Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards - March 2022

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  1. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Proxy, I'm 100% not clear why you are telling me any of this stuff, since I'm 100% sure I wrote not a word about any mask or what should be done with it.

    Neither did I say anything about promises or what they are or aren't.

    Honestly, I can't tell why this comment is addressed to me; I didn't say a word about anything it is talking about. Maybe you confused my comment with someone else's? Failing that, you seem to be making wild guesses as to what I "really" had in mind that weren't things I had in mind in writing what I did write. No offense intended, but I just didn't write a word about any of the issues you're writing about. Not a word.

    All I said was that if some item were "exclusive," the harm in later giving it to others is, in my opinion, what I herein described it as.

    That's it. That's the only issue I addressed.

    That's all I addressed and the only subject I addressed. If I wanted to address some other specific issue, I'd have, you know, done so. With my words.

    That other people have written about other subjects or specifics in this thread is not my problem and I didn't attempt to address them. At all.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    You appeared to be taking issue with it in your post that I quoted, talking about "harm" and the like, so I responded with a general discussion point that nothing is truly exclusive - It was simply a discussion point, if you feel it doesn't apply then not a problem, you may relax my friend :D

    As a side note (And this doesn't apply to you specifically Tickle) - the few people in here expressing indignation and outrage over this, especially when all of this is captured in the terms of service all because they want to protect their exclusivity is quite frankly nothing short of toxic.

    Who cares if a few new people get some old styles, auras and things I mean seriously, they're pixels on your computer screen, some people need to get a grip, honestly, have you not got better things in your life to worry about?
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  3. Kers New Player

    Will fate tokens ever be useful for anything or am I just going to keep stockpiling until cap? Let us trade them for Destiny tokens or something atleast.
  4. Butterball New Player

    I'm speaking from my experience being on the pc platform from January 2011. The mask was not a gift by alternate characters after the hack if you had received it during the month of game launch by account, at least on pc. (From January 2011, I had created 3 / 16 characters, style included) By the next month 16 / 16 characters, 3 with the style) As you said earlier in the thread, you didn't have a pc account until 2012. So, if you received the mask after the hack on whatever platform, that was a gift (re-gifted) from launch. Experiences may have varied from pc and ps platforms. However, I have checked the dates of headlines unlocked from alt characters and they preceded the time of the hack. So, the point is: this style was re-released 11 years ago, months later. (Not so "exclusive"). So, everyone enjoy the throwback style, I guess. Throw it on an alt character that doesn't have it or whatever. Life goes on...
  5. Brit Loyal Player

    Can those of us who already had this Batman Helmet from before just get a single Destiny Mark instead of getting an "Already Collected" style consumable that we cannot use.
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  6. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    USE IT ON ANOTHER CHARACTER!!! It's not Rocket Surgery! :p
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  7. wisetoons Well-Known Player

    Or 10 destiny tokens maybe...