Bring Out Ya Dead! (2019)

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    Tim Conway, actor and incredibly funny man :(

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    Okay, for those that don't know...

    The Carol Burnette Show was taped twice. They'd bring a different audience in each time. The first taping was by the book. The second was where they could improvise. (Translation: Tim Conway and Harvey Korman got to do whatever the hell they wanted.) They then would mix and match which version was better for the final broadcast. That's why the above had two different stories for the same scene.

    The dentist sketch is also a timeless classic.

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    Herman Wouk, US author "The Caine Mutiny"
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    The first image shown at that link is NOT from 'The Godfather'. It's from a movie called 'The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight'.
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    Yeah, didn't remember Tattoo being in Godfather...
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    Rutger Hauer.

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    Just as a follow-up, in a bizarre coincidence, Hauer's most remembered character (see above clip) also happened to die in 2019 (the year in which the original Blade Runner was set).
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    Harley Race, pro wrestler
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    Toni Morrison, a great African American female writer passed away Aug 6. She was 88.



    She aged very well; I hope to look that good at 88! :D
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    Peter Fonda, actor.
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    These are some of the movies I remember him being in:

    Easy Rider

    The Cannonball Run

    Ulee's Gold

    Ghost Rider (2007)

    3:10 to Yuma
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    Richard Williams, award winning animator died of cancer. He was 86. (8/17/2019)

    He was best known for animating "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

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    Cameron Boyce - Disney Child Actor

    kinda surprised nobody mentioned him, his death was all over the news, Passed away age 20 due to epileptic seizure in his sleep
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    Jessi Combs - Mythbusters Co-Star & Professional Racer

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