Doomsday Bounty: Not Worth It

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Iconic Simulation, May 16, 2018.

  1. Iconic Simulation Dedicated Player

    You have to get his hp down to 90% for him to flee. Was fighting him with another 5-6 players for about 10-15 mins and we got him down to 95%. His bounry only rewards 1 mark. Its a waste of my time and effort when I can kill a bounty in 5 minutes to get 8 marks. Honestly devs would you see yourselves wasting your time in doing this when much better options for earning marks are available? It really ruins the feel of this celebration when an iconic character is handled his way. Make the rewards equal the effort.
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  2. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    We had 8 in our group plus like 5 heroes but he keeps healing back so fast we weren't doing any damage at all hardly. Plus the probiotic doesn't give you any warning when the three minutes are up, so you pretty much just drop dead randomly. ALSO, a big turn off for me is the amount of kiting Superman does. I get you want him to move around the map somewhat, but having to reposition yourself every 2 seconds gets really old, really fast.
  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Our group had him down in less then 5 minutes, heroes did come in and help, I guess it depends
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  4. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    1 mark? Eww... It's a bounty... A big bounty. 1 mark seems like an insult to Doomsday...
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  5. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    Can you run the bounty daily or is it a weekly bounty? I ask because I have not looked yet. :(
  6. Maxwell New Player

    it's daily, to reset it is around 12 replays
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  7. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    Awesome TY.

    Another question.
    Does he drop any kind of loot or gear?
  8. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Nope not even marks of victory.
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  9. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    No MOV's??? o_O

    I'm assuming that DOS has special marks more like a seasonal then.

    Is DOS going to be a permanent part of DCUO? If so............. Then there should be MOV too.

    or maybe even some awesome looking scaling gear can be added for loot. :)



    Can we get some Doomsday scaling gear that drops from Doomsday?
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  10. 6ix9ine Well-Known Player

    doomsday repel does not feel like 3 minutes more like a minute and a half
  11. TechWarrior0329 Devoted Player

    I have done that bounty twice.... Yeah I spent a few replays LOL The thing pays off 1 Tribute (the special marks for the event) and hand you 1 probiotic.... they consumable you need to be any where near Doomsday and stay alive just from being near his parasitic aura. Now it is day 1 and there were a huge amount of players in the phase i was in all working on the feats ..... so both times Doomday went down pretty quick. I did not time it but I'd say under 5 minutes for both. BUT I remember what it was like last year when Deluge was an event and the Giant Starro finally arrived. Players going crazy hunting him down.. of course back then it didn't cost you 87 replays to do it more than once. But you have to wonder as the event continues and players get the feat.. How hard will it be to find anyone to help attack him?

    I kind of assumed he's the big baddie in this entire 3 part event so he'd be a weekly and be paying out like STARRO 8 tribute, 8 MOV and an award box that handed you a piece of armor or a second choice.

    Instead so far we have two weekly missions Find and defeat Bizzaro and Hank Henshaw and defeat 99 Lex Corp troops. Now I left to do other things and will go back after Hensahw and Bizzaro later but frankly the rewards kind of suck... Everything give you tributes and 1 Probiotic? No furniture. No armor.. There is a collection that drops from a few of the missions and I have 3 of those. But basically the biggest prize you get from anything aside from the Tributes to eventually buy some armor .. is the Probiotic you need to defeat Doomsday. I battled him twice and only consumed 3 of those.

    The Ambush bug mission is cool and I got a BIG BOX OF COMICS from that.. You click it and get a bunch of stack of comic books for your lair. I have those scattered around my lair. :) But you do that once and three guesses what the other reward is? YOU GOT IT! I got a Probiotic! LOL Frankly I was just so thrilled (sarcasm alert) . Oh while we are on that subject.... I know I spent more time running around the zone trying to find all Ambush Bug's missing comic books than I did completing daily missions. I understand it is supposed to be a scavenger hunt so no little white dots but OMG those things are so small they can be stuck just about anywhere....they do not hum at all and the only glow is a faint reddish circle around the stack. I actually saw people forming teams fo hunt for them.

    I realizes it only part 1 of 3 but so far the whole thing is a little disappointing. No armor drops at all.. unless one drops when you defeat Henshaw and Bizarro. And no gear to buy from the vendor... Only thing available is the new style. Now the prices are not too bad .. highest prices are 20 tribute and lower stuff runs 15. But once I have the feats and the style.... WHY would I even keep going there? Here's hoping part 2 and 3 are better
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  12. DaBatmanX Well-Known Player

    And part 2 is looking pretty lackluster with rewards too. Just one superman base item was shown in the Livestream today and it wasn't that impressive to me.
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  13. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    I wouldn't give another bounty to this community.

    It is a bounty. One of the bounties that people asked for.

    When they asked to fight doomsday thet didn't ask for rewards.

    Actually they asked for epic fights, people wanted something different in open world.

    We got just that and now since they delivered, we are saying it is bad because they give 1 mark.

    I have to say the game could be better if we didn't have this heavy focus on gear, most of the complaints are centered towards gear.

    No wonder the game is going downhill, the struggle for a good drop is real, with no real feelings towards any sense of engagement in the content itself.

    It has become a CR chase for OP drops and crying about the lack of content that rewards great gear.
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  14. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    You get a loot cache as well. It has a chance to drop a MoV, a collection piece or 3 probiotics. I'm guessing they want this to be a daily to show how tough it is to defeat DD or something, he keeps coming back, over and over and over. Ha. Now I'm imagining him wearing a big pink energizer bunny suit, lol.
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  15. TechWarrior0329 Devoted Player

    lol See now I am sitting here picturing that huge ugly alien in a pink bunny suit running around banging cymbals together. Well he is apparently very popular. I just logged off after a couple hours on line .. doing other things I did all the DOS stuff before dinner. And better than half the stuff on the LFG was about Doomsday or Henshaw / Bizarro. I think a bit of it may have been slightly exaggerated to be perfect honest.... One guy was on twice swearing that at least 100 players were attacking Doomsday in his zone. Its been a while can some one refresh my memory I don't even they let 100 players in one phase before the start up another. I suppose it is possible but I sure can not picture that many without a ton of lag.

    Special request to the dev team IF Doomsday is dressing like a bunny can we get a new style....


    Awien Kiwwing Bioengineened Assassins! !

    Oh yeah and a new pet trinket....

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  16. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    Not even close to 100, lol. There were a group of about 20-30 max. I ran it 50 times (no resets, just for the feats) tonight with that horrendous mass of people, and it only took about 20 seconds to defeat him each time, plus a minute to respawn. It was surprisingly fun, not because of the mechanics (my screen would practically freeze up many times, etc.) but just because of the amount of people present with your same power, comraderie, lol. Everyone was dropping like flies, since most hadn't brought any probiotic. Still, looks like you get credit as long as you hit him at least once, even briefly, lol.

    With these huge groups, getting to 50 only takes an hour and a half or so. Hopefully more people will figure out they don't have to switch instances since Doomsday respawns so fast.
  17. TechWarrior0329 Devoted Player

    Oh lord mo I only took on DD twice but He was respawning within minutes of being beaten. No need to phase all over the place. Oh and DAMN If I knew there were THAT many people in that zone and you could take him down THAT fast I'd have been there LOL Making a note to watch for it tomorrow :)
  18. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    1 Tribute isn't bad considering how cheap everything is. Anymore and people would buy up the new gear too fast. Iirc the highest costing piece was 25? Plus all the other ways to get the new marks...
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  19. WilderMidnight Loyal Player

    i did everything once.

    logged off.

    the whole thing is just boring.
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  20. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    But he also drops aura and material with similar rarenes like time capsules 1 to pierdylion if you didnt notice :)
    We will possible got it at february 31 you can pick a year :)
    My friend has found 500 USD from one death super heroe who forgot to poped his antytoxin how about that ? but what is real funy most people staring at Lois becouse everyone want that shoes and silicon ...... dont you just love DCUO community :)

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