Devs: You guys broke the Lockdown raid

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  1. blklightning New Player

    Kraze will teleport to the furthest person away... who is also w/in 20m of him. So... if you're further out than 20m from him, he won't teleport to you. Instead, he'll go to someone who IS in the radius.
  2. DCUController New Player

    does neck of omnipotence only drop from lockdown?
  3. blklightning New Player

    That is correct.
  4. DCUController New Player

    kk didnt know, also Im guessing it drops only from last boss as well?
  5. blklightning New Player

    Correct again. xD
  6. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Hey, thanks for the invitation! I'll take you guys up on that soon. I would love to run some content with your league. :)
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  7. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    just send me a message on the forum or tikkun whenever you are ready! thanks
  8. Delta795 New Player

    Not sure if this is working as intended then. We are having a big discussion right now on BBM in league and are seeing him TP to people at any range any time. The tell is there, but the logic behind is IS NOT working as you described. Can you give more detail as to why this is happening?
  9. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    I like it cause he shows who he is going after cause he points and hits you and then goes through the animation. It's very doable and finally gave the challenge back without making it impossible.
  10. Delta795 New Player

    Still very doable and yes the tells work, but from what we are seeing its not working as they said it should.
  11. Giggles Loyal Player

    Yeah, my League and I run this raid every night when I am on usually, and we have no issues beating this raid. I personally love the changes made to the first boss. I just think it's funny that most people complain these raids are "too easy", yet most of the time, those claiming the raids are "too easy" aren't doing the raid the way it was intended to be run.

    To those having trouble, let me help you out. The boss tags the person he is teleporting to with a white looking dart. Roughly 2 seconds after he tags someone with the dart, he teleports to that person. My advice you can either A) Sport fortified blocking V in your neck if you are not comfortable rolling away at the very last second and just take the initial hit and then roll out of the AOE he leaves behind, or B) After he tags you with the dart, count "one, one thousand" then roll out of the way. You guys also want to be spread out out so that he doesn't catch a group of you when he teleports to the person he tags.

    Good Luck out there. :)
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  12. blklightning New Player

    Did a league run a few days ago and it seemed like it was working exactly as intended. We enjoyed the struggle. I can say that once I took over managing his attack I was able to get him to teleport to me consistently.

    Since he's not guaranteed to teleport to the person furthest away, but to the person furthest away within a certain radius of him, it's a good idea to utilize healer group shields. Provided no one is taking damage, the healer can be near the person/s furthest away and can get them all shielded. His blinks happen 20 seconds apart, at the soonest, which is exactly the cooldown of healer shields.

    Are you able to provide video of his inconsistency? I'd love to see what you're talking about.
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  13. blklightning New Player

    I have the "tag" on video and it seems to be a small animation at your feet. One that's not easily seen if the camera is zoomed in. I can review my video again, but don't think that there's 2sec between the tag and the damage. The tag appears just as he's about to teleport, so that should be about 1-1.2 seconds before the damage is actually dealt. I'll record my next run and see if I can get better details/angles so I can know for sure.
  14. Giggles Loyal Player

    I'm on USPC, and I can clearly see the first boss throw a white dart at each person before he teleports to them, watch his hands, you will see it too. :)
  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Heya spytle since you're accepting invites you should run with our league too. ;)
  16. blklightning New Player

    With the animation pollution that goes on in this game this past year, I've got Effects Fade down to 50%. I'll turn on outlines instead, so I can get a run w/ full animations, then review so I can see the tell. I'm sure that once I "see" it, i'll never miss it again. Kinda like feints. Couldn't see them even though they were right in front of my face. Now... they're everywhere. :p
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  17. Mageara Well-Known Player

    It's a very distinctive tell he only does one move that looks anything like it and that's the precursor to the 1-shot. I have a video of it which I can gladly put up once I find it. One BETTER tell that I like to use is movement mode. If you are in movement mode at all times during that fight you will get a big red sign in the middle of your screen saying 'GROUNDED' and it will pull you out of movement mode. If you see that on your screen block immediately and you will be teleported on a couple seconds later. That's also in the my video he teleported on me a couple of times.
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  18. blklightning New Player

    Yeah, the "grounded" bit is nice.

    Would love to see your vid when you find it.
  19. Delta795 New Player

    I don't but myself but I'll see if some of the guys who usually record does. As far as what we are seeing with the teleport is that is is totally random. While the tell is there for teleport is there we are seeing him ignore the "furthest person in radius" and randomly teleport.

    Again the raid is still very doable, but would like some clarification on the new changes as from our perspective he is not following what they said is scripted.
  20. Mageara Well-Known Player

    We used to do where the whole team kept very, very close to the boss and someone would stay at max range & still be able to hit him. But since they changed it it has been difficult, to say the least, to get a consistent teleport on one person so having the whole team all crowded is just a recipe for disaster so we just do it like this now. Keep everyone spaced out and actually watch the mechanics now lol
    Two healers are not necessary I was backing up the other healer and showing him the mechanics.

    EDIT: make sure you turn it down cause Im reeeeally loud. lol still trying to get my volumes right