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  1. Xibo Loyal Player

    So much boring;
    So much runs to receive only 10 points;
    So much time to form a group;
    So much time to wait in the queue;
    So much time to complete;

    LPVE, in my opinion, should simply END and get their feats back for us.

    Your thoughts?
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  2. dresserball Dedicated Player


    It is an extra part of the game that really has nothing that helps you progress in the other parts. Yeah you can rack up some SP, but it isn't a lot compared to the rest in the game.

    So if you don't like it just don't run it.
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  3. Yes We Can Active Player

    I have no thoughts on how to improve it. So the only logical course of action is to remove it. It would save that one guy a few minutes inputting the map schedule once a year.
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  4. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    LPVE needs better loot drops. DCUO needs to add better loot drops within PVP, LPVP & LPVE.

    TC's & Booster bundles need to be better utilized to help these parts of the game as well.
  5. BabyBoyzim Committed Player


    Copy/paste what I always say. A dev once said they created these on his lunch break. So why can’t they take the same time and just cut everything we fights health in half, or buff the legends damage so things just melt? Make it a fun time waster that we can annihilate and they can keep the high completion feat numbers as is. If runs were 5 min or less more would run it I guarantee. As it is now they suck and are boring af. The devs seem to not care even though this is such a simple fix, which makes it so much more infuriating that it continues to be ignored.
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  6. Yes We Can Active Player

    Valid points. And here’s the ‘butt’. What is your definition of ‘better’ ? You have set goals which is good, but what are the means to get there such as loot drops and etc?

    Lpve has worthless drops. In return, what should it drop that can help us out in the real game? Hence why I have no answer.
  7. Yes We Can Active Player

    Simple fix, yes. Making sure that fix doesn’t bleed to other data strings...not so much. Knowing them, if they were to increase Harley’s damage out, then ALL Harley’s would hit too hard in all the content. Like they did with kalibak in Dwf and made the duo kaliback 1shot people to whereas before he didn’t.
  8. Draconiano Well-Known Player

    I think they just need to reduce the total amount, 5250 is insane, neither funny nor healthy.
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  9. BabyBoyzim Committed Player

    Makes sense, but also worries me. Are they (devs) so inept that they choose to remain silent because they either can’t fix it, don’t know how, or don’t care? Has to be one of the three.
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  10. Plowed In Committed Player

    If you don’t enjoy it, don’t play it.

    It appears you’re only interested in the feat points. The ROI is minimal once you get the team up feats. Do these, then stop.

    It could be made better, but it’s not really worth the time. Once you get the feats, will you continue to play it? No.
  11. Plowed In Committed Player

    No it doesn’t have to be one of those three. It is because with limited resources, this isn’t worth the investment.
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  12. FlawlessTime Well-Known Player

    I have a friend who farms these well the easy maps ^-^ . I try to do at least 1 or 2 a day but omg the paradox one smh never again you hear me smh nope .

    If they had gear and stats like our toons then it wouldn't be such a torture chamber sometimes ^-^.

    To think we are more powerful then Legends 0-O lol okay I guess.
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  13. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Just because you specifically don't like something doesn't mean we end the whole thing.

    You're a single person with a single irrational opinion.

    You either don't do it, or you chip away like everyone else.
  14. Proxystar Devoted Player

    Yeah, Nah, you don't have to run it if you don't like it ;)
  15. BabyBoyzim Committed Player

    You must not have been around when that one dev said he created the maps during his lunch break.
  16. Plowed In Committed Player

    Was I not around when the comment was made about the maps being created during a lunch break or was I not around during the lunch break itself? Also what time was the infamous lunch break? I can check my historical calendar if you’d like...

    *either way - rabbit hole... lol :) ;)
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  17. Xibo Loyal Player

    We are on Stats Revamp era, so feat points are the main reason to progress and for this you must play LPVE forcibly. There we have 45 feat points attached and to get them we need 5250 runs. Is it acceptable?
  18. Proxystar Devoted Player

    I have 406 skill points and have only done the map specific feats and a few general ones. There is no "forced" here.
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  19. Plowed In Committed Player

    Incorrect. Gear is the main progression path.

    You’re not forced to obtain every feat in the game, that’s your own personal goal (if it is).

    Is it acceptable? For me? Yes.

    I chip away at it from time to time, like others do.

    It’s not worth my time and effort to laser-focus on this area of the game, same as it’s not worth the time and effort of the developers to focus on this area of the game (my opinion, of course).

    We can disagree, that’s perfectly fine :). Can you see my point of view?
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  20. FlawlessTime Well-Known Player

    Lmao smh your so silly bro more then me at times ^-^.
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