Bring Out Ya Dead! (2019)

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    Valerie Harper died Aug 30, 2019. She played as Rhoda Morgenstern on the TV Show "Mary Tyler Moore". She was 80 years old.


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    Valerie Harper:
    2009 - Diagnosed with cancer.
    2013 - Was given three months to live.

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    Eddie Money, singer/songwriter.

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    Actor Aron Eisenberg, best known for his portrayal of Nog on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
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    Carl Ruiz - Celebrity Chef
    4/4/1975 - 9/21/2019
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    Sid Haig - known for his character Captain Spaulding
    7/14/1939 - 9/21/2019
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    Rip Taylor, actor/comedian/TV personality.


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    Diahann Carroll, Actress

    1968 - Was the lead in 'Julia'. The first American TV show with an African-American woman in a non-stereotype role. (Meaning: She played a professional, a nurse, rather than a servant.)

    People probably best know her from her role on Dynasty

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    Robert Forster, actor.

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