Deserter penalty for declining ninja invite

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by marqbabs, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Jax Prime New Player

    You cannot simply say, that "sucks" yet justify the penalty in the same paragraph.

    There are a multitude of reasons as to why people decline or leave certain instances, a lot of those genuine and justified. You cannot expect someone to do an instance with you simply because you want them to or because you feel they need to carry on after they queued.

    The penalty punishes a lot of people, even those who never desert. People have different priorities and the new updates basically forces you stay in an instance and see it through or make you create a premade group, and even then, you have to pray that you do not DC and/or the group is decent.

    Seriously though, what good is a group with all tanks, 3 healers 1 dps etc etc. The possibilities keep stacking and this penalty system just makes an already tedious run even more so.
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  2. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Well, I can justify it, because it also sucks when you queue for something, and people keep declining. Or you enter and someone goes "What, no healer" then leaves, leaving three other people just scratching our behinds. Hense the reason for the dester penalty.
  3. DCUO Anon New Player

    For describing exactly what occurred.

    I guess you've now seen the threads first page; that you posted on?
  4. Jax Prime New Player

    If an instance is not doable, say Inner sanctum - you queue up and end up with a group of 3 Tanks while you yourself are a DPS. Tell me, what point is there going through the instance when all you are doing is wasting your own time?

    If you like tedious runs, thats you, some people like the challenge, for others who have a set time to play (e.g. myself), going into an instance and not being able to advance because of group structure is a waste of time. - That covers bad group structure.

    Another would be DCing and crashing, anyone on the PS3 version would tell you how bad the crashes can get when running Raids or sometimes OPs, some people have crashed numerous times in one instance or even DCd just as much, should the people waiting in that instance have to wait 10 minutes inorder to invite the people who DCd? Because thats not just punishing one person but a few.
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  5. SuperBell Loyal Player

    I know, it sucks. And like I said, it sucks when people waste time by declining or leaving. At least if you enter Inner, hopefully the people in there won't leave and more people can show up. At least this way, only people who WANT to run the raid will bother to queue. It will discourage the flakes. If you are going to waste other people's time, you deserve the penalty.

    But I agree, they need to find a way to tell the difference between a legitimate DC and just a person how manually DC's to get around the penalty.
  6. Jax Prime New Player

    Thats the problem, they wont ever find a way to distinguish between DC and manual DC or a Crash and Quiting the game. Its impossible.

    The deserter penalty should take into account the group structure, which again, will require quite a chunk of coding and time to be able to get right.
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  7. thenewkidd New Player

    You have no choice...
    As soon as you get the invite, you get two options.
    Accept it and go to the instance.. "decline" which doesn't actually decline the invite it just makes you wait till it expires.

    If I invite you to "FOS2".... and you don't want to do it.. well it's too late.. you now have to accept or you get a deserter penalty.
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  8. thenewkidd New Player

    "No" doesn't make it go away...

    Your only option is "accept" or "let expire"... if the devs created a "no" option.. then there would not be this problem.
  9. Senshirou Committed Player

    Are you on USPS3 and are you a hero? Because if you are let me know your in-game name and help you understand what it means to get ninja'd into an instance and get a deserter penalty.
  10. Notangie New Player

    The only thing that should have a deserter penalty is 1v1 pvp where the deserter leaves too early for the victor to get a reward or add a win for feat. That's the only time leaving an instance hurts anyone.
  11. Doomsha Level 30

    my only issue with the deserter timer is when someone DC's and you go to invite them back but cant because they have the timer. Thats annoying.
  12. Doomsha Level 30

    lol no allow this, I like easy wins :p
  13. NexGen New Player

    No. You are still wrong and still do not understand anything that is being discussed here.

    I can be afk in my lair, taking a restroom break. An invite to an instance in progress could appear and disappear while I am not at my tv. No group invite is required for this instance invite. When I return from the restroom break, I would have a deserter penalty. All this happens without me touching my controller, without me being queued up for anything, without my permission, and without my knowledge.

    Do You understand now?
  14. Newtech Bat New Player

    have you ever wondered (for bugs this big i mean) if the reason for the bug that causes your head to explode into dancing kittens in the game is because someone forgot to carry the 2?
  15. Notangie New Player

    It's not a win if they leave before the end of round one. It says you win, but too early to receive a reward, also it doesn't add a win toward your feat. They shouldn't call it a win if you get nothing for it.
  16. Spacedude2 New Player

    I'm new to this whole game. I play the PS3 with some variety of characters. I am always getting invites while I'm in the middle of buying from a vender or talking to a computer character about some part of the game. If I accidentally press ok, X button, is there a way to get out of it? I respect all the players, I am just on my own quest. Also wondering if there is a setting for invites that you can turn on and off. I love the PVP aspect with creating a character and having to navigate through level 30 opponents while I'm level 8 or something because then "It's go time!", but I hate having to navigate through invites while I'm walking through the safe house! Any options? Usually I just delete my characters and start over from scratch.
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  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This was resolved with a hotfix on May 31st.
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