DCUO Announces Next Episode: Birds of Prey

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Skybreen7 New Player

    I really hope we get a Hawk and a Dove style (both) and not just 1 if any.
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  2. Andros New Player

    Will there be new Artifacts and the double Nth Metal exp week?
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  3. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Lol a lot of content can be considered "elite" if you base it on players ignoring mechanics.

    As far as Elite alerts goes, yes, a lot of player-feedback want them to resurface and there is potential in them, the problem is that there is clearly not enough support roles to go around with the majority of players favoring DPS'ing. Not to mention balance issues possibly favoring certain roles/playstyles in a smaller format. It's much easier to cover "everyone" through a raid format IMO.

    Players also need to bare in mind that Elite content is just that, Elite content. A bunch of players seem to want Elite alerts with the mindset that it will be more accessible to them, so if the Elite alert come with the proper difficulty a piece of Elite-content should have, it's still not good enough for those who expected an easier time with a small group-format.
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  4. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

    i am batman why i should work with the birds of prey ? harley work with the gotham sirens
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  5. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    I hope we get some good new female styles from the DLC. Maybe skirt / dress and some hair styles.
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  6. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    The description states there will be new artifacts.
  7. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    Include an elite alert with this one, please!!
  8. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    The reason I'd prefer alerts is that I know I can get together four solid, Elite level people much easier than trying to organize 8. Especially on villain-side.
  9. Zneeak Devoted Player

    That's true, but outside of one's own little circle, it's most likely going to be harder for the general to properly form up than they'd expect, though. There's only so many Dps you can fit into an Elite-alert, unless it's made easy enough, of which would undermine the entire point of having a piece of Elite-content all together.

    Maybe it would encourage more players to pick up their support role? Not that it would go over that well, as people who aren't at all experienced with their Support role and just switch to "meet the quota" would stick out like a sore thumb.
  10. BUDOKAI101 Well-Known Player

    We got to stop dropping one ep like this every 3 months. We need gear rank system asap que times after a month of new ep at end game wait time is so bad even on weekends. This game is falling apart it's never been so bad. Bring back all content not just end game ur killing the game like this devs. Ì can't run anything anymore without making friends that means ur game is dieing
  11. hazard099 Active Player

    still here patiently waiting for LOSH LOL its all good
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  12. Legasei Active Player

    Most players will hate this idea.
    In an elite alert, the burn would fall squarely on the shoulders of a single dps, as they won’t have four other dps to share that responsibility with. That’s pressure and most players don’t like pressure. That’s why most players prefer to dps. Having that said, I think your wish will not come true, ever.
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  13. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    We've had elite alerts in the past, it's not like this is some brand new idea. I enjoyed them when they were around. An elite alert would be there as optional content, the same as elite raids.
  14. RottenGames101 New Player

    If support roles could put out a tad more damage when casting there healing/control power all would be good but as of now it ain't there yet i seen a few tanks out DPS everyone in the room not losing any aggro in tank role all tank gear if controllers and healers could do that then, I'm not saying they should be able to keep up with DPS role players but 4-5mil in damage after 20 min raid runs with 9mil + in healing out is crazy no?, tank got 15mil in damage poor trol sitting at 2-4mil in damage with 8 mil power out lol by now everyone should have over the correct amount of skill points to get all that is needed for their role just saying dont bite my head off!! LOVE AND PEACE!
  15. Krossssss Well-Known Player

    Hope there will be a part 3 some day in the future. I agree we never saw Devastator or Murder Machine and was hoping at maybe glimpse of The Grim Knight
    If not I guess we could get the gear at least in TC`s
    Any chance of this?
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  16. GratiamDei New Player

    Elite alerts were a part of the past and they were so much fun and a total blast. I personally think that anything that is a Q'up should have the option of elite.
    Here are a few ideas for the future of Dcuo.
    1. All DLC'S where we receive Source marks should have a teleporter in our league halls where we can walk into them.
    2. If we could also have a teleporter in our league Hall that allows us to enter all previous survival modes to test our great and abilities daily. Survival mode Mechanics would be based off of going in as a 1player, 2 player, 4 player or 8 player. Me teleporter that we would use wood work off of our renown and we would have to keep them updated in the league Hall just as everything else.
  17. sheriffgoff Level 30

    I dont know about all of you but if this is another re skinned BS DLC with more bugs that the devs won't fix and more artifacts with no x2 artifact weekend as of yet with 5 new artifacts out already and no mention of a 4th slot to make spending the money worth it. I may be done 9 years been a good run but now it seems like a lot of half ***** dlc with n o effort and shiny stuff to spend money on that really aint worth it. if the devs would put more effort in to creating great dlc with amazing story arcs and NO bugs and giving us a little value for our money then maybe it would be worth caring on but so far not looking good.
  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The double XP weekends generally have a pattern. They usually come right before new artifacts are released or announced, so we will probably get one before the next episode is released, but that's not a guarantee.

    As for the fourth artifact slot the devs have said there are no plans for a fourth slot. They had planned three from the start (I think) and that's what it's staying at.
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  19. High Troller Loyal Player

    i really wish female characters got larger wing styles, like the Wings of Sin and her variants. On the male, the wings nearly touch the ground. on the female.... like 1/2 the size. sad. hope they give some more love to the female styles again.
  20. sheriffgoff Level 30

    there is no pattern any more the last x2 artifact weekend came after JLD dropped and we got new artifacts no we have just had 5 new artifacts with the announcement for more. there are so many artifacts now and they are only making more not to give you a better choice its all marketing to get you to spend more and more that is all the game has become. its a giant money pot and i'm guilty of it too, i've spent upwards of 5k on this darn game but thats the problem its only getting worse. they still haven't fixed phoenix cannon still getting DCed to many bugs and the devs will not do anything about but say " oh we messed up here is some shiny crap to buy now shut up"

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