss would be good.
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  7. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Elite Feedback:

    • The main point of takeaway after running last night after the recent hotfix was that during the egg phase you can still die to an orbital. There was less than a second from there being no orbital placed on me to when I had already started the cog for the egg. If you are in the cog animation the protection from damage needs to be working as intended or that is a group wipe as any player trying to turn the egg cog to save the wipe will end up turning my rally cog more than likely

    • Secondary feedback is that Static's Arc Lightning could be toned down. The Voltaic Blast is ok because you can see the animation tell lead up and its only an issue if he's facing you, where you can block it. The Arc Lightning seems to be a bit more random. The damage was 500k+ to me, a one shot at CR414 where the boss was CR416 and if it arc'd between multiple players to hit me I could accept that from standing too close but I was completely by myself and it was a singular attack.
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  8. Warped Discord Moderator

    Yeah, after thinking on it a bit more, I think it’s totally fine as is. Even as a dps, I was able to see the animation tell in time to block before it hit a good majority of the time. The few times I died to it, I either wasn’t paying attention to the boss and would try to block a second too late or was preoccupied with something else like going for a pickup.
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