Damn Devs !

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  1. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    I have one minor gripe with the DLC.

    Why the heck would my character be considering joining the Titans? Any hero over Level 30 is already a member of the Justice League, with the full approval of Bats/Supes/WW. So why would the character need to hang with a bunch of kids?

    To my mind, a better intro would have been something like, "Hey, we were having try-outs for new members, and something seems to have gone wrong. We need adult help here, to fix it. Please." and the JLA assigned our characters to look into it. That would also explain Damien's bad attitude - he doesn't think they need any help, because (realistic teen) he knows everything.
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  2. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    I haven't tried out the raids yet, but I hope we get to beat up Terra, such an unpleasant d0uchebag.
    But that aside I love what I've seen so far, especially the alert and the insane collection spawns :)
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  3. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    I guess batman went thru w/his plans to remodel Arkham Asylum. :rolleyes: seriously tho, they couldnt have taken the time to create a new island? that is so obviously Arkham Island in an elaborate disguise. not fooling me
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  4. The Canadian Level 30

    I feel this is one of the cleanest DLC launches we ever had, very minimal bugs from my end I am very happy about this DLC and again, I LOVE THE TITANS !
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  5. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    As an old school Titans fan, I'm not really enjoying all that much here. I like the original team, and they barely show up. That said, I am thrilled that most players are enjoying the story. I know not every story will appeal to me.

    As for gameplay... well, I'm one of those odd people who prefer solo content, and this DLC is really really lacking in good solo content. The duo is annoying because Damian is the worst character in the entire DCU and I wish he had never been created. The alert is really good, and I enjoyed figuring it out. I've only tried the first raid, and it was also pretty good. The open world is beautiful, but the missions are underwhelming. There's what, two solos a day? And more boring multi-player bounties that will be deadzones in two weeks as all the intense players finish whatever feats are involved and start whining about there being nothing to do. I wish there were at least twice as many solo missions, and at least one per day that granted a loot box (open world or instance, either would have been nice).

    Design is great, and I have no complaints except for the lack of old school Titans (aka the REAL Titans ;) ). Statues of the Justice League's trio, but NOT the original Titans? Seriously?

    So, overall, the only thing *I* would change if I ruled the universe would be to add more solo missions or a solo instance. Which really isn't much, so I give the whole thing a solid B grade, leaning into B+ territory. I guess if I want solo play I'll go back to Doomed Metropolis until the next DLC drops.
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  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    She got sent to her room, because she's a teenager.
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  7. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the feedback! Can you elaborate what behavior you experienced with the Mammoth fight? Was it an issue with his intro matinee? Or with the fight itself? Cheers!
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  8. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I can tell you that we had trouble with the Giant Robot fight last night. 3 times in a row we would get him down to about 20% then he would run around the corner of the building and reset. We eventually put him down but this was beyond frustrating.
  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    If I could change anything at all? I think it would be the weekly bounty on Psimon and company. I LOVE to bounty hunt and there is nothing really wrong with the ones we get here...EXCEPT eventually the same thing will start to happen here that happens with all those... Look what we have right now. Players not even worrying about the 8 Titan coins or armor drop . just bashing through bounty after bounty to get the feat accomplished. Eventually what will wind up happening is it will become harder and harder to even find a team to hunt them down and eventually like almost every other "team" oriented bounty newer players will ignore the thing until their CR gets so high the can solo them to grab the feats.

    The daily bounties we got with the RWC and then again with Starro were better in that respect. At the appropriate CR they were a small challenge (at minimum CR) and awarded a piece of gear along with one added piece of currency.

    Don't get me wrong the actual battles with these new bounties are fine but I can just see the posts in chat in a few months in that zone and some newer player begs anyone to help him defeat Gizmo because everyone HAS the feats and no one want to be bothered with those missions anymore. :(

    Still enjoying everything else.. Just a small observation hopefully the Dev team will see and take note off.
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  10. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Dear Dev's,

    My name is Lord Execution and I bring forth good tidings.

    Recently, like last week I was having a discussion with a league mate about this game that we have been playing for over 6+ years.

    This league mate was discouraged with you all felt as though you all had lost your lacquer.

    They were ready to quit permanently. They were going to logoff and may not return. I told them that they had to much invested in the game to just not return.

    They did not care.

    Long story short, this morning I logged on and this league mate was on.

    We exchanged pleasantries as always, hi are you, I am good.

    Then we discussed the new content.

    They liked it, in fact they liked it so much they changed all the way around.

    They were going to go to another game now the other game will be secondary again.

    In fact you almost lost that 1 customer but they are going to invest in the game again, which is bigger than I am describing here.

    Well that is all I can say, we both were very impressed.

    With that said, please fix the CC duration for Trolls and I will be good as well, though I enjoy the new look as well.


    Lord Execution365
  11. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    In the context of the games lore they are Adults though...
  12. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    I really wish every DLC had these types of daily bounties. They were definitely a challenge at entry CR, and even sometimes managed to trick you at higher CR, but were doable! And with the loot box, they just made sense to keep players happy.

    I despise weekly group bounties. I understand that some people love them, and I have no desire to ruin your joy. I would prefer to have one weekly group bounty and one daily solo bounty in each DLC, so everyone is happy.
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  13. kelticfury New Player

    They should have made her watch the end of Judas Contract for some clue.
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  14. XEMD Well-Known Player

    It was with the intro. He went back and fourth between the spot where we had to fight him and the place where he barges through and you see him
  15. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I like the design of Titan Island and Titan Tower. The duos, alert, and raids were good, at least they have puzzles. But my question Is why does Robin sound like a little girl? I mean can't tell the difference between when Terra talked and Robin talk in the raid, they both sound exactly the same.

    The designs are good, and I kind of like Terra's boots.
  16. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Umm, Terra sounds nothing like Robin
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  17. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Just finished the duo again for the third time ... Now I read some discussion yesterday about the voice of STAR FIRE and at one point there is a portion of the cut scene where Star Fire is talking and Damien interrupts. Listen carefully. next time in because I SWORE the actress playing Star fire had just set down one script and picked up the other one. LOL I THINK the same person id playing those two roles...

    Not to put words in anyone's mouth but I think Adora just typed in the wrong name. Terra definitely has a different voice but Robin and Star Fore sound exactly the same.

    Let's cut them some slack .... I understand that money is tight so using ONE person to do two voices makes sense. Heck we all know that Spytle is the voice of T.O. Morrow and the TOM Bot and my guess would be he didn't make a hug pile of money for that . Still would have been nice if the woman playing Star Fire at least altered her voice a little before doing Damien Wayne :eek:
  18. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i didn't read any teen titan comics, nor have i seen the animated version.
    devs must be realy into it and know exactly what happens in the story.
    that might be the reason why they felt everybody would understand it.
    however. the tone of the szene seems not to match with the emotions.
    thinking about the text, i can only imagine how sad terra must feel like,
    (SPOILER) after the dialog with deathstroke, hwo was like a father to her...
    that is why i can understand her outbreak wich is followed by her melt down!
  19. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Tell me about it! I was like “Damn, Jericho, you one cold-blooded mofo! I guess the apple really doesn’t ever fall far from the tree!” :D
  20. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Not as bad as Terra screaming at the end of HIVE Reborn.......

    But all in all a decent episode. The best in a while.