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    Haven’t seen DCUO’s take yet, but it sounds like things got confused because they didn’t want to go the controversial route. In the original comics story, Terra and Deathstroke were lovers; and Terra was not even a teenager but instead a woman in 20’s or 30’s who just looked like a teenager. That’s why she had such an overblown reaction in the comics - she felt like a spurned lover, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    This element of the story was never accepted by many because it certainly *looked* like Deathstroke was a pedophile in the situation because of Terra’s physical appearance; so when it came to the animated series decades later, they changed the relationship to a father / daughter type.
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    A little help here please? So I was just back in game checking some thing and looked again.. and again.. and again. Am I missing something because I can not seem to locate a feat for defeating Psimon, Jinx, Mammouth, and Gizmo.. has to be SOME sort of reward because there are just as many running around chasing those down as the Giant Robot. Or is another of "those" hidden missions like the "large Starro"? After we defeat each of them some new missions opens up?


    Dazed, Confused but Happy with the new DLC :D
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  3. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I have been playing since launch and I have to say that this is one of the very best DLCs to come down the pipe! Great job devs!
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    that never stop you guys before....




    that said, while I like the new Starfire design which reminded me of my beloved animated Starfire... but she do kinda look weird with the glowing hair, extremely glowing eyes and the weird fire effect when she flew...
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    Everything seems fine to me except the glitchy robot bounty that thing is annoying, but early stages of the DLC. Old school teleporting through the floor and running across the map? Other than that alts can play again so yay for support roles.
  6. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I'll agree that everything looks very pretty. Past that, I'm disappointed that we only have two daily solos. The bounties are ok, but everyone better get them done now. After people finish their 50, good luck finding groups. The duo, is a joke. This should have been made a solo. The alert is also a joke. The mechanics are funny and all, but the difficulty is still very low. The raids, I am very happy with. I am mostly blind in one eye and usually have trouble seeing in small rooms like these. DWF is a nightmare for me. Everything in the raids is great. Haven't run elite yet, but both normal raids were fun. I blindly tanked hive, lol. The Machine is also great.

    I feel the raids were definitely a step in the right direction. IMO, all content should be this way. Being able to face roll thru the duo and alert is sad.

    The reason I am frustrated with these these? It will take me like 30min, maybe, to do my dailies. This DLC isn't gonna make me come back full time. Ringz said it right. Since the next DLC is announced and probably done. Please use the next six months or more to work on a pvp revamp. Fortnite fill my current pvp needs until things change.
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    On the whole I think it's a solid Ep. The duo could certainly be more interesting but even though I don't usually like SM style raids the Machine brings enough to the table to make it interesting. I totally agree that the Alert and HIVE Reborn have lots of interesting mechanics and show some awesome creativity.

    Biggest criticisms:
    • I know not everyone loves them but I kinda miss the outside counter missions. They give me something to do when waiting on queues. On the days after I do the bounties I hit Titans Island for an average of 3-5min and then I'm out.
    • Also the island is prone to crazy lag which is messing with the physics. Worst is the robots around Cyborgs shed, if you use the taser pull they often fly off the map.
    • The Fearsome Five is really the Fearsome Four. I get you couldn't add Shimmer given that there's no powers to emulate her transmutations but since the episode it isn't cannon why not add Dr Light back in?
    • I was more than a little disappointed that you didn't have any comic cover posters for base items. I was really looking forward to some of George Perez' classic covers.
  8. SHUSHHH Well-Known Player

    no wonder we keep getting less and less but still expensive grind for gear and **** every new episode.
    we should be outrage that we literally log in and finish all the dailies in less than 25 mins.
    1 alert 1 duo and 2 or 3 solo.
    this is dry **** and you guys are praising it.
  9. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    i kinda agree... i just login and spend around 40 mins to clear Death of Superman, Deluge and Teen Titan and than logout to play Warframe or Monster Hunter World.. there is way too little thing to do in DCUO..
  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Play alts or run other content if the Titan dailies are too quick. I don't play everyday but I always still have something to do after my dailies.