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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Jul 7, 2021.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Sorry, weird bug there. Not sure what happened.

    What I meant to say was, the information you're asking for doesn't exist yet. Your questions don't have answers. Everybody panic.

    (We can either wait to share anything until everything is locked in - and deal with the shock and surprise as a big change to the game launches unannounced - or we can be as open and transparent as we can - and deal with the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that comes with the incomplete information and unanswerable questions.)

    We will be on the test server soon with closer-to-final information.
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  2. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

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  3. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    Is that Gene Wilder? He was funny.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    To the first half of your post, yes, exactly, you are describing a video game.

    To the second half, players don't have much of a choice right now. It's play the latest stuff you can and log out, probably to complain about not having enough to do. After 41, the game is just bigger. There's more to play again. There will be more choice in answering "what do I want to play today?" And maybe a bit less repetition for some because of having more options and having more to do.

    Depending on the constraints time and space have on you, it may take you more or less days to progress through what you want to do toward having nothing left to do.

    It's a weird, revolving perspective we get into with feeling forced to do something in a video game but also wanting to have a video game to play, conquer, achieve, explore, or whatever drives you.

    I think you are saying something like you want to maintain your rank of awesome relative to other people after 41, without putting in any more or less time or changing anything that you do in the game, without anyone else having the opportunity to change how or how much they play to get ahead or fall behind you.

    And...nope. Things change in live games. It will be a clear choice: I want source marks, so I will smash that quick play button, or I want currency from x,y,x event, episode, whatever, so I will smash these other buttons over here.

    Opening the not-end-game up to rewards means getting thrown into 92% of the game's episode content, with variety and randomness if you are using quick play, while still keeping the other 8% of episodes available for traditional progression, too.
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  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I hope it doesn't feel like I'm arguing with anyone. I'm trying to go beyond the simple "no, source marks will not be in end-game content because it's bad."
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  6. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    XD lol what. that was hilarious, good read Ted, stuff like that shows the devs know how to have a little fun
  7. Rip Kurrent Well-Known Player

    @mepps Forgive me if it's been answered. I think I saw something about open world content being scaled the same with the same loot locks as open world. Is that the case? I know I may be in the minority here but my time is limited and don't get a lot of time to run the instanced content.
  8. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

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  9. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    No it doesn't, at least not this lizard brain.
    You can only say, "we don't really know yet" in so many ways.
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  10. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    O.M.G. :eek: I think my monkey brain needs a banana daiquiri. Stat!
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  11. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    Well, at first I thought he was going after Proxystar but I’m glad I was mistaken.
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    I was simply looking for a compromise for people whose time constraints to play the video game don't mean they go without at least some of the reward they might have previously been getting i.e. at the very least enough source marks to maintain their mainframe every 60 days.

    It may be that you're going to deal with this through daily log in rewards given players used to get a source mark from the vault each day that probably would've achieved the same thing.

    With that in mind it wasn't realistically about maintaining "a rank of awesome" relative to other players at all, Because what I was realistically thinking was just some sort of small, nominal reward of source marks in non end game. Tt just felt like perhaps some players might struggle with the prospect of having to play arguably 'more' than they're already able, because source marks are split in to a separate area of the game.

    Thanks anyway for the consideration :)
  13. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I recently made a similar post talking about how the human psyche will naturally fill "known unknowns" with speculation because without training one's mind to do so, it simply can't handle being consciously aware of an absence of information it wants. I was told I was being off topic, but personally, I think that applies to damn near everything we talk about in here.
  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Stats 100% determine your character's strength. It doesn't come from anything else (like combat rating, for example unless you use pets but ignore this). Stats from gear vs. stats from feats is an ancient debate, but ultimately there's diminishing returns. The gear gets you solidly into playable, the feats get you more. Having all the feats gets you more than having some of the feats, but the difference between those to options is less than the difference between no feats and some feats. And so on.

    If you're a collector, want to be all that you can be, want to compete with other enthusiasts, or want to challenge the most challenging content in the game, getting all the feats makes sense and is a strong driver. If you're less...enthusiastic...getting a more reasonable some of the feats is just fine for playing the game, too.
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  15. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    The only issue I have with feats are the ones I can’t obtain on my own but requires the entire group to achieve. I have sadly been in more than one group where a mean person will deliberately mess up the feat for all of us. I do not know what the solution to this is other than strictly running it with people you can trust. But these are group feats not individual feats you can earn on your own.
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  16. Shakram1 Level 30

    So the main idea is to make the game fun. I know fun who would have guessed?
    So how do we make augments fun? By adding fun things to it like classes and different types of powers.
    Why should we make augments fun? To attract players, when players like something they want to play more. I have a few ideas for different ways to augment our characters in a variety of ways to make the game fun. Bottom line if its not fun no one wants to do it, and why waste time programming annoying things into a game. I reccomend the carrot over the stick when you want a horse to go. So here are a few ideas:

    Superpower Classes/Introduce Multi Classing
    Superpower games should be based on powers not necessarily exobits of nanotech so an idea is to phase in the ability to buy specialty classes like most RPGs have classes.
    To all players giving 1 free class is suggested after that players can buy more with source marks if they like and want them.

    So how does a player get a class? You can start studying with a mentor or multiple mentors of your choice but first you need to unlock your heritage by going to the source wall. Make taking a trip to the source wall expensive something like 300 source marks so players would need to really play and save if they want to take that trip to the source wall.

    Your source wall trip should have some visuals as well it should look cool and be a personal moment for character growth. Make it a solo. At the end of the source wall solo have the player breakthrough to unlock their new heritage.

    Using source marks can power up your new heritage you gain from the source wall. You pay mentors to give solo missions and help you train your new abilities. Of course school ain't free so you need to pay maybe with source marks. The more source marks you get the higher level you can rank your classes up.

    Did he say train? Yes train just like feats count how many times you do certain things training powers should count how many times you use a power in a certain way. For example using your new super speed death punch to KO a villian or using a shield to block a skull attack.

    These classes can represent different characters and be leveled up using source marks.
    Source marks can be bought in the marketplace to level up your character class as well as farmed.

    There should be no limit to the number of classes a character can level up on one character as each which would allow or a very diverse multiclass. This way the characters could keep leveling up new classes and increasing their characters customization.

    If your character gains one class your character can begin ranking up the new class and fill out various skill trees on the class for different pathways the class can take.

    The more classes and skill trees made by the developers the more players would want to try them. So with each DLC the skill trees should be updated with new milestones to reach.

    Lets not forget those who will just buy sourcemarks on the marketplace.

    Powers Effects
    Passive buffs and active buffs of each class could improve things about the character . For example when you use a certain power other effects happen.

    Special effects
    Each multiclass can do some stuff for example assassins would do something ninja like every few seconds during combat that looked cool maybe have players assign which passive buffs they have activated for each of their classes. A kryptonian class could do some passive kryptonian stuff like a ground pound knocking things back or air hand clap.

    These buffs could be passive or active:
    Passive meaning they happen in randomly over time for example a 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60%/70%/80%/90%100% chance to do XXXXX.

    Active and put on a loadout connected to a power and whenever you use a certain power the special ability also goes off. These abilities are instant and should not be channeled. The character should do a cool looking move or combo when they do the active moves. That would be the fun part seeing the character do something new and cool.

    It would add customization so if someone wanted a kryptonian based character they could pick some of the various kryptonian classes provided for example
    Kryptonian invulnerability(gives armor, elemental resistances, and hp)
    Kryptonian super speed (passive continuous buff to movement speed, visibly dodges in combat, increases attack speed of certain weapon attacks)
    Kryptonian Eye beams (beams go off every few seconds when fighting can add various trick shots)

    Kryptonian battle cry that buffs allies and causes enemies to be knocked down that goes off every 30 seconds
    Rending melee weapons deal damage over time
    Fast Healing your wounds heal themselves
    Damage Reduction
    Great strength punch ground every 30 seconds knockback enemies
    Power enhancement single target powers damage foes with damage over time
    Leadership gain a special customizable sidekick
    Teleport or dodge out of harm's way rather than being hit by death causing hit
    Trapfinding ability to see traps
    Toughness your harder to kill extra hp
    Omega Eye beams deal more damage
    Intelligence/ bonus source marks
    Constitution/ Health
    Strength/ Melee Damage
    Agility / Dodge Skill
    Ranged Weaponry
    Attack Speed
    Movement Speed
    Dodge Chance
    Charisma / the ability to grant buffs which inspire allies
    Will Power (resist compulsions stuns etc)
    Stealth (to sneak and be attacked less)
    Gold / Cash Gain
    Luck Treasure Find(Special Weapons and Gear)
    Health regeneration
    Health per hit
    Health per kill
    Power cost reduction
    Damage Bonus
    Invulnerability defence vs cold/fire/electric/quantum/mental etc etc
    Invulnerability defence vs melee damage and ranged physical damage
    Etc Etc Devs could keep on adding new abilities as they updated the game with new patches

    Introduce Player Origins
    Fun fact not everyone wants brainiac exobytes in them giving them powers. There should be a variety of methods to gain you powers as well as earn new powers.

    How do you get an origin?
    Time travel of course!
    You travel back in time and create an origin for your character.
    Yes you can travel back multiple times creating different timelines for your alter ego selves. However your character is the nexus.
    As far as gameplay you play different solos and do missions for each orgin. Missions should be specific to each orgin.
    Your character should also have an origin hall that tells their stories.

    Players should be able to have origin stories for how they got their powers and skills unique to them.
    Origins should be special missions which give special powers and passive skills and abilities unique to that character origin.

    Origin Trees
    By gaining source marks a character can create a story and make real origin choices in ones story which open different branches in the story. Like a skill tree but choices the character will make in their own personal story.

    For example there would be over 30 different types of pathways to unlock per origin tree and each time you gain an origin you may go down a different path to unlock new powers and skills. Each origin will stack with the previous making the character more unique and customizable each time.

    Each different origin tree begins a story from start to finish increasing in potency.
    Different origins should stack.

    Each origin should have a list of powers a player may unlock specific to the origin which will be buffs that powers and effects the player will receive for unlocking different paths of the origin as well as abilities.
    These buffs should be improved with experience be permanent buffs.
    For example a magic origin hero may gain certain abilities like random spells attack his opponent from the helm of Nabu or when blocking enemies take damage reflected in an explosive backlash.

    Cosmetic Selling Point
    There should also be cosmetic effects to these origins that can be applied as a secondary accessory and aura. if a character has multiple origins these powers and visual effects may stack. However you couldnt gain the same aura or visual effect twice.

    A few origin ideas:
    Human Ingenuity (Batman, Steel, Mr Terrific, Mr Freeze)
    Physical Training (Robin, Green Arrow, Karate Kid)
    Magically Bestowed or Cosmic Bestowed (Shazam)
    God or Demigod (New God Orion, Donna Troy )
    Alien on earth like Martian (Manhunter, Superman, Dawnstar)
    Mutant (Chemical King, Kid Flash)
    Found artifact (Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Dr Fate)
    Evolved Human (Beast Boy, Raven, Ultra Humanite, Vandal Savage)
    Experiments (Giganta, Metamorpho)
    Augmentation (Deathstroke)
    Accidents (like clayface, Joker,)
  17. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    Thanks for making me laugh as I read through the latest pages :)

    Personally I AM exceedingly happy that rewards are being open to the entire game again, plus with source marks limit at 1 million we are as close to the mark of triumph days as possible....minus the month long lock outs (thank goodness).

    I guess what I & many others are concerned about is this will be a another hard reset on our hard working characters.

    I see this has been something set in motion for some time now, so I'm going to take you at your word right now that we truly will be (REALLY) powerful in lower content & not another harsh reboot of our toons b/c we earned our strength along the way.

    All I ask is for you all (the development team) to be open to continued improvement on this forth coming clamp even extended beyond the short time it will be on test server to better guage the stat vs effectiveness difference of each tier for every role not solely dps.

    We don't want another gu47 nightmare with issues like T4 & T5 players experienced some years back.

    Nor do players want more then (HALF) their stats wiped AFTER we grinded for feats for years like revamp did.
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Haha, it wouldve been fine either way, I wouldn't have survived this long around here without a thick skin around my Lizard brain ;)
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  19. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

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  20. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Best writing I’ve seen in a while…appreciate the humor :p

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