Did DCUO get hijacked or something?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Nuubia, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    unsurprisingly, dcuo users make threads before reading what is on page one. (like not reading the abilities for a role in game) :p:rolleyes:
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  2. thefrogshateme New Player

    Yes. You are correct

    page 4
    page 1+ title
  3. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

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  4. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Just got on dc....had to try like 20 times but I'm on
  5. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    still cannot get on Ps4 :(
  6. not_again Dedicated Player

    I was just able to get on with ps4 but it is incredibly laggy.
  7. GaeasRevenge New Player

    You're welcome :)
    But I keep getting booted.
    Game has super lag.
    I rather wait til tonight to play. By then things should iron out.
    Thank you devs for your response
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  8. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Yeah we seem to be having the same problems that happened a bit earlier.
  9. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    s'ok. i got books, art and beer. one street away for 60 feat points on multiple toons. i kin wait.
  10. GaeasRevenge New Player

    The getting booted and the super lag will continue to happen until it get fixed.
    The devs are on it.
    Just be patient ladies and gents and check back in the evening.
  11. SinestrosTaken New Player

    Well looks like my holiday came at the right time lol
  12. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    PC is having issues as well. Super lag, NPCs can attack, but you can't see them. It sucks.
  13. WonderValkyrie New Player

    yeah im getting a
    Yeah im getting alot of lag, even opening my menus are slow. I'll try again this evening, i dont want to get into a raid only to have it disconnect me.
  14. Last Dancer New Player

    Hope you win Sony~!
  15. Seth Grey New Player

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  16. Nuubia Well-Known Player


    Yes I am on US PC and also experienced EXTREME lag, I was in PVP legends (with Sigma Octanis in fact ;3 ) and when I finished with the match my sparring dummy started to float away in my base until it was inside the walls. I then tried to access the UI and menus and was unable to even exit the game so I closed out of it using Task Manager. I then tried to log back into the client but it was not even starting and looked very strange. That is when I got a "launch pad updater" loading bar pop up - which then did not want to close so I had to Task Manager and stop the program. I closed down DCUO and steam because I suspected it was some type of attack.

    When I went to SOE and DCUO forum website to see if anyone was experiencing the same issue I found both sites were not starting and took a few mins to finally load.

    When I was able to get back into DCUO that night it was slow and I would get really bad lag spikes where things would take 10-20secs to load or display.
  17. Davis New Player

    I have been able to get on the ps3 but no luck on the ps4.
  18. Sixfiguredice Well-Known Player

    Just a moment ago some dude on the forums was trying to take credit for the assault. Not saying any names but he said he link peoples account so if he gets banned others do to. I call bs and am calling him out can you link these nuts to your face I heard you like them? But nope I can't log in on the PS4 I hope there putting as The Rock would say a Smack Down to the people who are doing this.
  19. Plum Crazy Committed Player

    How does psn keep experiencing this crap? 15$/m from every leg player thousand's of microtransactions a day ect and that's just dcuo lol many many other sony games that are in the same boat. With that kind of money floating around how can these people do this stuff with what seems like very minimal effort? Either these people are harvard grads or your network is still weak which is it? I understand this is a PSN not Dcuo issue but damn
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  20. Jay&Becky New Player

    This is ridiculous, no game for over 12hours, USPS4, im so fed up of this i got a ps4 for better gaming but all i get is **** on while ps3 can still do what they want, i get kicked off every wed or thursday and the one time i dont lone behold everybody does for hours on end, WTF its 9pm EST my time and i got kicked off at 430am EST, get the browser caching done with already im so fed up of psn ********