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  1. iLoveFranny Active Player

    For the next upcoming dlc 9 war of lights, they said they're going to introduce the blue lanterns. Does that mean there's going to be a new power or are the blue lanterns just NPCs? Will there be more than just blue lanterns cuz they also said that all lanterns will be in the game someday. If there are more lanterns hopefully they'll be playable
  2. MercPony Loyal Player

    No confirmation of a power (yet), just Blue Lantern characters.
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  3. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    As far as I can remember, they only mentioned that Saint Walker would be in the game. Whether that means that he'll be an NPC or a legends character or both, or whether we'll be getting a blue lantern powerset remains to be seen.
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  4. LL New Player

    You always beat me to posts....:)
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  5. iLoveFranny Active Player

    Which powers are stronger, quantum or hard light?
  6. Statman New Player

    As MercPony said, the power for DLC9 has not been mentioned by the devs at all.

    Spytle (at SOE Live) said the Blue Lanterns would be introduced into the game through Saint Walker. He also mentioned that by the War of the Light part 3 that the Lanterns corps would be exhausted (well they've been fighting for 3 DLC's, I'd be exhausted too!) but it was not specified in which capacity they would be used in - powersets or simply NPC's. I'm personally hoping just NPC's.
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  7. iLoveFranny Active Player

    So the war of the lights consists of 3 dlcs?
  8. Statman New Player

    The DLC stories announced at SOE Live are going to be 3 part stories (though I'm not sure if Halls of Power will be, it was not specified as 'Part 1' when Spytle talked about it).

    The 3 parts won't necessarily be played in order, instead they'll be interchanging stories. DLC9 will see War of the Light part 1, DLC10 could be Amazon Fury part 1, DLC11 could be Halls of Power. DLC 12 may introduce a completely new story, or it could continue one with (for example) War of the Light part 2, or Amazon Fury part 2, etc.
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  9. Gwalir Loyal Player

    The plan is for all future DLCs to be released in groups of three, with War of Light, Amazon's Fury, and Halls of Power being announced so far for titles of DLC blocks.

    They have also said though that the 3 in a block will not be back to back though, meaning after War of Lights 1 it'll probably be either Amazon's Fury 1 or Halls of Power 1.
  10. Gwalir Loyal Player

    Awww, you beat me. :(
  11. Statman New Player

    I can type pretty fast. Speedy Gonzales on the keyboard!
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  12. iLoveFranny Active Player

    Ohhhh alright thanks guys :)
  13. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    They didn't say anything about a new power but they said it would have red and blue lanterns in it . We also added blue and red energy weapon packs in the market place for sale so that could be a hint .
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  14. Zuse Loyal Player

    maybe they will be new legends
  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass Devoted Player

    As was mentioned.... nothing was confirmed yet about a new Blue Lantern power.

    But when Sons of Trigon was added to the test server.... someone looked thought the files of the game and found files for BlueLightPowerAccrobat, BlueLightPowerSpeedster, etc. Can't remember in what thread that was posted... sorry.

    That does not prove anything.... but there are files for blue lantern powers in the game.

    Take that as you will.
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  16. Kristyana New Player

    If history is any indication, the new DLC will have a tank powerset (I and others would be pretty upset if they didn't) and the powerset will tie into the content. That means there's a very good chance the next tank set will be lantern based.
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  17. BrownMamba New Player

    If I remember correctly Halls of Power will be in a update because everyone will get access to it.
  18. Statman New Player

    League halls and armouries will be in an update, the content for Halls of Power (as a DLC) has just changed - it's still going to be a DLC.
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  19. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    During Gamescon Larry Liberty did an interview where he confirmed DLC10 will be Halls of Power.

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  20. Statman New Player

    Sweet, had not seen that, thanks!
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