Devs: You guys broke the Lockdown raid

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  1. Lightws Dedicated Player

    I do and always have which is why I do neither of these but you already know that lol.
  2. Lightws Dedicated Player

    Yes standing on the ledge was cheating. Dodging and standing on the ledge are two completely different things. Mepps himself told me that my way of doing it Dodging was a strategy. However when I reported the same ledge technique when this was on test still mind you he said it was not intended. Meaning yes it is in fact cheating because it wasn't supposed to be there however now it isn't. I have no problem still dodging him however its a new way of doing it.
  3. Lightws Dedicated Player

    I reported this before this ever touched live on the test server a LONG time ago sooooo.
  4. Elusian Crowd Control

    Someone explained me last night the actual issue here which is indeed not right. I always thought just by moving in the back but still in red target sight would cause him to teleport random which he doesnt, he still then target the furthest person away and so we always did it "the right way" on EUPC apparently. So nothing changed for us over here and this bug report is indeed no bug.
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  5. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Why can't we let him teleport random in the first place? A one-condition-mechanic isn't challenging or interesting at all.

    Besides he "targets" someone and then teleports to that very place, no matter if someone is there or not. The mechanic is maybe even easier than Paradox Sentry mechanics or Paradox Oppressor mechanics without cancelling these two...

    It's definately not a bug in any way. Leave it as it is or make it completely random and no one-man-only-job for a controller or healer anymore..
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  6. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    In other words, please do not Grief.

    Here is a wiki link for the term, Griefer:
  7. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    It is, overall, the most annoying raid, with the least to gain from it & mostly a waste of time. The telporting one shot with aoe is annoying & makes it almost impossible to pick up some1 in it as something else seems to draw a player off the pick up or stun etc. The gear SHOULD have been 95/96 drops like paradox. Do it a certain way, better gear drops. Most groups will only do the ice artifact, because it is easier. Simply find out what artifact, not ice, disband. Reque. Is that an exploit? I personally do not mind what artifact. Should we have a cog with a choice like in trigon DLC catherdral u pick the boss/artifact. It would b an option. Many groups, with pugs, don't seem to have mics or want to communicate properly to get it done. They want an easy route. I'd just like it to b worthwhile. As many don't belive it is & won't run it. Especially with only a "chance" at a 97 Op neck. Make it earnable/achievable. Not just random. Or a vote as 2 who should get one?!...performanced based. Like no one knocked out. 96 gear then. etc.
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  8. anotherpacifist Well-Known Player

    I like it the way it is now. People now have to constantly look at the boss, especially after a jump when he is most likely to do the teleporting. Can't just do your little WM combos while looking at your navels any more.:)

    You can actually WALK away from a teleport which he does after looking at you, just keep moving and he'll teleport to the last spot you were at when he looked at you.

    Off topic, Paradox Wave column blocking IMHO should not be considered an exploit--it takes the tank a certain amount of skill to maneuver Ravager and Oppressor in the right place, and the group has to be sharp enough to position themselves accordingly AND adjust if either of them are loose if the tank is knocked back for some reason. But I digress.
  9. blklightning New Player

    They have also changed the frequency with which he teleports. He used to teleport about 3 seconds before my group shield was off cooldown, forcing me to use different mitigation options. Now, the time between his teleports is the same as the cooldown of Flux. This made things a bit easier.

    I'm glad to see him causing wipes.
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  10. Zerefu New Player

    Standing in the back of a room isn't cheating lol
  11. blklightning New Player

    Standing in the back of the room, so that Kraze would not teleport, is cheating.

    Standing in the back of the room, so that he would teleport to you and be clear of the team, is not cheating; but, the devs decided to change it up and make it so that the first boss fight of the hardest raid in the game is not the easy fight it's been for the past several weeks.
  12. Zerefu New Player

    It's still not cheating, what if I accidentally stood too far away and it happened? It might be a mechanic. It might be intentional. I would have no way of knowing. Cheating would be giving yourself 9999 Precision and going ham. If everyone can do something then it isn't unfair and therefore isn't cheating. I understand that it makes the raid less difficult and that it's seen as a less moral thing to do from the perspective of a skillful player, but that still doesn't make it cheating.
  13. blklightning New Player

    It is cheating (read: exploiting) if the devs decide it to be.

    If you're not sure of a mechanic, or potential exploit, ask. They do respond to those questions.
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  14. DizzyKraken Developer

    Spot on. The change was made to stop the exploit - not the legitimate strategy, but due to the change your strategy to fight him has to altered a bit. I explained the new rule so it wouldn't be huge surprise - He will now blink to the farthest person that is within 20m (not that you can tell that easily other than staying within combat range).
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  15. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    Requires a bit more teamwork and more awarness now

    Good call
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  16. blklightning New Player

    Silly me, I didn't record my run last night... where we ended up 4manning him. I thought the healer was out for good. So, I switched. When he revived, we found that there were no DPS left in the room. He then went DPS for the remainder of that battle. Had I recorded it, I could review and look for the "blinks".

    What the 4-man portion of the fight showed me was the increase in time between his teleports. Since there were only 4 of us, I could reliably shield the whole team. Sometimes I just think that 4manning 8-man content is just so much easier to heal. LOL

    I'm finally used to the new mechanic, now that it's fully implemented, and take back my complaints of how I thought the attack was being dumbed down.
  17. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    so when are you going to get on live and run lockdown? l would like to see you play Spytle ill run with you!!!
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  18. madaoturles Active Player

    Any chance the AOE field that he leaves behind after the teleport will have its duration reduced to at least be less than the time required to pick the player up?
  19. Solar Well-Known Player

    And yet you still have to get by that first boss to even get to that point.
  20. Ciphey Well-Known Player

    So you could have a 2 tank run where the 2ndary tank sits farthest away and just blocks/rolls or something? Or is that an exploit of the boss attacking the farthest one away?