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  1. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Your the beast bro!!!

    People read it, just most still want to post their rotation and fight over who's is better.... SMH.....
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  2. Mighty Committed Player

    Lol it's great to be back. People keep asking me why I switched, especially because I loved celestial healing, but I just keep telling folks "it's hard light." You just can't get it out of your system. I've read this thread a lot, and coming back to the power I was just ready to shake off my old approach and try something different. It really is a great approach, and I think the robot is a nice shot in the arm for HL's passive damage soft spot. I also think the group shield approach is a great idea. Our troll-power DPSes ran group shields in SM for the later rounds. It's a huge help.
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  3. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    I actually dropped using Chompers before Fan...on my straight Combo rotation. I start with Fan. And by the time I start and 4 seconds go by, I've only used Impact and I'm channelling Light Blast. None of which use the Dazed PI. It's like a waste of time since it only buffs Fan and Grasping Hand. It would benefit a WM/AM hybrid more but a straight AM it's a waste of time.
  4. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    True. I mostly tend to use it for the power back and just to get the DoT(which isn't significant).

    On a side note.

    I actually just did a quick run with the combat parser and found that the Clipping method was out performing the combo rotations for me in single target testing.

    It wasn't extensive so I'll look some more Sat night at it and see what my findings are but I was happy with what I saw.

    For Combo I was testing


    Rotation was pt/CH>pt>Fan>IMP>LB>MG>RM>FAN



    For Clipping

    Rotation was pt/CH/INS>pt/Fan>IMP/HC>HC/Fan

    I'm not ready to say that for sure the clipping mechanic is dealing more damage now but it may be worth looking into. Or using in some situations(which isn't anything new for most).
  5. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    The clipping mechanic does deal more/equal damage versus single targets. I was always interested in why. I have some graphs that show that and I'm inclined to believe that it could be better with a balanced spec and useful for single target situations but I never gave it a try or the time to fully test it.

    That's the reason I always left it as an option because I always thought it had potential.
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  6. Mighty Committed Player

    Give this one a try and compare?


    We were up for about six hours last night competing to see who could get the best non-trinket/soda/SC parse. That one put up consistent 6K and change DPS for me, the next best in the league was a munitions rotation in the mid-5K band.
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  7. Mighty Committed Player

    Side note, the HL clipping/power back mechanic was out-DPSing a good earth DPS, a great Sorc DPS, and basically everything but quantum, but I think he was popping supers because his screenshotted parses were all over the place in terms of DPS and I wasn't there when he ran his tests.

    No trinkets, supply drops or sodas, I posted consistent 10.5-11K AOE using a DW phantom triangle. I'm really curious to see what I can post if I spec rifle. Basically played with F-IMP/GH-F, F-IMP/R-F and a couple others. All did pretty well but F-IMP/GH-F was the consistent best for me. I think ultimately the extended combo mechanic is better, it just doesn't parse a sparring target D-measuring contest very well because we can't carry a modifier without the hit counter. I had mid-7K to mid-8K parses at point blank with the extended mechanic. If my understanding is correct I just add 66% to that to account for Max Damage+Core Strength, right?
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  8. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Glad to see others putting that parser to use! I'll see if I get better results with GH. I've liked HC since it hits same as Fan and can lead into GH for high health situations.

    I think I may mess with the Clipping/Power Return just cuz its fun too. I like the infinite combo for its AoE potential at any range. I think that's where the clipping mechanic will get left out but for bosses I may switch tactics.

    I think your right for the 66% for Max Damage and Core Strength. The 10% bonus isn't a true 10% but I'm not all sure yet on just how the CR differential stuff works out.
  9. Mighty Committed Player

    Yeah, if I remembered correctly, the way Shiney explained it way back when was that it's not your damage + the modifier + 10% on top of that, but instead it was the modifier (60% now with the Max Damage mod) with a 10% increase to the modifier which essentially makes it a 66% kick. I don't really know how to math, though. So, high probability that I am wrong.
  10. Absolix Loyal Player

    It adds 10% to the damage modifier, so 50% becomes 60% and 60% becomes 70%. It is not actually a 10% increase in damage as you are going from 160 to 170, not 100 to 110. It is actually a 6.25% increase with the max damage mod equipped.
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  11. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Guess this video just became relevant again? lol

    Oh man that clipping mechanic...never thought I'd see that make a comeback
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  12. Saybro Committed Player

    Oh i've been reading this thread like crazy. Rough to get used to. Really only switched to learn trolling. Good job on the thread though guys. Awesome work.
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  13. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Glad its working for ya. Share your findings thoughts.
  14. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I used the Parser last night and am really enjoying that addition. Used it for about an hour seeing what I could get out of the clipping AM, Combo AM's in various ranges under different situations.

    I'm pleasantly surprised to see the clipping AM performing so well. Mostly in true single target situations but still doing quite well. Next I'll try to run some stuff under certain restrictions and see what it can net in actual performance for me.
  15. Mighty Committed Player

    It really seems more and more like Rok's extended combo setup is your best option for maximizing AOE damage. I compared it to the snap-LB-MG rotation - not sure why, tbh because I have a notebook full of old parses I ran on the test server and snap~ was always a clear second to fan~. With 4950 precision and 116 cr I'm able to push my DPS on the league targets to the mid-high 10k range at point-blank and mid-9k with two-tick ran/impact.

    Running the 66% buff to account for having no hit counter, and therefore no max damage and no core strength modifiers that puts me at a theoretical 17-15k range for DPS. For comparison's sake, we have a lot of other guys in the league playing with the parser (rules are no sodas, no trinkets, no SC) and so far HL looks to be fourth amongst the powers we've tested.

    That'd put it behind mental (19k at 115 cr), quantum (18k at 114 cr), and celestial (16k at 114 cr). I think that's grounds to say HL could use a modest buff seeing as how it comes up tangibly short against other powers at lower CRs at long range - with no considerable payoff for being close enough to boost damage with three-ticking the mid-range hitters. But, at the same time, I think it's also proof that you can do really good damage with this power - especially in single-target situations where it's really unmatched. For comparison there, the GH~ extended combo is parsing mid-7k for me, and nobody else in the league is pushing more than mid-5k DPS.

    I especially love that Rok's loadout gives me room to carry light barrier. Less excited about robot sidekick, but it could be worse, lol, we could be a pet AM. Now if we could just convince them that no-weapon trolling is the way to go and give us a troll AM similar to Nature's power-return that recharges the group based off a series of combos, or something.
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  16. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Thanks for the info. I really like that idea for power return. Maybe the data could be grounds for IMP/Ram dealing 3 ticks at any range. That likely wouldn't solve everything but at least would be a boon.
  17. motionsick Well-Known Player

    Only one problem with this. Under real world situations, Quantum players will be using the SC all the time, which only costs 25% and will be put into the time bomb's damage loop. You're talking about 85K or more max hits and 18K+ DPS.

    Running my HL toon with the standard ST/LB/MG combo gets no where near that even with a trinket boosted Strafing Run in a fight. (Esp since SCs are might based damage and I am, like most HL users precision based). I'm only seeing about 10K dps.

    (We were comparing against Mist villains, which are a decent single target test since they're easy to find and fight. He was high 115 and I'm only 114)

    Will try out Chompers/Ins or possibly Phantom Triangle/Fan I think.
  18. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    That's an interesting point. It would seem there may be some ground for a small boost to light looking at the damage potential. We are able to keep a higher sustained DPS through the AM but have no way of having a major spike like our might based counter parts.

    While LB>MG>ST>LB is good for range single target high health situations it isn't as ideal in AoE moderate health. I'd also say our melee rotations will deal more damage and should be doable to some degree at the least with those bounties.

    The difference in your combat rating should equate to about 10% less damage so his is still drastically higher. I'm less concerned overall with what we get from Strafing Run and more concerned with the damage from constant attacking since that's how our AM's designed. I'd also like see how this all plays out in real in game situations. The Parser give's a snap shot in time. It'd be interesting to have small groups of data through out a mission then see how that equate's overall on the scorecard.

    I'm not saying you need to do this. Just thinking aloud. I personally haven't had trouble as far as damage goes yet. But have noticed some inconsistencies.

    If you truly wanted you could use CH/INS and PT/Fan. I seriously doubt that'll catch up to 8k of damage. It'd be better to have another user providing that buff and staying in combo's anyways but it may yield better short term results.
  19. Saybro Committed Player

    You think you could go through your combo loadout as far as support role. Or are you just using the brawling version? I know i know......i made the but i will probably go back rage soon lol!
  20. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Are you asking for a controller loadout? Do you want to no weapon control or conventionally control?

    Conventional Controlling
    PoT - IMP is ideal since its AoE but if you want to non obtrusively CC Boxing Gloves can be clipped for full damage
    Recharge - power dump
    Def Debuff - Whip Thrash can be clipped and is a quicker animation. However Light Blast can be used at full range and a player could tap melee and clip the BG attack.
    Light Barrier - Shield
    Group Shielding - Power Return SC
    Wild Card - Spike Quake, Inspiration, Grasping Hand, Entrap

    No Weapon Controlling
    PoT - Impact or Claws are most ideal to me though Boxing Gloves can be used as well. Personally I prefer Impact for most situations
    Recharge - Power Dump
    Def Debuff - Content I can melee WT. Light Blast when I can't
    Light Barrier - If a shield is needed.
    Power Return SC - Group Shielding or a movement mode SC
    Wild Card - Inspiration, Spike Quake/Chompers, Grasping Hand, Entrap.

    when no weapon controlling I use PoT and def debuff combo's typically for my starters. I'll provide melee and full range options. They don't have to be done fully all the time but are provided to get to tier 3 power regen(using BR).
    Melee PoT

    Full Range PoT

    Def Debuff Melee

    Def Debuff Full Range

    You don't have to use BR but it will give the best power regen.