DCUO Announces Next Episode: Birds of Prey

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Wildcat Well-Known Player

    why the villains needs to be the heroes again :eek:

  2. Mr Gods New Player

    can we at least get new artifact slot there's too many artifact.
  3. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Her scream is being reprogrammed to one shot you, not anyone, just specifically you, enjoy ;)
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  4. Catastrophic Repercussion Well-Known Player

    No we don't.
    Erasing disability is terrible on its own, even more so when Oracle is the result of Babs' maturation and triumph over being victimised.
    The only acceptable circumstance for this to happen is when Dick gets back into his booty shorts as well.
    We don't have any idea of how the villain's side of things is going to play out in the BoP ep, I share the faux-villain concern but I don't know why the pitchforks are out already.
    Going by the clues from DoS and Judas Contract I suspect Calculator is behind this anyway...
  5. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Outstanding, I am so looking forward to this
  6. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I am excited for Hawk and Dove to make an appearance. Also nice to Huntress and Canary used again. If we villains have to team up with anyone, please let it be Catwoman or CATMAN. I doubt we will have Harley due to voice actress issues.
  7. Controller Loyal Player

    This DLC has EPIC written all over it...

    I hope they have funny banter in it, like Green Arrow and Black Canary in The Demon's Plan alert.

    Hawk and Dove could easily be the funniest two in this DLC.

    Loved these two in JLU.
  8. Catastrophic Repercussion Well-Known Player

    Took the joke long enough to pop
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  9. Bladejack Level 30

    Birds of Prey DLC sounds great but PLEASE !!!! Get a new voice for Harley !!! :eek:
    I don't want to have to play the game with characters muted for 3 months. ;)
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  10. myandria Loyal Player


    This is cool; however I think April is too soon. We've just had back to back episodes that haven't been out 6 months between the two of them. I think end of May/beginning of June would be the better option because it would give people something to look forward to over the summer months instead of the "Too Tired and True" Summer Event.
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  11. sweetbabysabes Level 30

    I'm always excited for any new content, gear etc. However, while you guys are gonna drop new stuff on us, what is going on with more style unlocking, fixing the broker, and plz, plz plz, utilize the Marketplace. This thing is sitting there with the ability to get away from hopeful wants in a TC and allows some of us to get what we know were paying for. I got fingers crossed. Keep up the great work tho Devs! Thanks for continuing to push content out.
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  12. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Still an improvement over doing it to the entire party like in Starro Invasion.
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  13. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Level the lazarus pit artifact, you're gonna need it :)
  14. Brit Dedicated Player

    Please say this will return the option of villain content running the same raids but while siding with and fighting against the opposite bosses. I want to HELP Luthor and DEFEAT the Birds of Prey.
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  15. Aren Sul Committed Player

    I just want one place, one moment where we have Harley and Ivy in the foreground and somewhere behind them is Clayface, Dr. Psycho, and King Shark.
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  16. Tanya_83 Level 30

    Really excited for this episode! I hope there will be a decent Lady Blackhawke style, been waiting for that for ages
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  17. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    Well, this one was a window for something not tied to a movie, but we got it anyway. After all, BoP will be out of theaters by the time this episode comes out.

    The next episode surely belongs to Wonder Woman.

    That leaves the end of the year; but at this point, I’m not expecting much. It’s been two years since Jack mentioned Legion, and there’s clearly no interest in it beyond that.
  18. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    Looking forward to this DLC / Episode, hopefully some decent female styles and not flat chest styles with some high heel feet styles.
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  19. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    OMG this so much! I get not everyone is well endowed (both men and women), but all the styles have been making toons look more and more boyish regardless of the female body style we pick during creation. If we all wanted little boys then we shouldn't have given body types to choose from in the very beginning.
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  20. AV Loyal Player

    Oracle Legends character confirmed.

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