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  1. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Post GU 46 the ability to target switch and apply the defense debuff to multiple targets is no longer operational. The defense debuff is only applying to the original intended target. Line of Sight issues likely still apply(I did a quick check).

    I've sent Spord a message but am honestly not sure if this wasn't part of the intended change(in addition to Channel Beam attacks now auto switching targets after one is Ko'd). I'll update here when and if I hear anything back.
  2. RamsesVIIX New Player

    Wondering what's your personal dps loadout/rotation Dr. Strangonline?
  3. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I have a few different armories. I tend to probably use the Range Combo AM Armory most often. It's the safest and still yields good damage. I tend to play with other players who will carry a prec buff so I don't spec into it for this specific armory.

    CH, Fan, Light Barrier, Claw, Snap Trap, Vacuum Bubble

    I spec into Vacuum Bubble since it will deal some damage and return power. The power return isn't that great considering my lower Vit stat in DPS stance but I tend to mostly swap that in when running with a solo controller(to help out a little).

    Rotation is dependent on number of enemies or their health level.
    • multiple enemies CH/TKT, Fan>IMP>LB(full 6 ticks)>MG(full 6 ticks)>RM>FN
    • Single Target CH/TKT, ST>Fan>IMP>GH>GP>LB(quick change)>MG(quick change)>ST
    The idea is to keep the Prec DoT for ST/GH going as much as possible(for single targets). I like this spec since it give's me a little more versatility with my combo's. I can use WT when I'd like as well as having a 2nd strong single target attack. That can come in handy when the last of the mob is almost down.

    For the SC I always try to set up a damage modifier, TKT, and drop a supply drop to get the most out of VB. I prefer to use it on mobs since the split point is better for these type's of attacks(or if a boss has a time when they spawn smaller adds). But its mainly there to aid the controller some.

    When I can I'll use Fan>CLAW>Final Claw>LS X 4> BG X 2>IMP. I use that a lot in duo's and alerts and if an add is isolated or positioning is good in raids as well(when it won't get me Ko'd).

    For Weapon I prefer BR and will use the Shuriken storm just to buff CH damage. I haven't been able to loot that with this latest DLC and have been using TH instead. I rarely use WM with any of the armories(except my Hybrid).

    I kind of mix it up depending on what I'm running. Whether I can safely melee or not and just to keep from getting bored.

    That's all for PvE content.
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  4. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Spord got back to me. That dude is awesome!!! Light Blast is now working as intended. It can only apply the debuff to one target but should work better when trying to target a flier.
  5. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    added this section to DPS section by Rokyn here. Also made several updates to the DPS section. Please revise if your interested.

    Weapon Mastery/Combo Hybrid Build

    This method of Light DPSing is probably a bit more safe to use in content where you are constantly being crowd controlled and where you would prefer to refresh your buffs as they come off cool-down. This play style succeeds well in situations such as the last two bosses in the Love and War Raid, Throne of the Dead, and other places where you have to stop and attack a lot. This method tends to be the most popular way of DPSing but it doesn’t have the most potential in power efficiency or in most effective AM damage but it does outplay straight AM builds in content where you have to restart your combo a lot.

    The rotation usually starts like this:

    1) Chompers/Inspiration/+any other buffs>WM>Fan>Infinite Combo till Inspiration comes off cooldown>then clip the combo with Chompers/Inspiration/+any other buffs

    Here’s a video of another player named Kaiser performing the hybrid:

    Some people like to slip in recharge or Neo-Venom for extra damage but honestly based on the graphs I have done…it’s a minimal damage increase with decreased power efficiency. The recharge buff is too small and Neo-Venom has too long of a cool-down but out of both I would say Neo-Venom is the more useful one of the two since it will proc free damage and could be used every other two rotations or so. Using both might be too much in my opinion.

    Other options for Combo or Hybrid AM loadout:
    If you plan to play with a combo AM rotation then you will notice that you will need only one spot in your loadout for your combo starter. Sometimes you may need 2 spots if you are looking to incorporate a range starter and melee starter. You can run with either of the following in your spec depending if you are looking to refresh, give some group support, or maximize damage:

    -Chompers or Spikequake (both is not recommended since they don’t stack)
    -Light Barrier
    -Robot Sidekick
    -Group Shielding
    -Strafing Run
    -Hard Light Shield
    -Neo Venom Boost
    -Word of Power
    -Pheromone Bloom
  6. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Lots of changes coming to DCUO.
    • Loot Table Changes. Players will be able to pick which type of loot they'd like, also be able to increase their odds of receiving something rare.
    • Combat Responsiveness. This should help solve some of the issue's related to PvP mostly.
    • Episode will come out in smaller segments monthly. This is an interesting change.
    • Stats, Buffs, Flattening. Stats will more effectively be balanced throughout the game. This will effect each character, role, NPC, Boss. It'll effect HT mods, and will take gear mods out the equation for determining CR. Gear Mods will still increase a characters effectiveness.
    • Marks of Victory. All content will give 1 type of mark.
    Everything listed is in the testing area on the forums if you'd like to see more info about it. Some of it will be in GU 47. The DLC changes are going to happen after Halls of Power 2.
  7. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Added Jump Pulling to the advanced Controller section. I plan to add a video in the future.

    PS: I've been needing to do multiple video's. I'll work on these soon.
  8. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Anyone out there trying unconventional loadouts or methods and seeing good results. In the last few weeks(mostly out of boredom) I've tried no WM builds, WM/Combo AM builds, No INS, INS, INS and NvB. Combo'ing infinitely and refreshing buffs as soon as they come off cooldown

    From what I've gathered in multiple runs using different powers and set ups most yielded a similar range of damage(depending on the content, objectives etc). Carrying INS alone hasn't really had a significant increase(but I hadn't been carrying it for a while and leeched off of other teammates for a buff).

    NvB is okay it has about 15 seconds of its 40 second cooldown to proc. I'm typically seeing somewhere around 5-6 Procs. I like the long cooldown since it enable's me to stay in my combo's for an extended period of time. The high power cost can be off set by our AM power return.

    I'm really happy with this since it shows me that Light is more versatile than many other users would lead people to believe. It also gives me something to do other than PvP my way out boredom.

    Please share your thoughts....
  9. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I'm taking a wait and see approach with the impending updates. Theirs going to be a lot of questions/changes. Please feel free to provide feedback with other users(and the dev team constructively) with what you guys out there find.....
  10. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Updated the Power Section to make it easier to read.

    Updated Home Turf Section to include all Home Turf mod's and dispenser items. Information is no longer role specific and will specify only what the item does.

    Updated the Iconic's Section with damage data provided in TheDark's Iconic guide.
    Moved some of the info due to increase in text.

    Updated the Movement Sections to include all powers in each movement. Also included Base Power Return for Movement Super Charges. Had to move due to increase in text

    GU 36/38/43 Patch Notes Moved to fit in all of the above.

    Corrected Jump Links for specified listings above.

    Let me know if you find anything out of place or incorrect.

  11. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Moved Counter system to the general section since it affects both role's.

    Moved the PvP in DPS role to the DPS section as it is DPS specific.
  12. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I'm thinking of making some video's for the cycle sections. Just visual example's. I'll probably work on that over the next few weeks(while doing the NWC video's).

    Finished video's for Jump Pulling. Will add soon(tonight or next couple days).
  13. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Updated and corrected grammar mistakes in DPS PvP section.
  14. Revoemag Committed Player

    Some fun stuff for hl trollers out there..

    Light blast combo to minigun combo to ram combo to light blast..(repeat)

    2stuns and a knock down..can be repeated up to 3 times before immunity kicks in...

    Great for mobs in thrones and SM..

    This is for mostly the secondary troll but can be done by either.. Just easier if you can let the primary troll focus in power and secondary on cc.

    Keeps most adds cc'd long enough for the DPs to burn them down.
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  15. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Finished making video's and may have picture's for powers section. I need to go through and clean them up and prepare them. Hopefully they'll be added by the weekend.
  16. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I like when theirs two controllers because it give's us the freedom to kind of stay in our combo's and apply CC. That's good for any raid. Managing the team's power is only part of the job. Controlling the enemies helps everybody.

    One thing to note for controllers is remembering to utilize power control effects on characters without a breakout profile( Sparks, Man Hunters, V Lanterns, Neophytes).

    I say control effects because really any type could be used. Stuns are simply the most effective since Encasement's can break early and Panic will allow them to leave the area. Panic also will only last the base 15 second duration. Stuns, Roots, Levitation's, and Encasement's will last 15 seconds + the Dominance boost.

    Solo Controlling can be done in most content but I personally have a more enjoyable time when there are two controllers working together to power the team. It allows each of us to do more. Just depends on what I'm running and if I feel like doing it.
  17. Mighty Committed Player

    So I remember reading in the buildup to GU47 where Mepps mentioned the parser/combat log changes would also have an impact on the scoreboard because, essentially, damage wasn't being tallied correctly. Anyone notice any improved performance from HL relative to the other powers?

    Personally, I did. Put 500K on a phenomenal Celestial DPS in Elite. She's often right with - or better - than me in damage out when I ran Celestial the past two months. I ran a no-inspiration setup with strafing run, light barrier and a robot sidekick. Nothing special, same-old Fan~ for AOE, sneaking in close where I could to maximize the mid-range stuff, and GH~ for single-target situations. It felt great to go back, but I really wasn't expecting to see this kind of performance from HL.

    Curious to see what other folks are getting empirically.
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  18. Mighty Committed Player

    Btw, Doc, thanks for keeping the lantern lit for us all this time.
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  19. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Doc is a beast. Im glad that you are using our method of DPSing. I actually believed that no one read our DPS stuff lol for a while. Glad to see you back as Light.
  20. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Thanks! Glad to have you back. The universe will be a little brighter!

    I haven't really had trouble with many powers as far as scoreboard goes. Even before changes. But I don't like to use that as the barometer of the set.

    I recently starting using the same loadout your using(and Rokyn). I hadn't noticed a significant change in my damage out from what I was using before but with the changes to Pets the robot may make more of a difference now.

    One thing Rokyn brought up was that it'll make more sense now for some DPS to carry Group Shielding to aid in power return and shield teammates in content where wipes may be prevalent(and with a solo controller).

    The GU has made a lot of changes. I'm really excited to see how it all comes together. I'm also super excited about the parser!