DCUO Announces Next Episode: Birds of Prey

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  1. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    No they didn't. There was one after JLD and there was one about a month before JLD was released. There was also one right before Atlantis was released. So far we have had five bonus artifact XP weekends. Three out of the five came at most a month and a half before a new batch of artifacts were released, and one a few weeks before XP packs entered the Marketplace.

    Bonus weekend 1 - May 10th 2018. Kryptonian Time Capsule with new artifacts released on June 27th.
    Bonus weekend 2 - August 9th 2018. Artifact XP was added to the marketplace on August 23rd, so it could be argued that this double XP weekend was done in order to drive sales of the MP XP which would be released a few weeks later.
    Bonus weekend 3 - November 1st 2018. Atlantis was released November 8th with new artifacts.
    Bonus weekend 4 - February 28th 2019. Justice League Dark was released March 28th.
    Bonus weekend 5 - September 5th 2019. This is our outlier. There were no artifacts with Metal Part I, and so the next one we received weren't until Part II was released the following December.

    So the pattern is there. Whether that keeps up remains to be seen, but my guess would be that we see another bonus artifact XP weekend in March.

    I'm not denying that money is the driving force behind all of this. In fact money is most likely the very reason for double XP weekends. That's not me bashing the game or saying "oh those evil devs!" What they're doing makes smart business sense because they're draining the XP from our inventories right before they give us a reason to buy more. They've found a monetisation system that works well (just like Time Capsules) and are keeping on to it. There will always be people who pay through the nose to get the very best things as soon as possible. Yes, there are optimal artifacts to run with, but they do give many people choices in how they build their loadouts and whatnot. I often inspect the random players I play with in duos, alerts and raids and they always have a variety of different artifacts.
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  2. Tanya_83 Level 30

    That's exactly why - not accurate enough to look like the character
  3. Dianatique Active Player

    if I dont see Poison Ivy in this ill riot,
    i wanna see her getting a new apperance look
  4. Zoe· Devoted Player

    This Episode got me really excited. I keep coming back to this thread and it keeps me excited. I don't think I was ever excited for a DCUO Episode like this one. I really can't wait for the live stream that will reveal everything. I want to see the new models, locations, styles, etc.
    I loved Metal but It just didn't have the same feeling as other episodes for me.
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  5. Dwild Well-Known Player

    Have to admit I like the Black Canary outfit. The short jacket was always popular and I want it for one of my female alts (not a variant of Harley's patch and button adorned jacket or a cut down Lobo look!) And I like the top...I had few reservations about Canary as she was portrayed in the LoA content several DLC's ago, but at least this new look will keep me from wondering...ok, how do they keep her from popping out? Thumbtacks? Superglue? or is it sprayed on? I know you have to have the female appeal but that was a bit much..or actually "not quite enough." I remember showing my wife and listening to her laugh for about an hour. Like the new look much better.
  6. Engendro Nefasto Active Player

    I wonder if being Luthor the villain, means villains are gonna have their own missions/raids.
    It will be weird to be a villain and side with the heroes.
  7. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    Hopefully this is going to be a fictional episode that we have villains as VILLAINS
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  8. Lantern_AdamK4 Well-Known Player

    I'm not sure what server you are on, but I'm on USPS, and I have almost no trouble queuing for anything. Sometimes I have to wait 5 minutes or so but that's not a big deal. Heck, I've even been able to queue into PVP matches, and lower tiered content. Not immediately, but I can get in just fine. It's all still there. The queue time is even shorter on weekends.
    You want content to come out faster, but you probably want new stuff yeah? New maps, characters, stories, etc? That takes time. There was a time when they were releasing shorter episodes I believe it was monthly, and people were very unhappy with it. They did twice a year, and people were unhappy with it. The moral here is no matter how long it takes for new content, there's always going to be a handful of people who complain about the wait, and then burn through everything as soon as it comes out without taking the time to enjoy it, and then complain that they're bored.
  9. oldschoolarcade New Player

    A real bonus to Birds Of Prey would be a new weapon type like CATWOMAN'S WHIP:cool: available after doing the BOP free event to be kept as a vendor item when the event is over without needing the Legendary marks to buy the Cat-Woman's whip, I can see alotta Indianna Jones Harrison Ford action on that weapon, and the Huntress twin crossbows, a nod to the iconic 1980s cartoon GI Joe Scarlett's minicrossbow
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  10. Philthie New Player

    Ok aside from all this complete bollocks can anyone confirm if there will be a Valentines Event? And if there is when it would begin and for how long it would last? Cheers
  11. Zoe· Devoted Player

    You might want to check the Current and Upcoming Events section on the forums more often.
    Yes there is going to be Valentines Day Event, Starts February 6 - March 01, 2020 ends with server restart on March 2, 2020.

    Edit: It's also on Test Server right now.
  12. Elusian Loyal Player

    Let's hope for some fun light episode after 2019 being the year of grim dark depressive episodes. The potencial in this one is available.
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  13. hero turner Well-Known Player

    as much as I love the birds of Prey coming in April , I do hope we get the styles of gear from all of them , hair, clothes , shoes or boots leg styles chest , ect ect ect
    I mean we really want these styles, were still missing styles from other toons like Zatanna for instance we got her hair, chest piece but did not get the leg or boots from the new Zatanna look, we all wanted a waist style that displays Wonder Womans lasso, Mordrids hair style with the goatee from the JLA DARK episodes, CI BORGS new hand canon, Ravens styles gear from Titans episode new and old look inclusing the boots, and I dont know bout everyone else but the hair styles and the new hairstyles should include all the facial hair features like the old ones do,or make the facial hair seperate styles to change or add for the men instead of having both in the same styles tab.
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  14. Dark warlorck New Player

    I hope we will see some characters forgotten in this episode like Lady Shiva and her daughter Cassandra CAIN. I know that in the comics Cassandra CAIN is now called Orphan but in the game we have Batgirl who spends her time in the Watchtower to do nothing. Normally the woman to call Batgirl is Barbara Gordon but since it is the current Oracle I am almost sure that the Batgirl of the game is Cassandra.When her mother Lady Shiva is very involved in the stories of Birds of preys besides it was she who was the mentor of Black Canary and learned the martial arts so that she can defend herself, without forgetting that Shiva also temporarily joined the Birds of preys team in order to understand the meaning of heroism, so I think this dlc would be the perfect opportunity to stage it knowing that his role in the game was very minor and consisted of give the missions of Talia al ghul otherwise it has never fought yet despite the many episodes involving the league of assassins.
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  15. Karuizawa New Player

    Hell yeah, allthat stuff would be great *_*
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  16. Pinwars New Player

    I so much hope, that this time we will get Huntress' Crossbows as dual- pPistol-weapon-style. Waiting since eight years...
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  17. SirOverHaul New Player

    New Artifacts. It is going to be A new Slot Cuz we Need Slots we have A lot of artifacts ,
  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    They have said several times that there will not be more artifact slots. Three is what they intended from the start to be the max.
  19. Elusian Loyal Player

    Is it possible to get a more concrete launch date to plan freetime ahead? Not everyone can react spontaneous a week before launch with holidays etc. especially when you are in a bigger company with centralized disposition systems. A month ahead would be appreciated in general for new episodes.
  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We aim for at the latest sharing a launch date as we go to test, so 2-3 weeks before.

    If we share earlier, there is more risk of having to adjust it, so it has its pros and cons for people depending on how acceptable changing a date is for each individual.

    Like I could tell you something like it's April 23, but when we get there it may turn out I "totally lied" to you, etc, and have more frustration than we started with. (Just an example.)
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